Most Boring Things to Do In Your Spare Time


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1 Homework

Homework is so boring

Hell yeah home work is the most boring thing ever why isn't number 1 on this list

Ugh, waste of time too! I wish teachers had to do homework every day and have loads of it like we do and they do all the work we do AND learn how to make kids NOT do homework. Anyone agree? If you do just thumbs this up...

News flash there is a thing called PAPERWORK and that the teacher version of homework! I dislike homework as much as the next guy but you have to do it!

I always try to make it fun. Believe me, it never works. Homework+fun= impossible.

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2 Watch grass grow

Seriously? Is it that hard to understand? It's worse than watching a teacher write about the quadratic formula. Seriously.

I mean yeah... - codydoestuff

I hate that it is so boring who would ever do such a thing say do you watch grass grow because it is very boring

It makes time pass

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3 Stare at a TV that's not on

Sometimes I do this, but I create shows in my head and imagine them on the screen.

Boring laugh out loud!

Yeah, mum turns the T.V. of and all I do is stare at boring

I would rather watch nothing than to watch Breadwinners - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

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4 Nothing


My parents sometimes make me go in my room and stare at the wall. It's so boring. They won't even let me go to sleep. - Trivium

Nothing is more boring than doing nothing, especially at school! When the teacher has nothing for you to do in school and you have not very much friends it's hard to stay entertained. Being productive gets your mind off of useless things.

I know what it's like doing nothing. You sit there and "what can I do? " and this goes on usually in the afternoon on a Sunday for me

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5 Watch golf

Golf is not boring! Golf is a sport of the thinking individual.

Ma dad always watches it on tv and it is so flippin' annoying

I can't stand golf. Whats the point of it anyway? Put a ball in a hole?

I HATE golf SO SO SO much I despise golf >

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6 Read


How is reading more boring then watching paint dry? Its like watching a movie on a page

I like reading, but it is kinda boring

I used to hate reading. Every second of it. But when my mom got annoyed by it, she forced me to the library to get a book. I got the Hunger games, because why not? I saw the movie, so I'd read the book. After I read the book, I wanted to read another. You need to read anything. If you couldn't, you wouldn't be reading this comment, reading all the comments on this list, or anything.

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7 Watch paint dry

I'd rather watch paint dry.

Why should we watch paint dry when we can watch other things? WHO MADE THIS LIST?!

Seriously? It is so boring

Why isn't this #1 - Lunala

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8 Go to school


I am at school rite now!

Yeah I'm at school right now, and I'm so bored I just looked up boring stuff

School can be fun sometimes but sometimes not.

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9 Watch Barney

Barney is just dumb.

Barney is the weirdies thing ever and it just gets boring

I hate barney he just sings and tells kids about stuff that they already know totally boring

Laugh out loud, some 7 year old who just got over watching this and has a younger sibling must've put this on here. My 4 year old loves this show.

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10 Think of another item to put on a most boring things to do in your spare time list

thats stupid and why even think of doing that when thers a lot more things to do in your spare time I rather read than do this crappy thing

Really why are we wasting our time looking at this stuff lets get out there and make a book or make a movie or play a game I mean come on guys

That's not boring that's dumb

That made me laugh. LOL.

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11 Watch Dora the Explorer

Dora not awesome

Dora is awesome

The show is so obvious it gets on my nerves!

I used to watch that show

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12 Read boring lists online

Ironically, this is the most boring on the list, in my opinion. It is my assertion that the ones who came here for a satirical outlook on the lack entertainment, are the ones most inclined to be entertained. However, said people will be, most likely, bored as well in just reading this list.

I'm only doing this to get my little brother to go away.

So boring I would rather watch the floor erode

That's what I'm doing right now... I'm bored

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13 Stare at the wall

It makes me hit my head of the wall if I'm bored staring at it laugh out loud


Great idea

That sometimes used to happen when teachers would say " Go and stand there! "
Not to me by the way... - Ananya

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14 Talk to your imaginary friend

I use to always talk to my imaginary friend when I was younger. I never felt bad about it, I was kind of proud, but then again, I was oblivious that it was stupid to do when I was younger.

I do that all the time when I was little. Couldn't help it, I was all alone - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Also, I looks like your talking to thin air.

It's not boring if you got heart

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15 Read a random Wikipedia page

That isn't boring

So just uncool

This is fun!


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16 Watch the History Channel

It terrible the history channel drives me crazy I mean I would watch anything even all the weird boy shows

It's so boring! When I'm really bored I watch Nat Geo Wild, History Channel, BBC Earth and stuff...

