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61 Ringworld series - Larry Niven

This is a totally epic series with an amazing larger-than-life universe within it. The movie or movies would blow anyone away! - Freak_Show1

62 Deception Point - Dan Brown

I personally didn't like "The the Vinci Code" but "Deception Point" would be a great film - interesting locations, many action moments, intriguing ending... - Irina2932

63 The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear - Walter Moers

I loved this. Definitely one of the best, most interesting books I've ever read. Really unique and deserving of more popularity too. It would make an amazing film! - xpixie

64 Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 - Richard Paul Evans V 1 Comment
65 The Mysterious Benedict Society - Trenton Lee Stewart

Four exceptional children are gathered together by Mr. Benedict: a very smart boy, a very logical boy, an athletic girl and a very stubborn girl. They are tasked with stopping a genius from brainwashing the whole world.

I would love for this book to be made into a movie

66 Ruby Holler - Sharon Creech

The orphaned "trouble twins", Dallas and Florida, have never got along well with any of their foster parents. So when they are adopted by the couple Tiller and Sairy and taken to live in Ruby Holler, they expect the worst. But Tiller and Sairy are very kind to them.

67 Gregor the Overlander - Suzanne Collins
68 Green - Laura Peyton Roberts

Lily Green is whisked away by leprechauns and is told she is a lepling - a human with leprechaun blood. She is in charge of all the gold the Clan of Green owns, but in order to be worthy of this, she must complete three tests - each on harder than the next.

69 Cherub Series - Robert Muchamore

I wish it was real and I would totally join it! - Aprat

V 1 Comment
70 Neuromancer - William Gibson
71 The Terminal Man - Michael Crichton

It already has been!

72 Rose Madder - Stephen King
73 Silverfin - Charlie Higson
74 Darren Shan - Darren O'Shaughnessy
75 Beatnik Rutabagas from Beyond the Stars - Quentin Dodd
76 Aspects of Love - David Garnett
77 The Deryni books - Katherine Kurtz

I think they would be great if done right.

78 The Giver - Lois Lowry

The whole series should have been made into movies, not just one book-THE END

the giver is amazing book and 10 out of 10 people will agree with me! - cielphantomhive

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79 One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish - Dr. Seuss

Illumination Would Probably Make This And I Want Them Too - JPK

80 The Barbarian - Judith E. French

Not just typical love story for women. This is a very interesting novel - Drama, Adventure, Romance and even History in one book. They should make a movie! - Irina2932

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