Top Ten Bosses In King of Fighters

The Top Ten

1 Magaki

They kill and revive not like me, I do not like and can not stand

This guy is a cheater do not win unless you hack into the game

2 Shion
3 Adelheid
4 Orochi

Orochi is and will do the best, he is not the first that has been missing will be many tournaments but will return when the most dangerous villain of all games

5 Evil Ash
6 Raiden

He's a fighter his overall is higher than John Cena and The Rock Together. Infinite combos do not like to face attacks on

7 Iori

To the devil got you on the 11th if it was before is now so difficult macabre

8 Mature
9 Rugal Bernstein

He is evil, and evil Evil can be better than those who are above him, But what about your special attacks are very difficult to do

10 Goenitz

It is powerful but his special attacks are not so much

The Contenders

11 Kisaragi Eiji

Were good people before now surrounds evil and great power

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