Top Ten Best Book Titles to Say Before the Phrase "In My Pants"

The vlogbrothers have discovered that literally everything-especially book titles sounds funnier with "In My Pants" added "behind" it. This is in honor of their awesome channel! (I'm fourteen, going on five years old, thank you very much).

The Top Ten

1 Great Expectations.... In My Pants

This list is hilarious! This is my favorite item of them all... - Turkeyasylum

How great are these expectations you speak of? - gemcloben

My dirty little mind is starting to think things up - ToptenPizza

2 Catching Fire... In My Pants

That puts a different meaing to Catching Fire... - Turkeyasylum

3 Looking For Alaska... In My Pants
4 Watership Down... In My Pants
5 And Then There Were None... In My Pants

Quite a disappointment, then, I guess. - PositronWildhawk

Oh, beautiful. Who's twisted mind thought this one up? Lol.

6 BOY... In My Pants

Agh, looks like I lost my virginity. - ToptenPizza

7 Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets... In my Pants

Those are some large pants, man. - keycha1n

This brings a whole new meaning to "The Chamber of Secrets". - Minecraftcrazy530

Hey Harry Pottee, wanna see MY Chamber of Secrets?

8 The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe... In My Pants

You have very large pants then. - AnonymousChick

9 New Moon... In My Pants
10 Everybody Poops... In My Pants

Wha... - WonkeyDude98

The Contenders

11 Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants... In My Pants

Why are you wearing 2 pair of pants? Or is the entire sisterhood in your pants? - Merilille

12 Go the F**k to Sleep... in My Pants

Why hasn't anyone voted for this yet? - shawnmccaul22

13 The Day My Butt Went Psycho... In My Pants
14 Big Nate... In My Pants!
15 Holes... In My Pants
16 Veronica Decides to Die... In My Pants!

What a terrible place to die. - RiverClanRocks

17 Eat, Pray, Love... In My Pants
18 My Pants Are Haunted... In My Pants
19 Goosebumps... In My Pants!
20 The Lord of the Rings... In My Pants
21 Tomb of the Unknown... In My Pants
22 Papertowns... In My Pants!
23 Chains... In My Pants
24 The Holy Bible... In My Pants
25 Warriors... In My Pants
26 War and Peace... in My Pants
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