Top Ten Most Boring Things On the Planet


The Top Ten

1 Waiting for a Meal In a Restaurant

All restaurants seem to take forever to serve the food D:

It's so boring, the waiter says 'Fews minutes ', I feel its's like few centuries...( But I think it's common! ) - Ananya

This is really boring althrough you're with someone funny

2 Homework
3 Driving Non-stop for 500 Miles

I can imagine myself doing this. BORING! - funnyuser

That's why there are stations

My aunt drove us from Vegas to LA. It was a 4 hr drive, 270 miles and she drove non stop. I fell asleep during 1/2 of the ride and played the iPad the other 1/2 of the ride.

4 Exams

If you finish it early...then it gets so BORING, and even the teacher doesn't let you go before the exam time gets over - Ananya

I always finish early ad it is so boring could die

5 Having Not Internet/tv/gaming Access

Yes, The most boring time ever - Ananya

One of my relatives' houses have no internet and only Asian T.V. channels so whenever I go there for parties it is so boring

6 Reading the Dictionary

You would think it's boring. Until you realize that Eminem read the dictionary and he is now one of the most famous living people. Not so boring to be Eminem

Who would read the whole dictionary

No, its not boring at all - in fact I enjoy it ( sort of a hobby you can say...)

And I think that its one of the best things to do when you are free or have some spare time - Ananya

7 Watching Every Twilight Movie Ever Made
8 Doing About 50 Lessons of the Same Subject In Maths

For the ones who don't like maths - Ananya

9 Waiting for a Bus/train
10 Not Having Access to Something to Draw On When In a Painfully Boring Class

In high school I had access to drawing materials but I wasn't allowed to draw in class

No tables? No problem. Draw on the desk or turn your arm into a mobile grafitti wall - Danielsun182

The Contenders

11 School

School is very useful to be an educated successful person in life, but it's so boring every second spent there makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Expecially math. - wubbalubbadubdub

12 Being Buried Alive
13 Exercise

Especially if there’s no music to listen to

14 Watching Documentaries
15 Church
16 The French
17 Being Preached to In Church
18 Pokemon Pokemon Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.


19 Summer

I stay at home nearly the entire summer so it is very boring

20 Plane Rides

On my 4 hr flight to Vegas all I did was sleep and play the iPad

21 Car Rides

I slept while my aunt drove us to LA from Vegas (4 hrs), I slept while my dad drove us home from NYC (2 hrs), and I slept while my uncle drove us back from the Santa Cruz boardwalk (2 hrs).

It seems like that I always sleep in the car while leaving from a vacation and not arriving to the destination. (Probably because the fun made me tired)

22 Parties

No one talks to me so I play with my phone

23 Life

My life is so boring

24 House Walking

My mom makes me walk around the house and it is so boring

25 Meetings
26 Waiting in Line to Go on a Ride

My cousins, sister, and I spent 2 hours waiting for rides at Disneyland even though we had Fastpasses

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