Most Boring Things to Do In Your Spare Time


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81 Play Boring Games Like Thief

So boring, one of the worst games out right now

82 Stay up all night V 2 Comments
83 Study
84 Watch your family have fun
85 Watch sports you hate

I hate hockey, and when my parents force me to go, it's even worse. I also thought Interstellar was incredibly boring- and it was like 4 hours. Annoying
But you might hate something else.

86 Eat things that aren't edible

What do you mean?...Something like glass or wood? - Ananya

V 2 Comments
87 Watch a movie in a foreign language that you don't understand, with no subtitles V 2 Comments
88 Stare at a broken clock
89 Watch a worm crawl a mile

I did something similar. I once spent 30 minutes sitting down and watching baby crabs migrate. For some reason, it didn't bore me at all - FireWasp2004

Find a worm.

And walk for a mile with it.

it stinks

90 Watching someone else play solitaire.
91 Watching politics

At least you can sound smart
At least you can say you voted for that guy

92 Stand in a crowded place start singing badly
93 Watch an insurance commercial
94 Stare at computer screensaver

That's fun! How could that possibly be boring? I think that it is very fun!

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95 Play the Wii

Lol I hate the Wii but still

OML I don't have a Wii but, seriously man it's TOTALLY awesome so if you haven't tried it you'd better because NOBODY dislikes a WII, right? Right? RIGHT?


Lol I like Wii U

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96 Take computer classes

Those computer class of last year...lasting till 7 pm just Java programs..was so boring
there were so many hitman games I could play, but...OF COURSE I didn't want to be punished - Ananya

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