Top 10 Most Boring U.S. States

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1 Iowa Iowa is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States, bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River on the west.

It's literally cornfields, unless you move to a big city. Nothing really there, if you want something similar to Iowa, move to Ohio.

I bet most people just put this here just because they saw farmland in Iowa and read a few things on the internet. - JakePlaid

Iowa is how we eat they produce 37% of corn in the world we need farmers

Yes, they grow crops, but that doesn't stop it from being boring as hell. - Upuu

And it smells like pig farms

I bet imaginary smells are way better than your lying ability. - JakePlaid

2 Wyoming Wyoming is a state in the mountain region of the Western United States. The state is the tenth largest by area, but the least populous and the second least densely populated of the 50 United States.

Very Boring, please avoid at all costs, especially if you are from California.

I drove through Wyoming’s plains and almost fell asleep several times

Did you know, there are only two sets of escalators in the entire state?

It's definitely not that state that everyone dreams of going to but it's not that boring there are really good sights to see and fun things to do. It's really not as bad as people say

3 Nebraska Nebraska is a state that lies in both the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States. Its state capital is Lincoln.

Nebraska is trucks and fields! A lot of things there are 😒 Definitely the most stupid

4 Delaware Delaware is one of the Mid-Atlantic states located in the Northeast megalopolis region of the United States.

I'm doing a report on Delaware for school and there's nothing interesting to write about.

Delaware isn't even famous for anything. It doesn't register on the meter at all because nobody knows anything about it. At least Wyoming has Yellowstone, North Dakota has oil, and Nebraska has Warren Buffett.

It has only 3 counties and has 950,000 people. My state of Idaho is ten times as interesting as Delaware.

There's nothing there - ikerevievs

5 Kansas Kansas is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern United States. It is named after the Kansa Native American tribe, which inhabited the area.

This is why the state of Kansas attempts to claim Kansas City MO. They know their state is terrible

Kansas tries really hard to claim a city in Missouri because their state is so boring

Boring? The state of Missery has to use "Kansas" as part of their claim to fame Kansas City Mo.

Should be #1

6 Alaska Alaska is a U.S. state situated in the northwest extremity of the Americas. The Canadian administrative divisions of British Columbia and Yukon border the state to the east; it has a maritime border with Russia to the west across the Bering Strait.

How does having earthquakes make Alaska Boring? Do you even know the definition of boring? We have 17 out of the top 20 tallest mountains in America, over half of the worlds glaciers, more coastline than the rest of the US combined, we have North America’s largest oil field, we have America’s two largest forests, we have no plants that are poisonous to the touch, etc.

Alaska has so much more to offer than some of the other rural states I can't see how it makes a boring list. I suppose these are big city dwellers. When did earthquakes become boring?

Alaska is so boring! It is the worst state because it has the most earthquakes from 1974-2003!

Alaska has too many earthquakes!

7 Arkansas Arkansas is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. Its name is of Siouan derivation, denoting the Quapaw Indians.

I'll give Arkansas this. If you're a redneck who's stuck in the 60's this is heaven

8 Indiana

In southern Indiana, going out to Rural King is as close as it gets to fun.

Seriously my state is a bore

We're so bored we come to sites like this and try to get Indiana higher up.

Bloomington is great.

9 North Dakota North Dakota is the 39th state of the United States, having been admitted to the union on November 2, 1889.
10 New York New York is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic Region. New York was one of the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States. With an estimated 19.54 million residents in 2018, it is the fourth most populous state. In order to distinguish the state from the city with the same name, it is more.

Why is this on the list?

Um no! I live IN NY and there is so much going on and it's so fun - Jackhammer619

Overrated and terrible state!

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11 Ohio Ohio is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. Ohio is the 34th largest by area, the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the 50 United States.

