Top Ten Borderlands Games

The Top Ten Borderlands Games

1 Borderlands 2

Borderlands 1 was ok and then the second was announced and my brother wanted to go to the midnight premier and I didn't really want to go get it and wasn't excited but what a game changer it was, amazing world, not only added a story (get over it borderlands 1 fanboys the first practically had no story) but the story was so good it had wayy more interesting characters and made scooter loveable and the gameplay and main villain so good this game not only fixed borderlands but it turned me into a borderlands fan boy. Also tales from the borderlands was ammmnaaazzziinnggg!

So many things to do. A ton of shoot and loot. Awesome humor and a great story along with tons of dlc make this the best game. Best environment. - Therandom

A great experience and by far the most popular borderlands ever

This list is a joke right? Of course 2

2 Borderlands

No one has respect for borderlands 1. No one realizes how much better it is

The loot is better

The raid boss is actually worth farming for

Loot isn't so hard to get

The treasure rooms in borderlands 2 are pathetic compared to the crimson armory

The classes are better, specifically brick

It has better gameplay than 2, but has little humor, a paper thin story, and most places are deserts. The moon looks more interesting than deserts. - Therandom

I miss us assault rifles that don't suck Borderlands 2 an pre sequel are too linear and also ruined all the brands I miss the torgue assault rifles that were not all explosive Hyperion weapons that were just accurate you did not have to waste that ammo before they were secret Armory of General knoxx is the greatest DLC of all time

3 Tales from the Borderlands

Most underrated game EVER - lukemcnamara72

Surprisingly my favorite Borderlands game. The humor is spot on! - Alpha101

It's more than an's a story

4 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Love the boss battles - B1ueNew

I will get hate for this, but this is better than 1. It has a better story, better humor, and a better location. I loved jumping on Elpis with no Gravity. As the Fragtrap, you need no oxygen so can use the other stuff. - Therandom

5 Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

I made this before this was announced. Make this number 4 - Therandom

6 Borderlands Legends
7 Borderlands 3

Love this game because the loot the bosses and how claptrap fl4k and zero are truly funny and claptrap gets a girlfriend

Borderlands 3 expands on what made Borderlands 2 and 3 great. It is exactly what you what expand Borderlands 3 to be and that’s fine. More weapons and interesting classes.

Played demo amazing game

Borderlands 3 ’s debut trailer may have made you happy if you just wanted new Borderlands content and, if that’s the case, I’m happy that you’re happy.
I’m not happy - Polygon 28/3/19

8 Borderlands Online
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