Top Ten Bootleg Video Games

These are high quality bootleg games. I recommend these games.

The Top Ten

1 7 Grand Dad 7 Grand Dad

Obvious the king of booltegs - zeebeethedog


Best Quality - Qualitylists

2 Dian Shi Ma Li Dian Shi Ma Li

Press start to good game - Qualitylists

3 Somari Somari

Not a ripoff of sonic. - Qualitylists

4 Sonic 3D Blast 5 Sonic 3D Blast 5

Not a ripoff of somari. - Qualitylists

5 New Super Mario World New Super Mario World

Not a Squirrel king ripoff - Qualitylists

6 Super Mario Bros II 1998 Super Mario Bros II 1998

Best port of Super Mario Bros. Better than the original - Qualitylists

7 Hong Kong 97

Quality Game. - Qualitylists

In this GOTY contender, you play as Bruce Lee's relative Chin and set out to save Hong Kong from the Evil Chinese. Wipe out all 1.2 Billion ugly reds. - Jackamalio

8 Super Mario World (Famicom) Super Mario World (Famicom)

Impressive for an NES game, plus there are rare us copies with the release dates.

DEMO: August 1996
FULL: Early 2000 - Maddox121

Better than the original. - Qualitylists

9 Super Mario & Sonik 2 Super Mario & Sonik 2
10 Dark Seed

That a company bothered to make a bootleg NES version of the H.R. Giger-inspired 1992 PC point-and-click adventure game Dark Seed is impressive enough on its own. - BiggerJ

The Contenders

11 Mario 4: Space Odyssey Mario 4: Space Odyssey

THIS is the real Super Mario Bros. 4 - Qualitylists

12 Fortnite

Why is this here? - PacMaxfan1293898

Best bootleg of h1z1 or pubg

13 Mario DX

Good gameplay. - Qualitylists

14 Pac Pack

Not a ripoff of Pac-man - Qualitylists

15 Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal
16 Pokemon Green (Famicom)
17 Super Mario World (Genesis)
18 Super Mario World 64
19 Sonic Adventure 7
20 Pocket Monster (SNES)
21 Shi Kong Xing Shou
22 Pacmax Classics

Hemming's wonderfully bad compilation of Pac-Man clones. - PacMaxfan1293898

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