It has nothing. I've been living here since in was born I'm 15 now trust me don't come

I have tried to make the best of it to no avail. A ton of restaurants to choose from is the only positive. Unless you live and die for the Buckeye's don;t bother with this state.

so true

This place stucks

12 Montana Montana is a state in the Western region of the United States. The state's name is derived from the Spanish word montaña.

It's the one state where even people who live there don't remember what Montana is

Its boring as hell

It’s beautiful, but there is nothing to do (I was in Montana not that long ago) - KingSlayer93316

13 Connecticut

Literally. Nothing. Here. I grew up here. Absolutely nothing to do.

I agree. CT is the most boring state to live in.

The only thing here is Lake Compounce, seriously if your parents ask you "Want to go to Lake Compounce" Say no, there's nothing here.

There are things to do in CT. It is a pretty run down looking state after having lived in NC. Greensboro, NC, which is hardly a sophisticated place, makes parts of CT look downright demilitarised. It's simply not a very lively place. people are very standoffish and unfriendly in general, nobody likes to talk. Very unhappy place. It's the only place I've ever lived where people stop speaking when you pass them on a bike trail, tense as hell, then resume their convos as if you are contagious. people here are guarded and the pace of life is quick, they think they are New Yorkers. There is very little sense of community and people here seem really mentally ill, they stare at you like you are a ghost. A lot of them will rant and rave about things but seem to have zero sense of humour. I've found too many people here to be arrogant yet insecure at the same time and most of them just like to make money. I'd rather live in the bible belt again than in CT, which is saying a lot because I'm not ...more - silverybird72

14 Idaho Idaho is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. Idaho is the 14th largest, the 39th most populous, and the 7th least densely populated of the 50 United States.

Potatoes. That’s about it - KingSlayer93316

15 South Dakota

How tf? We have the badlands, plenty of lakes, about eight professional sports teams, and mount rushmore, along with several bars to meet and talk with other people. Your just not looking hard enough for things to do.

its stupid

16 Vermont

Nothing but trees, mountains, and broken down houses!

I literally forgot this was a state.

How are mountains boring?

I believe this place is pretty amazing, despite the fact that it is mainly trees, mountians, and broken down houses. Like Burlington is pretty lit

17 Mississippi Mississippi is a southern U.S. state with the Mississippi River to its west, the state of Alabama to its east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south.

The most racist state in the entire U.S. don't move here, just look at the flag.

No city literally the highest thing I've seen is their mall the most tech savvy thing there is McDonald's everything is is stuck on the VHS tape era

18 Minnesota Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern United States. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory.

I live here, not boring, look at the south who wants summer year round, at least we can handle the cold

Definitely NOT! I play hockey so I want to move here. Probably because of the cold

19 Kentucky Kentucky, officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a state located in the east south-central region of the United States.

I live here and its stupid

20 Michigan

Michigan is so poor and cold. It's to sad how Detroit is. I Feel bad. But Michigan is still so boring

Michigan has too many kids. I'm sorry I can't live in Michigan.

Michigan is so ugly. Horrible roads.

Cold dead scary snowy ugly dark skies flat ugly trees

21 Nevada Nevada is a state in the Western, Mountain West, and Southwestern regions of the United States of America.

Las Vegas. Suitable only for persons at ages 18 and over.

Strip clubs, bars, casinos. You can't do any of that until your 21 - TheRemixr

More like 21 and older, if you can't drink or gamble, why go?

Why is this on the list? Vegas is awesome!

22 New Mexico

Nothing to do out there.

Sand, chili, and UFOs

23 Missouri Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern United States. It is the 21st most extensive, and the 18th most populous of the fifty states.

Almost ALL 50 states are here. At this point, the US is BORING - KingSlayer93316

24 Oklahoma

Nothing better to do than smoke hang out at well sites

This is where I was born - Untildawn8

25 West Virginia West Virginia is a state located in the Appalachian region of the Southern United States. It is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland to the east and northeast, Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, and Ohio to the northwest. West Virginia is the 41st largest state by area, more.
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