Best Books In the Mortal Instruments Series

Best books in the Mortal Instruments, not including the Infernal Devices.

The Top Ten

1 City of Glass

Yes, this is definitely this best. Best storyline, and it kept me more interested in everything, and it seemed like a more epic finale for me than city of heavenly fire. Generally this book rocked!

Yeah this is my favourite! CoHF is good but really depressing because heaps of characters died... :'(

2 City of Fallen Angels
3 City of Lost Souls

This should definitely be the second, if not first best book in the series. So many people I know truly love this book

I love this book and City Of Glass... the whole series is so good

4 City of Bones
5 City of Ashes
6 City of Heavenly Fire

I love this book! So much stuff happens and I just couldn't put it down! But it was really depressing how SO MANY characters died :'(

This is my favorite, and City of Glass is a close second. City of Lost Souls is the worst in my opinion.

CoHF is the best one! How did you not vote for this! How is CoFA no. 2 when this is last? This should be number 1 and CoG no.2. I think you people need to read the series again and then vote

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