Most Boring Roblox Games

Soon enough I'll be sleeping near my computer thanks to these games. Don't ask why almost all are simulators.

Feel free to disagree with the non simulators all you want.

And dishonorable mention them.

The Top Ten

1 Pet Ranch Simulator

Stupid game

Okay, I've came through boring games, most were just repetitive. Others were just click click click games.
But this game? It was a COMPLETE DISGRACE to fun.
No joke, it's easily the most boring Roblox game in existence. All you do is "enable 6 or 8 or whatever pets", have them stand in a tiny yard and make coins, while you just walk around and let them all do the work. Watch your money go up until you can buy an egg. Then you watch it hatch and hope it's a good pet. Because if it is, that's one of the only times you can do something, disable your weak pet and enable your new better one. Then you stand around for 46 seconds or whatever all over again.
How in the world do people like this trash? - Bammer73

2 Pet Simulator
3 Fame Simulator

You basically can see my reasoning by looking back at Pet Simulator. - Bammer73

4 Weight Lifting Simulator 3

You cannot even move while doing your waits, which makes it even less fun with less opportunity.
I mean are even the starting weights that heavy? - Bammer73

Yes. This disgrace deserves to be #1

5 Life in Paradise

You're basically walking around with a few pointless stores. - Bammer73

6 Snow Shoveling Simulator

You can't get any cool things like pets, so most of the time you just shovel snow (most of it) and get money for it and shop. - Bammer73

7 Bubble Gum Simulator

I do not need to stand still for the bubble you click for 9 minutes to be 15x bigger than me. - Bammer73

8 Lumber Tycoon 2

It's more like Lumber Simulator 2... I mean, ALL YOU DO IS CHOP DOWN TREES! And make money for it... - Bammer73

9 Baby Simulator

It's... another simulator. Surprise, surprise, you do nothing but crawl. It also copied WLS3 by when you occupy something that is meant to make your happiness go up, you cannot move.
Do these simulators ever end?!? - Bammer73

10 Be a Parkour Ninja

BAPN gets boring after a while, it's exciting but repetitive and you barely do anything minus running around with swords and killing people. - Bammer73

The Contenders

11 Fart Attack
12 Meep City
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