Top Ten Most Boring Total Drama Campers

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1 B

HEY! At least he communicate!

He is boring because he never talks

This guy doesn't say anything ever therefore can't shape a personality - Shartfart

he doesn't even talk.

2 Zoey

Zoey's a great character - Gwuncan

She has 3 emotions scared normal and mad like every other character - Shartfart

she only cares about mike.

3 Mike

People who Defend mike and Zoey think abut this.Him and Zoey needed alternate personality's to be interesting.

With mike having to balance out 4 personalities he can't shape a good main personality like having 4 jobs so then you can't take care of a crap character idea - Shartfart

But everyone loves him!

You can't blame him. I mean if someone has a problem like that it is hard to balance things out!

4 Justin

He only had one line in island but a good charecter in action

Let's see in his debut season he only talked once not including the special in the first episode he said I can live with that and no just had them for a while he does more in the next Season but is still boring - Shartfart

Had like three lines in season one and was a weak antagonist in season two.

5 Ezekiel

Not a character I like and kinda boring, but he has a nice singing voice.

Ezekiel is a loser! - Gwuncan

With him competing in four episodes he doesn't have time to shape a good personality - Shartfart

6 Beardo

I smell a hater. Just because Beardo is shy, does not make him a bad Total Drama character. In fact, if it was up to me, he would come back for another season. He expresses his personality through the sounds he makes, because he's shy but still wants to be noticed. Go watch his audition on YouTube. I bet you won't judge him the same.Beardo is adorable.

All he does is make annoying sound affects

He also barley ever talked he had 9 words so he can't shape a personality - Shartfart

he only beat boxes.

7 Cameron

This guy does have a personality but pardon my French his personality is just kinda crap - Shartfart

8 Dave

Dave is too bland.

Dave is too "normal"

he is just a little annoying brat.

9 Trent

Even less emotions then Zoey fine and in love at least he had character development - Shartfart

Trent is not boring, he's awesome!

Trent is cool, and in no way boring. Team Trent all the way!

10 Cody

He had personality but I didn't know what he was supposed to be was he a geek a wannabe what was he - Shartfart

I voted Cody to tell you guys he is not boring.

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11 Leonard
12 Rodney

His "fall in love with every girl around him" shtick got old fast. It wouldn't be so bad if that wasn't his only character trait.

he is so boring I don't even know what he did.

13 Sugar

A female Owen so stupid
All she does is Try to make Ella commit suicide be gross tries to kill Ella cry like a baby be dumb cries catches Ella yeah that’s it

The female Owen. Very unoriginal.

Try to make Ella commit suicide?
What I just typed 0_0 so so so so so innapropriate

14 Eva

All she does is yell at people.

15 Staci
16 Heather

Heather, Gwen, Duncan and Lindsay make this show more popular - Gwuncan

What? She is one of the most interesting characters and has a whole lot of personality. She is definitely not boring, you guys suck

Every time I saw her after the first season I said oh more heather being exactly the god damn same ass she was originally - Shartfart

17 Mickey
18 Tammy

She lacked screentime, I didn't get a chance to learn much about her.

she is a bad leonard.

19 Alejandro

Oooh look. The male Heather. Very unoriginal.

gary stu

20 Duncan

he is not boring

21 Noah
22 Jay
23 Crimson

All she does is talk about being emo.

she is a bad version of gwen. and gwen isn't even the best.

24 Sadie
25 Gwen
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