Top 10 Box Office Bomb Predictions of 2019

The year 2019 seems to be a big year for movies. But there are some films that release as the same day as other movies, and get overshadowed, and some other reasons. So here are ten films that could be Box Office bombs this year.

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1 Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Cartoon Dora always stated the captain obvious questions to everyone older than 6.
Obviously you can see the tree that Dora is trying to say can see it?
Anyway I read somewhere that in the Dora movie that she had always explored the jungles with her parents.
Now don't say anything yet because you don't understand fact and fiction.
In reality no one would let a petite 7 year old travel jungles without adults.
But in the cartoon it's fictional.
No one is going to talk like her, that's just as dumb as the Teletubbies messing up speech.

Toddlers would enjoy mainly female, irritate older people. I would just ignore it.
Up to you if you want to know if there is going to be a Swiper. "Swiper, no Swiping."
The singing map and backpack and at the end singing "We did it" but a movie version.

Yeah, probably. Who even asked for a movie about Dora? - Misfire

I think this could do better than expected, it doesn't look like their trying to make a serious movie, which works in the movies favor and could make it a great kids movies - germshep24

2 Sonic the Hedgehog

Most just don't like the look of sonic, which is reason enough for sonic fans to not want to see the movie - germshep24

Well at least Paramount has finally listened to the criticism and has put the movie on hold to make changes - germshep24

Sonic has such a huge fanbase around the world, and when they see this movie, they are going to boycott it. Plus, the movie has received tons of blacklash already. - RadioHead03

The studio has finally listened to the criticism and has put a hold on releasing it to make correction, that will hopefully make the movie more bearable - germshep24

3 Terminator: Dark Fate

My prediction is the movie is going to be terrible but it will do good in the box office, because it is a major franchise
edit: this movie is actually being directed by the original director of the first two hits, so this might actually be a pretty good movie - germshep24

Definitely not - PrincipeAzul

This probably won't. - B1ueNew

It could Bomb for many reasons. That’s all I got to say. - RadioHead03

4 UglyDolls

RadioHead03 oh please at least Detective Pikachu shows what Pokemon could look like if they were real creatures. Even if many hate the movie (plot, Pokemon's speech, Gen 1 Pokemon) it finally shows that.

It was better than I expected, but it's still bombing hard.

This is definitely going to be the new Emoji Movie, and Detective Pikachu will roll all over it, spacing is very important for kids movie, you don't want a big kids movie coming out close to the time your less popular kids movie comes out - germshep24

Not only this film looks absolutely awful but Avengers Endgame is absolutely going to overshadow this movie, along with Detective Pikachu. 2 of the biggest movies of the year. Aw well, the movie didn’t even look good anyways. - RadioHead03

5 Dark Phoenix

Wow, this list is actually somewhat accurate. - RadioHead03

I just saw the trailer, and is it bad that I actually have high hopes for the movie? - XxembermasterxX

It has already bombed so you don't have to predict that it won't bomb, test audience absolutely hated this movie, apparently it is a rehash of X-Men Last Stand, which is always a bad way to start one of the greatest X-Men stories - germshep24

One reason why it could Bomb is because if it’s like Apocalypse, than game over. Fans will be pist. - RadioHead03

6 Wonder Park

It’s already predicted as a Box Office Bomb. But are you really that surprised? Also if this movie turns into a Box Office Bomb, then you can say goodbye to that upcoming T.V. series on Nickelodeon. - RadioHead03

7 Missing Link
8 Super Intelligence

An upcoming Melissa McCarthy movie. This might Bomb because it’s releasing on the same day as Star Wars. Ouch. - RadioHead03

9 The Secret Life of Pets 2

This one is hard any movie focused on kids is hard to predict, the big factor will be how Toy Story 4 affects it, since it is the biggest kids movie coming out this year - germshep24

One reason why this movie will Bomb in Box Office is because it’s releasing on the same date as Dark Phoenix. Oh, and Godzilla 2 will already do good in Box Office since it releases a week before TSLOP2. And not to mention Toy Story 4 will release in the same month. I could be wrong, but who knows. - RadioHead03

10 Kalank

The Contenders

11 Artemis Fowl

It could be another A Wrinkle In Time. And that movie Bombed in Box Office. - RadioHead03

12 Avengers: Endgame Avengers: Endgame

Complete opposite result occured. May the same go for dvd sales. It will beat Frozen in dvd sales worldwide.

I've shielded myself with caution for this movie, because I don't expect an open ending. - Synchronocity

Haha so funny. - RadioHead03

13 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

When you make a cash grab movie but can't even pass 200M Worldwide. - B1ueNew

It’s already predicted as a Box Office Bomb. If it is a Box Office Bomb, than that’s gonna be a huge oof. - RadioHead03

14 Captain Marvel

Any one that thinks a Marvel movie is going to bomb hasn't watched a Marvel movie, whatever this movie made expect Avengers Endgame to make three times that - germshep24

Yeah it’s totally gonna Bomb... oh wait nevermind, it’s already one of the highest grossing movies of 2019. - RadioHead03

15 Joker

I saw the trailer and...oh goodness. I can tell RIGHT AWAY this is going down in flames. Dark superhero movies are almost NEVER good-the only exception being Nolan's Batman movies, and that's because he puts actual effort into it instead of just going pure edgy emo mode like most do, including this mess. Batman and Robin is gonna look like a cinematic masterpiece once this Razzie-level trainwreck comes out. Mark. My. Words.

Doubt it. - RadioHead03

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