Most Boring Things Haters Say About Taylor Swift


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1 She can't sing live

Look, let's be real. There is nothing outstanding about her vocal abilities, live or in studio. Thousands of girls in high school choruses and church choirs can easily surpass her. Such is the nature of the mass-marketed, production-line music industry of the last thirty years.

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2 She only writes songs about her ex-boyfriends

How about Ronan, The Best Days, The Lucky One, Love Story, Welcome To New York, 22 and Fifteen? Hater lose, Swiftie win - BeaM456

3 She does not understand what a feminist is V 1 Comment
4 She can't hit high notes
5 She hates rock music

If she hates rock why she is one of the greatest friends of the Paramore's lead vocals Hayley Williams?

Dear rock and metal fans, she love rock music. In her 2012 album Red, she make three rock songs which is State Of Grace, All Too Well and The Last Time feat. Gary Lightbody( A member of rock band). All three songs is arena rock and alternative rock. In 1989 world tour, she make a rock version of I Knew You Were Trouble and We are never ever getting back together. She also fans of The Beatles, Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley. She also listen to U2 and Fall Out Boy. Sorry rock and metal fans who hate Taylor Swift, looks like Swiftie win and you lose. - BeaM456

6 She pretends shock when she wins an award V 1 Comment
7 She is greedy about money

This is exactly true, the biggest example being her removing all songs from Spotify's free service. - SelfDestruct

No need to say anything. Hater win and Swiftie lose. - BeaM456

8 She uses her squad to defend herself

If you was bullying by your enemy, surely your friends will defend yourself against them. Hater lose and Swiftie win. - BeaM456

9 She hates critics

People don't understand what kind of critics. She doesn't mean professional critics but stupid critics who hate her. Hater lose, Swiftie win. - BeaM456

10 She only dates for break-up songs

She is not. Yeah I admit after she brake-up, she will write about her ex-boyfriends. But this is not make any sense when people said she ia only dating for brake-up songs. After she brake-up with Harry Styles, she don't even date any guy until March 2015 because she don't wanna deal with media that she only date for brake-up songs. - BeaM456

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