Most Boring SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Karate Island

I hate this episode - JandS3000

It's all over the place, I don't like it. - funnyuser

I liked this one. - Goatworlds

2 The Thing

What happens to squidward after this episode?

3 Pets or Pests V 1 Comment
4 Once Bitten

I hate this one too. But I like Reef Blower. - funnyuser

5 Pickles
6 Reef Blower

This is one of the worst episodes - bert631

7 Choir Boys

Another Squidward Abuse episode. Stupid episode, bad plot, and Squidward should never be abused unless it's a sequel to Little yellow Book. - Goatworlds

V 1 Comment
8 The Lost Mattress
9 Ghouls Fools
10 Plankton vs. Krabs

The Contenders

11 Dear Vikings

But the best part (meaning worst part) is THE ENDING.

How did this get nominated for an EMMY? - Turkeyasylum

12 Band Geeks

Which troll keeps adding this? - Pug

13 The Splinter
14 To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants

Honestly, making a whole episode out of a character changing their pants. - Garythesnail

15 SpongeBob You're Fired
16 Dumped
17 WhoBob WhatPants?

SpongeBob gets amnesia. Great plot (sarcasm). - Goatworlds

18 Face Freeze!
19 Arrgh!
20 Shuffleboarding
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