Top Ten Bootleg Video Games

These are high quality bootleg games. I recommend these games.

The Top Ten

1 7 Grand Dad 7 Grand Dad

This is most well known - BorisRule

Obvious the king of booltegs - zeebeethedog


Best Quality - Qualitylists

2 Dian Shi Ma Li Dian Shi Ma Li

This started the YouTube poop as Fortran - BorisRule

Press start to good game - Qualitylists

3 Somari Somari

Someone put Mario in Sonic's world. I don't think he belongs in Green Hill Zone. - BorisRule

Not a ripoff of sonic. - Qualitylists

4 Sonic 3D Blast 5 Sonic 3D Blast 5

A hack of Somari. Someone took this and improved it - BorisRule

Not a ripoff of somari. - Qualitylists

5 New Super Mario World New Super Mario World

Not a Squirrel king ripoff - Qualitylists

6 Super Mario Bros II 1998 Super Mario Bros II 1998

Best port of Super Mario Bros. Better than the original - Qualitylists

7 Hong Kong 97

Quality Game. - Qualitylists

In this GOTY contender, you play as Bruce Lee's relative Chin and set out to save Hong Kong from the Evil Chinese. Wipe out all 1.2 Billion ugly reds. - Jackamalio

8 Super Mario World (Famicom) Super Mario World (Famicom)

Impressive for an NES game, plus there are rare us copies with the release dates.

DEMO: August 1996
FULL: Early 2000 - Maddox121

Better than the original. - Qualitylists

9 Super Mario & Sonik 2 Super Mario & Sonik 2
10 Fortnite

This isn't bootleg - BorisRule

Why is this here? - PacMaxfan1293898

Best bootleg of h1z1 or pubg

The Contenders

11 Dark Seed

That a company bothered to make a bootleg NES version of the H.R. Giger-inspired 1992 PC point-and-click adventure game Dark Seed is impressive enough on its own. - BiggerJ

12 Felix the Cat (Sega Mega Drive)

Insulted to Felix the Cat fan

Stop the Bootleg on Felix The Cat.
I'm very sick of the Felix hater.
must Defend him all cost.

An unauthorized port of the NES game. Wouldn't really be notable if not for the game over screen, which shows (I swear I'm not making this up) Felix RIPPING HIS FACE OFF.

Seriously no stop ruining Felix.

13 Mario 4: Space Odyssey Mario 4: Space Odyssey

THIS is the real Super Mario Bros. 4 - Qualitylists

14 Pacmax Classics

Hemming's wonderfully bad compilation of Pac-Man clones. - PacMaxfan1293898

15 Zook Hero Z
16 Mario DX

Good gameplay. - Qualitylists

17 Pac Pack

Not a ripoff of Pac-man - Qualitylists

18 Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal
19 Pokemon Green (Famicom)
20 Super Mario World (Genesis)
21 Super Mario World 64
22 Sonic Adventure 7
23 Pocket Monster (SNES)
24 Shi Kong Xing Shou
25 Sly Cooper Sly Cooper Sly Cooper is the title character of the Sly Cooper video game series, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and Sanzaru Games for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita consoles.

This Game Is a ROM hack of Wario judging by the Gameplay.

26 Rockman and Crystal
27 Rockman Dx3
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