Top 10 Most Boring WWE Pay Per View Matches

These are by far the most boring WWE pay per view matches

The Top Ten Most Boring WWE Pay Per View Matches

1 Triple H vs Roman Reigns - WrestleMania 32

The matched dragged on way longer then it should have been and the crowd was bored out of their minds especially with the near 7 hours if you include the pre show WrestleMania, WWE really needs to cut their WrestleMania pay per view matches down to at least 4 or 4.5 hours. - egnomac

Instead of this, it should be called “any Roman Reigns pay per view matches”. But, this was boring because it was PREDICTABLE! - KingSlayer93316

2 The Great Khali vs Batista - Summer Slam 2007

When you ever Great Khali in a match its almost always going to be boring to watch. - egnomac

3 Mark Henry vs Big Show - WWE Survivor Series

Even the fans were chanting boring. - egnomac

4 Team RAW Divas vs Team Smackdown Divas - Survivor Series 2008

Again nothing special it was way longer then needed to be and the pacing is very slow. - egnomac

5 Rikishi vs Sean O Haire - Backlash 2003
6 John Cena vs The Miz - WM XXVII
7 Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg - Wrestlemania XX

Neither guys gave a crap about the match which is probably why they choose to bore the audience by just staring at one another for the longest time before they actually decided to actually wrestle. - egnomac

8 Woken Matt Hardy Vs Bray Wyatt - Elimination Chamber 2018
9 John Cena vs Finn Balor vs Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns vs The Miz vs Elias vs Seth Rollins Elimination Chamber Match - Elimination Chamber 2018

Soon as Seth and Finn were pinned and eliminated, I fell asleep because I knew Reigns was going to win, like usual - KingSlayer93316

Normally Elimination Chambers are exciting but this match for me personally just dragged on for a long time half the time the superstars just stood there for a couple of minutes not even trying to go for an offense move or a pin I found myself falling asleep half way through the match. - egnomac

10 Brock Lesnar vs John Cena - SummerSlam 2014

I remember falling asleep during this - KingSlayer93316

The match got boring very, very fast. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 The Bludgeon Brothers Vs Breezango - Clash of Champions 2017
12 Naomi & Becky Lynch Vs Natalya & Carmella - Fastlane 2018
13 Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan Vs Sheamus & Cesaro - Royal Rumble 2018

I like how this match was after the Royal Rumble. Poor Seth, Cesaro, and Sheamus... - KingSlayer93316

14 Charlotte Vs Natalya WWE SMACKDOWN Championship - Hell in a Cell 2017
15 Becky Lynch Vs Mickie James - Elimination Chamber 2017
16 Apollo Crews & Titus O'Neil Vs Sheamus & Cesaro - Elimination Chamber 2018
17 Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton - WWE Championship
18 Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns - Universal Championship - Wrestlemania 34

Oh god was this boring - KingSlayer93316

19 Roman Reigns vs Undertaker- WrestleMania 33

There was no point of this match, and it was very slow. So, I had to put this here. Also, we all knew Vince’s bitch was going to win this - KingSlayer93316

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