Most Boring Things Haters Say About Taylor Swift


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1 She can't sing live

Dude, at least she can write er own songs, and they're not about drugs or some other things some artists write about. - RisingMoon

Look, let's be real. There is nothing outstanding about her vocal abilities, live or in studio. Thousands of girls in high school choruses and church choirs can easily surpass her. Such is the nature of the mass-marketed, production-line music industry of the last thirty years.

The difference is Taylor has star quality and stage presence.

Taylor Swift is in fact one of the greatest pop songwriters in history, on par with legends like Holland-Dozier-Holland and Carole King. She is not writing anything especially deep, she is not Bob Dylan, but so what; the ability to write catchy and commercially-viable pop tunes is exceedingly rare. If it was easy, then everybody would do it, because it pays so well.
Notable non-writers like Beyoncé sit in the same room with 3 or 4 veteran songwriters, and she might even contribute "add an oooh baby, baby here", and in that way she gets quite a bit of additional money by being listed as a "co-writer".
Even if you don't like her music, TS deserves major props for her writing skills.

2 She only writes songs about her ex-boyfriends
3 She does not understand what a feminist is
4 She can't hit high notes
5 She hates rock music

If she hates rock why she is one of the greatest friends of the Paramore's lead vocals Hayley Williams?

6 She pretends shock when she wins an award
7 She is greedy about money

This is exactly true, the biggest example being her removing all songs from Spotify's free service. - SelfDestruct

8 She uses her squad to defend herself
9 She hates critics
10 She only dates for break-up songs
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