Top 10 Best Bowling Balls

What bowling balls are the best ones in your opinion? Which ones have you had the most success with? I want to hear your opinions!

The Top Ten

1 Storm Hy-Road Storm Hy-Road Product Image

This ball is awesome! I bought one nearly a year ago and ever since I used it, it gave me some of the best scores I had ever had. Nearly shot a 300 with it with the exception of a 7-pin left in the first ball in the tenth frame. There's a reason why it's lasted for so long! - qtmagic

2 Storm Code Black Storm Code Black Product Image

Ok, maybe I'm a little biased because I mostly get Storm stuff but I've mixed and mingled with other brands too. I just got this ball and it hasn't disappointed. If you're looking for sharp backend, then this is the way to go. - qtmagic

3 Motiv Primal Rage Motiv Primal Rage Product Image
4 Hammer Dark Legend
5 Motiv Jackal Ghost Motiv Jackal Ghost Product Image
6 Storm Code Red Storm Code Red Product Image
7 Columbia Tyrant Pearl Columbia Tyrant Pearl Product Image
8 Roto Grip Haywire
9 Roto Grip Hy-Wire
10 Brunswick Danger Zone

The Contenders

11 Radical Conspiracy Solid Radical Conspiracy Solid Product Image
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