Top Ten Most Boring Total Drama Campers


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21 Kelly

Bye bye old wrinkly lady

22 Rodney

His "fall in love with every girl around him" shtick got old fast. It wouldn't be so bad if that wasn't his only character trait.

23 Tammy

She lacked screentime, I didn't get a chance to learn much about her.

24 Ryan
25 Jasmine

Girl from Australia. That is her only character trait.

26 Tom

He needs to kiss Jen so people won't think he's gay. He already acts kind of iffy, but I think he just really cares about his looks and clothes.

27 Lindsay

She wasn't ditzy enough to be a dumb blonde. Also her boobs should have been bigger.

28 Miles

She didn't do anything but get voted off.

29 Jo

Jo got nothing on ever. I want ever to beat the crap out of Jo.

Jo has got nothing on ever.

30 Eva

All she does is yell at people.

31 Crimson

All she does is talk about being emo.

32 Sierra

Sierra is so boring, all she does is chase Cody around. She has no personality of her own, and we know nothing about her except that she's hoplessly in love with Cody.

33 Staci
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