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1 7th Grade

7th grade wasn't boring for me. We got to watch Disney's Hercules!

It was terrible. This was the only year where I wasn't looking forward to school every morning.

There was an annoying kid named Joe in my math class who always yelled at the teacher and distracted everyone. He gave me a 49 in there because he wouldn't shut up. Here we are in 8th grade he is in my Advanced art class and my English class and he still is a ruckus. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I hated 7th grade because there is a kid that does vape, smokes, and smokes weed but they don't care (West Iron County Public Schools)

2 12th Grade

Well it must be fun because it's your last year at high school! - HappyFlower

Personally I'd say this one (we have different year names in the UK) but it's sad to think that your childhood is over already. - Rocko

In high school my special ed teacher yelled at us, made us do kindergarten worksheets and forced us to walk around the school's track, IT WAS HELL.

It's actually the least boring grade. - Userguy44

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3 5th Grade

When I was in 5th grade, it was so boring. I myself am in 7th grade now and I think that was the hardest grade ever but this was far by the stupidest. I still was in classes for people with disabilities despite me being way smarter than all the other kids and now I am in normal classes now that I am attending Middle School since 6th grade. I would always have behavior problems in class because the teachers portrayed themselves as negatives and I would throw tantrums a lot. I mostly don't have any friends in School considering I like to be alone a lot. There was nothing fun to do and my teachers I had a bad relationship with since I had my first tantrum at that school. I was pretty happy when the last day of school finally came because I was so sick and tired of being at my school. All the teachers there treated me like I was a little kid and would give me easy work.

Oh, how I miss this. - mistyglow

NO. My teacher was SO MEAN. She allowed the class to have water ice at the end of the year and not me, and I didn't even do anything wrong.

She also hates comic books, saying that we're "too old" for them. I guess that she has never heard of graphic novels before...

I'm in 5th grade and it's so funny! Our maths teacher is the Queen of comedy, music teacher always told us some jokes before the class starts, only Biology and History are boring

4 4th Grade

What you top ten haters yeah YOU I had only 2 field trips

Looking back at every year, this one has my vote. Even Grade 9 was funner than this and I made a couple of friends, no more recess present, etc. Grade 4 was worse than that for me. That's how bad it was (Plus my favourite dog died in this grade) - CheesyNachos

We had a lot of work in 4th grade, we had to memorize a lot of words for social studies, and we had a lot of tests.

At least most of my friends were in my class. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

5 8th Grade

Well lol I'm going to 8th grade and let me guess it's horrible.

ZZzz... So boring and depressing

Where I'm at now. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

6 9th Grade

It’s the same easy boring work as elementary school

Ugggh it really probably is the most boring.

Well, "You-Know-What" high school my sister goes to... - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

7 11th Grade

Probably most boring, definitely most stressful

How is this not #1 it’s all about studying for the SAT

8 10th Grade

Definitely 10th, trust me.

9 6th Grade

So boring am I right

I did 7th grade math, and dude, most of the time I was saying seriously
We had lunch later than 7th and 8th grade.!

It was good, until I farted in Mrs. Tanksley's classroom and sent me into the hallway. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Very boring.

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10 3rd Grade

I'm 3rd grade I constantly got embarrassed by my little cousin in the halls. She was 2 yrs younger than me (1st grade) and we went to the same elementary school.

I was bullied badly in 3rd grade, and the teacher never did anything but blame me for everything, and even things that I did not do. I barely had any friends. Glad I moved to another school.

Agreed. I definitely hated this year

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11 2nd Grade

Worst school year worst teacher


This year rocked - Untildawn8

12 13th Grade

If there is a 13th grade gimme the bleach. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL


13 1st Grade

One thing I don't get about American schools is why do you get held back if you don't pass your test or have to go to the principals office.
I would hate having to find the headmasters office.

My teacher constantly humiliated me.

What a Pos year...

14 Kindergarten

The beginning of school.

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