Best Boss Phases in Cuphead

I always found that while there were some bosses in this game that were just generally good, there were some standout sections in fights that made them so great.

The Top Ten

1 1st Phase of Dr Kahl's Robot

I believe that this is an amazing section of the fight for the reason that the multiple attack points isn't used anywhere else in the game and the formula is flipped on its head by making each attack more brutal after you destroy a weak point. - kempokid

2 3rd Phase of Captain Brineybeard

As this fight goes on, more and more small obstacles will build up in an attempt to overwhelm you. The 3rd phase makes the ship shoot cannonballs at you as you are dodging marine life, the captain himself, and a falling barrel, making for a fun, difficult phase. - kempokid

3 Final Phase of Hilda Berg

While not the most difficult phase of all time, it is by far the coolest looking thing in this game, the phase itself quite fun as well, as you bait out ufo lasers while dodging stars. - kempokid

4 1st Phase of the Devil

While the later phases look a lot cooler, the 1st phase is extremely varied and creative. - kempokid

5 Final Phase of Robby and Croaks

The rng based element is really cool, as none of the attacks are more difficult than any of the others, leading to a phase that is luck based, but not luck reliant. - kempokid

6 Final Phase of Wally Warbles

How can you go wrong with fighting a bird on a stretcher? As well as being hilarious, the phase itself interesting due to how difficult it is to find a relative safe zone. - kempokid

7 1st Phase of Cala Maria

I love how chaotic and fun this phase is, with the 2 different sets of attacks with 2 happening at the same time, one of each. - kempokid

8 Final Phase of Baroness Von Bon Bon

I love the beheading, it’s so ironic!

After the relatively easy first 3 phases, the game really takes it up a notch for the final phase, I love how you have to run away from the castle and the shock factor as the castle starts moving for the first time. - kempokid

9 3rd Phase of Djimmi the Great

It's just a fun, unique bullet hell section, with bullets coming at you from 2 different points. - kempokid

10 2nd Phase of the Devil

The sheer horror that is experienced when you encounter this for the first time is unmatched. The fight itself is fairly easy, but fun and uses the parry system effectively - kempokid

The Contenders

11 2nd Phase of Djmmi the Great
12 4th Phase of Djimmi the Great
13 4th Phase of Phantom Express

I mean come on does this guy look cool or not.

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