Top Ten Bowling Fails

The Top Ten

1 Ball misses pins

This happened to me many times - trains45

My ball did this I failed to get a spare

This happened to me so many times

This happened today 3 times when I went bowling

2 Ball in ceiling

That would be kinda funny if a ball got in the celling as long as it doesn't fall on someone - trains45

Once I saw someone do this on youtube when I watched bowling fails videos

Lol I remember seeing that on youtube when I watched bowing fails they threw the ball in the ceiling by mistake - trains45

My sister threw the ball into the ceiling by mistake now there is ball in the roof lol

Some guy did this by mistake it now a hole in the ceiling

3 Ball breaks tv

This would be kinda crazy if you broke the T.V. by mistake - trains45

I did this by mistake today I feel so bad I hope we don't get banned

Once my dad did this by mistake

Some man threw the ball and it hit the T.V. and cracked the screen

4 Ball in gutter

I had this happen lots - trains45

I did this once threw it in the gutter right away

5 Ball in wrong lane

Lol this would be funny to see - trains45

Once this happened to me when I threw the ball

My sister did this once is was funny

6 Ball dropped

I might of done this before - trains45

I dropped the ball on my iphone it cracked the screen :-(

I did this it hurt my foot

7 Ball thrown behind

I remember this happening on wii sports bowling - trains45

Once I did this it was kinda funny

I did this once today it was funny

8 Ball thrown across the alley

That would be crazy to see if this happened - trains45

I saw some one do this it was crazy

Some guy did this today the ball landed in our lane

9 Ball thrown out of the lane

This be kinda funny to see if your in the 1st or last lane and the ball went outside the lane - trains45

Some lady did this threw her ball out of the lane she was in the last lane it rolled down on the floor

10 Balls don't come back

This happened once when I went bowling the bowling staff had to go to the back to get the balls unstuck - trains45

A ball got stuck in the end then we ran out of balls the bowling guy had to go in the back to fix it

The Contenders

11 Ball breaks lights

This would probably make a mess if the ball was thrown too high and hit the lights - trains45

12 Ball breaks sprinkler
13 Ball smashes phone
14 Tripping with ball

I tripped on my laces with a ball

15 Slipping on the floor

I did this once it kinda hurt

16 Ball gets stuck in gutter

I seen this happen before when I went bowling - trains45

17 The computer gives you the wrong score.
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