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41 Israel Israel Israel, officially the State of Israel is a country in the Middle East, on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea.

Was this added twice or is it a bug?

42 Bahrain Bahrain
43 Poland Poland Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe, bordered by Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; Ukraine and Belarus to the east; and the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad Oblast (a Russian exclave) and Lithuania to the north .

Poland is not that bad I've been to warsaw

44 Vatican City Vatican City Vatican City, officially Vatican City State or the State of Vatican City, is a walled enclave within the city of Rome.

No girls, 10 minutes on foot crossing it, plenty of old men dressed like old women, a Swiss army from middle age.. Nothing modern there, no restaurants, no bars, no night life... And you need to be catholic only.. No more boring.

Nowhere more boring, why to go there? Just for extremist catholics.

45 Luxembourg Luxembourg
46 Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic in Europe . It consists of 26 cantons, and the city of Bern is the seat of the federal authorities . more.
47 Paraguay Paraguay Paraguay, officially the Republic of Paraguay, is a landlocked country in central South America, bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest.
48 Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo is a disputed territory and partially recognised state in Southeast Europe that declared independence from Serbia in February 2008 as the Republic of Kosovo.
49 Spain Spain Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state largely located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, with archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, and several small territories on and near the north African coast.
50 Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine is a sovereign country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland and Slovakia to the west, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.
51 Denmark Denmark Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Europe. The southernmost of the Nordic countries, it is south-west of Sweden and south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany.
52 Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.
53 Brunei Brunei Brunei, officially the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace, is a sovereign state located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia.
54 Cuba Cuba Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba, is a sovereign state comprising the island of Cuba as well as Isla de la Juventud and several minor archipelagos.
55 Czech Republic Czech Republic Czechia, officially the Czech Republic, is a nation state in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Poland to the northeast.
56 Australia Australia Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. Australia has a very warm climate and is very dry. The country's official language is English.
57 Belgium Belgium
58 United States of America United States of America The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the more.

Racist Trump supporters, mean people, Donald Trump. There's a good side of America too, but they make signs like it's a theme park. This is one of the reasons the reason I only like living in San Diego. Because there's no sign that says, "WELCOME TO THE UNTED STATES" - LaST_LiGHT

It starts to get boring when democrats accuse everyone of being racist and petition to stop Men's Rights activists. - CobaltCards

I feel sorry for those people in the us because of Trump! - pineliek

Racist ignorant country with a clown as a president. its too bad they have really nice places. The government ruins it to visit them. They think they are all that when they are stupid in every way. haha I would never live there

59 Malta Malta Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.
60 Slovakia Slovakia
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