Best Books in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Top Ten
The Return of the King

It drags majorly after the climax, but is still a worthy read. Even the appendices. - PetSounds

The movie was absolutely amazing - Ajkloth

Great List Petsounds! My favorite is, of course the two towers (Bookwise) but Moviewise, it's The Return Of The King. - Beatlesboy9

The Two Towers

In my opinion, the most exciting. - PetSounds

The movie ripped out the amazing ending... Shelob and Frodo, and smacked it onto the third movie, then it ripped out the phenomenal start, the breaking of the fellowship and Boromir's death, put it on the end of the first movie. This book is sooo underrated.

The Fellowship of the Ring

It sets the stage wonderfully, and has some very thrilling moments. - PetSounds

I love the hobbit explaining part in the beginning

The Hobbit

It is so good

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