Top 10 Borderlands Vault Hunters

The Top Ten

1 Axton the Commando
2 Mordecai the Hunter
3 Zer0 the Assassin

Well naw he's been in borderlands 2 tales from the borderlands and borderlands 3!

The obvious fan favourite

Haha, never played the game...

4 Lilith the Siren
5 Salvador the Gunzerker

Does this other guy know how dirty his comment is?

Double fisting

6 Roland the Soldier
7 Krieg the Psycho

Meat Man doesn't deserve to be this low.


I'LL RIP YOUR NIPPLES OFF (Kriegs Fan Favorite Quote MEAT MAN)

8 Athena the Gladiator
9 Maya the Siren
10 Jack the Doppelganger

The Contenders

11 BrickĀ  the Berserker
12 Claptrap the Fragtrap

My Boi Could Climb Stairs!

13 Gaige the Mechromancer
14 Nisha the Lawbringer
15 Aurelia the Baroness
16 Wilhelm the Enforcer
17 Moze the Gunner
18 Amara the Siren Brawler
19 Fl4k the Beast Master
20 Zane the Operative
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