Top Ten Books Warrior Cats Was Based Off Of

These books inspired Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats books. These books came before Warriors and some may be beloved but others that were never heard of.

The Top Ten

1 Tailchaser's Song V 1 Comment
2 Felidae

Felidae is a book that was made into a movie about a talking cat. This book/movie follows the cat detective, Francis, who tries to uncover the mysterious deaths of the cats in his neighborhood. He is aided by the old but intelligent cat Pascal and Bluebeard. The main inspiration from Warriors was the ending battle. Francis rips open the killer's stomach and any Warriors fan knows that was the inspiration for Tigerstar's death.

Book by: Akif Pirincci - TailchaserFan10

3 Watership Down - Richard Adams

Watership Down is a novel about rabbits trying to escape their warren, when one of the rabbits gets a vision that everyone will die. Lead by Bigwig and Hazel, the rabbits leave the warren and encounter many obstacles. This book was a loose inspiration for everything on this list and it is one of the first novels about animals.

Book by: Richard Adams - TailchaserFan10

4 The Plague Dogs: A Novel

The Plague Dogs is another novel by Richard Adams about two dogs who leave a laboratory where they were being harmed with ruthless experiments. This book was based off of Warriors because of the animal-human relationship in the book.

Book by: Richard Adams - TailchaserFan10

5 Ratha's Creature (The Named) V 1 Comment
6 Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

It's one of the best books ever! I don't know if Warriors are really based off this book but still.

By: Robert C. O'Brien

(the secret is that I have never read this book - TailchaserFan10

7 Redwall - Brian Jacques

Redwall is a series about rats who have medieval weaponry I think.. But I see "Just like Redwall" on the back of some of the old paperback Warriors covers. - TailchaserFan10

8 The Cat Who Saw Red
9 Felidae on the Road V 1 Comment
10 Clan Ground (Named) V 1 Comment
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