Top Ten Boxers That Might Be Able to Beat Mayweather

These boxers have the best chance at defeating Floyd Mayweather the no 47-0 champion.

The Top Ten

1 Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao

I honestly think that pacman won the fight against Mayweather last night again cheating judges has robbed the real fighter from his belt... I will never care to see boxing AGAIN!

Manny would whoop Mayweather we all know that. He's faster, stronger, a southpaw, and just a better fighter. Almost anyone Mayweather has faced Manny has knocked out including Miguel Cotto (It was stopped in the 12th round). They are said to both be ducking each other but there's no doubt that Mayweather is ducking Pacquiao more than Pacquiao is ducking Mayweather.

Pacman beat Mayweather we all know this!

Pac was a sore loser and couldn't get the job done! Cried foul after the fight...used excuses abt his shoulder as the reason why he lost..

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2 Gennady Golovkin

I've heard lots of hype about this guy and so far he proven himself... So far. Although he is one hell of a knockout artist he hasn't fought anybody that has weight in the business. But he is very strong well see how he does in the future.

Golovkin is a monster, I think it would be a great fight, to see the best offensive juggernaut in the middleweight division be put against the brilliant defensive mastery of Mayweather

This guy is very good. Hard as nails. Not sure how he will get on when someone finally hits him.

GGG is undefeated he the most powerful boxer I ever seen

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3 Amir Khan

Khan is a good fighter but not enough to beat Mayweather. When I watched the Maidana fight he barley won and I don't think he'd beat Maidana now. Khan has a weak chin and is open to many shots but he is fast we'll see what happens and if he's improved.

Amir has all the tools... Better footwork, faster, more stamina, better left hook and physically stronger than floyd

Khan is the best boxer to beat Mayweather. He has the best hand speed in boxing. Any superstar boxer could knocked out by him.

4 Miguel Cotto

Cotto now with his new coach Freddie Roach is better than he ever has been. He dominated Martinez although most people think Martinez was shot a lot of people saw through the excuses and just saw that Cotto stepped his game up. A fight with Canelo next would be advisable and then whoever wins between them most likely gets the rematch with Floyd Mayweather hopefully its Cotto.

5 Erislandy Lara

Lara has been cheated twice now against Williams and undoubtedly against Canelo Alvarez. Lara should still be undefeated. Alvarez was crying about Lara running the entire fight... Well sorry but that's boxing. Muhammad Ali did it with Sonny Liston and Floyd Mayweather did it with Canelo. Canelo didn't complain about Floyd running away yet he complains about Lara dodging and countering the way he should have. Lara won the Canelo fight (Or at least he should have) and could definitely beat Mayweather. Mayweather has already shown trouble with technicians and southpaw's watch the Zab Judah fight for example it was the first time Mayweather was ever knocked down (It was counted as a still but its bull crap he got knocked down).

6 Kell Brook

Just defeating the all too hyped up Shawn Porter Kell Brook is now some what in the spot light. He looks good has a good style. He's good in the clinches and on the outside which is Mayweather's game but Brook will have to prove himself a little bit more like maybe if him and Khan fight.

Mayweather should have fought Kell Brook to attempt unifying the belts at 147 would have been nice but instead he cherrypicked Andre Berto.. Berto vs Mayweather produced very low PPV BUYS... should have fought Kell Brook instead to unify...

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7 Saul Alvarez

If Alvarez has a rematch with Mayweather most likely it will end up being a repeat. Canelo has supreme strength but to be honest that's the only chance he's got against Mayweather. Besides that Canelo is just an average fighter and brawler.

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8 Roy Jones Jr.

No doubt he would destroy mayweather

Some of their tactics of very similar but both of their prime and if Roy went hard on mayweather early I think Roy could definitely KO Floyd

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9 Marcos Maidana

Maidana I feel won the first time but the second not a chance. Maidana and his corner were too cautious and Maidana didn't do his regular attack. But Maidana has shown that Floyd isn't unbeatable in fact he and De La Hoya have been the closest ever to make Mayweather's first defeat a reality.

Maidana did pretty good in the first fight but not in the second... Maidana not as masterful and skillful as Mayweather a third fight Mayweather still wins

Maidana vs mayweather 3 maidana will win

10 Keith Thurman

He is undefeated but if you know anything about boxing than you know that doesn't say anything. Plus who has he fought that's been worth while?

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11 Terence Crawford

He is the boxer fighter that Mayweather wishes he was.

Crawford is a real champione and I'm 100% my guy can end mayweather record and destory him when crawford punch him and knock him out his brain will go bling and shutdown crawford got a really strong soul and power when crawford get in the ring he use hi brain his heart he focus and timeing crawford can destory mayweather on the 3rd round

Crawford better concentrate on Postol... That's a fight Crawford will not take.. Gamboa was easy.. Gamboa arms are just way to short but Postol will take it to Crawford..

12 Danny Garcia

Danny is one of the luckiest fighters I've ever seen but he in a way is good too. Beating Amir Khan, Lucas Matthysse, Zab Judah, Erik Morales, and more is not all luck. He may not be able to beat Mayweather but he has a better chance than most.

13 Sugar Ray Robinson
14 Canelo Alvarez
15 Mike Tyson Mike Tyson V 1 Comment
16 Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali (January 17th 1942 - June 3rd 2016) was an American former professional boxer . He was generally considered among the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport.

Mohamedali was the best Muslim fighter ever

Tougher, faster, stronger
This dude's the GOAT, he would destroy Mayweather in a fight
Nobody beats muhammad ali

17 Evander Holyfield
18 Wilfredo Gomez

Total fights 48, wins 44, and knock outs 42. Mayweather's knock outs 26... I believe the Puerto Rican would knock out Mayweather.

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