Some of their documentaries & conspiracies can be low key interesting.

Um, excuse me? The History Channel is the highlight of my day! - RockFashionista

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17 Listen to Justin Bieber

Baby, baby, baby, oh! Who on earth would want to listen to that weird gangsters stupid songs?

It's not really boring, its just AWFUL

I don't listen to Justin Bieber but one of his song called "Sorry" it's one of the most popular songs on you tube

Strongly agree. he sucks

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18 Die

Whoever likes Justin bieber is an idiot

Well now you're really just being a heck of an idiot. What the heck, who wants to die? I mean if you want to die, then be my guest, but seriously that's stupid. Anyway, my opinion is that people who want to die, means that their life just sucks, so fix it. Fix your so horrible life that you can't even live.

I heard you explode when you die, but I don't think it's a hell of a ride, either. - ihearyou

Well, some people can't fix there "so horrible lives". I mean, I agree with you, that no one should want to die, but geeze chill. Level it down a bit. And I don't see how being dead is boring. I mean you're already dead, so you can't really know that it's boring, unless you mean getting sick and slowly dying. Now that's super boring/painful/annoying.

This is so boring that I'd never do this in my spare time

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19 Attend younger sibling's performance

it is just about the most boring thing ever getting dragged along to a younger siblings performance while I could be doing something else... Especially as most of the performances are completely rubbish

I would only ever watch my stupid brother play rugby if he broke something. I would not want to miss that. It would be the only sport-related thing worth watching.

Not just boring, it's annoying too.

That's nice doing that your mean who ever wrote that that's really mean

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20 Go shopping

Depends on what you are shopping for. Shopping for CLOTHES is the most boring thing EVER! I may as well stair at a wall.

I hate shopping but my family loves if


21 Sleep


At least it passes time quicker

Sleep is awesome and we need it or I'll be hella tired

The only boring part about sleep is trying to fall asleep. Otherwise sleep is heaven - benhos

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22 Ride in an airplane without TV or electronic devices

This is why I bring my ipad, but even my mom wouldn't even let me use it the whole ride, so my only other option is to sleep.

Just look out the window.

its boring


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23 Read this list

That's exactly right I'm bored (why? )


I agree.

24 Golf

What could be more boring than taking 15 minutes (if you're lucky) to do one hole out of 9? Or 18?

At least video games have reading.

Golf is so boring asses

I. Hate. Golf. my dad makes me do it all the time for some reason

True so true

25 Lay face down on your bed

Feels weird plus, it's boring!


26 Be the only sober guy at a party
27 Listen to your parents talk about something you don't care about at all

They ramble on and on! SERIOUSLY WE DON'T CARE!

Every time I try to ignore my mom she asks me a question and if I don't answer she know I wasn't listening!

28 Watching a 1hr application installation that keeps on having an error message
29 Go on Facebook

Don't you just love getting notifications on Facebook, maybe someone sent you a friend request or liked your post but no! Instead you get "Bob Jones invited you to plant a tree in farmville! " Just go away! Does anyone else get this?

YUP annoying!

hate it

30 Look at images of Miley Cyrus

Wow that is most certainly exciting!


31 Watch YouTube for More Than 2 Hours

YouTube isn't boring!


That’s what I do.


32 Masturbate

Come on that’s its fun

I think it's awesome

It's very fun

33 Reading the Argos catalogue

My favourite is the garden hose section

34 Looking at the Happening Now section on TheTopTens main page

That’s a thing?

35 Stare at a clock

I do that at school. It’s much more interesting than the lesson.

36 Typing "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm" over and over again

I do this when desperately bored

By the way gcecrcrcrvrcc v tvrrcrtbtbtgtbrbvrcrvrcercwxw f reviewers


37 Reading Terms and Conditions

We all just never do that!

No one does this

38 Watch the most boring show ever

The most boring show ever is Boobah.

39 Play with your hands


40 Watch kids channels



41 Watch Family Guy

It's better than Robot Chicken (or Boring Kitchen)

Robot Chicken is better than Family Guy, shut up! Family Guy is terrible!


Family guy is the dumbest show on earth

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42 Watching the news
43 Getting sent to your room and you can't do anything

I hate that, but I eventually find a loophole

44 Have sex




45 Make a top ten list

I do this because I AM BORED!

You just made it!
Lol! Dog!

46 Play with broken yo-yo
47 Look at "Most Boring Things to Do in Your Spare Time'' List

I'm already looking at this list. - nko32



48 Try to freeze time

it worked

49 Hit yourself


50 Draw

I do this because I'm bored

It's a great thing to do - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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