Most Boring Things to Do In Your Spare Time


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41 Have sex V 3 Comments
42 Watch kids channels V 2 Comments
43 Play with broken yo-yo
44 Look at "Most Boring Things to Do in Your Spare Time'' List

I'm already looking at this list. - nko32

V 2 Comments
45 Reading Terms and Conditions

We all just never do that!

No one does this

46 Hit yourself V 1 Comment
47 Read the bible
48 Make a top ten list

You just made it!
Lol! Dog!

49 Play the quiet game all day

BLAH! I can't live through an entire day with people ignoring me.

V 2 Comments
50 Try to freeze time
51 Watch rugby
52 Visit at your grandparents

My grandmother was awesome when she was alive, always had good conversations and things to learn from her. I don't agree.

V 1 Comment
53 Sit on the toilet

It the most boring thing you can do

V 1 Comment
54 Watching Ishtar
55 Read a textbook

Can't get much more boring then this

56 Being awake while everyone is asleep

Ever just sit there by yourself while everyone is sleeping? Well, its boring. You just sit there thinking to yourself and feeling like you want to have a conversation but can't because everyone you know is sleeping. You think of something funny and laugh to youself because no one is there to listen to what you have to say or give input on your ideas/thoughts. On the verge of waking someone up just to talk to them.

V 1 Comment
57 Sniffing glue

Why would you even do that? It's so unhygienic.

Sometimes I sniff pencil shavings, lol!

58 Math
59 Try to poo

The worst is when you forget to bring in your phone with you so you just sit there with nothing to do

Especially in a public restroom.
Why can't they give you Magazines to read?

V 1 Comment
60 Make a Book That Is 100 Pages Long

Writing a 100 page book is fun. That is, if you're creative like me

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