Please tell me what great fighters that Tyson ever beat. He beat Larry Holmes-wait Holmes was 39 and had been retired for 2 years. He took the title from a bulked up light heavyweight in Michael Spinks. He build up his win-loss record by beating bums like Larry Sims (3-19), Sterling Benjamin (5-7), Mark Young (14-37), and Don Halpin (10-23). He did beat guys like Tony Tucker, Pinklon Thomas, and Carl Williams, but they really never beat anybody, and won't be mentioned by Bert Sugar very often. Buster Douglas, a bum himself knocked out Tyson in Tyson's prime (he was only 23). Holyfield beat him up twice and Lennox Lewis gave him one of the worst beatings any boxer ever took. Tyson was nothing but a glorified bum who came along at the right time. If he had come around 20 years earlier, guys like Ali, Liston, and Frazier would have destroyed him. Ten to fifteen years earlier, Foreman, Holmes and Norton would have pummeled him. And in his prime, he never faced Riddock Bowe, the man who beat Holyfield twice.


Shut up you idiot. Tyson is locked in TOP 10 greatest heavyweight boxers of all time and easily the most famous fighter ever.

Deal with it. - visitor