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Unbeatable for six years and only greed through management and some personals he would be untouchable

Mike Tyson is the truest,
Name a boxer he ain't influenced!

Ironic that Tyson is considered both the most over-rated and the most under-rated boxer of all time, depending on your point of view. Detractors list a lack of "Quality" opponents while proponents argue he "killed" everybody when he was in his prime. It is a shame the fighters he opposed in his pre-jail era are not on anybody's "top fighters of all time" list. However, just because he didn't get to fight Joe Frazier doesn't mean he wouldn't have beaten him if he did. The mere fact that he is so polarizing obviously points to the opinion that he was at least "somebody" to be reckoned with. He didn't just beat his opponents; he demolished them. Some were beaten before they even got in the ring, which, ironically, illustrates both points of view on Tyson's ability. I honestly do not know what the prime Tyson would have done with the prime Ali. I realize he is considered by most to be the GOAT or at least top 3. I also know Ali lost to Joe Frazier, ...more

Tyson is the best of all time in my opinion. Mike Tyson would knock out people within the first four rounds in this prime career. Tyson was basically unstoppable no one could beat him. I also think Tyson deserves a lot more credit than he gets. Evander did beat tyson but it was when he was 30 and not as good and right when he came out of prison. Tyson did beat a washed up Larry Holmes but Larry Holmes honestly probably would've lost to Tyson in his prime anyways. I say the same thing for Michael Spinks neither of them had enough skill or power to defeat a prime Mike Tyson. I think if Tyson would have stayed on track and kept himself healthy then he wouldn't have lost to people like Buster Douglas and Evander Holyfield. I would say that Tyson had done some stupid things in his career like doing a lot of drugs and for sometimes being a poor sport such as when he bit off Holyfields ear. People can say that Tyson is not good all they want but you do not become a two heavy weight world ...more

Tyson cleaned out the heavyweight division during his time and gets credit for that, but a criteria for being one of the best of all-time is dealing with adversity in the ring which Mike fails miserably! I remember Larry Holmes getting knocked down and crawling to his corner only to rise up and knock out his opponent the next round! Ali did it too. But you can't say the same about Tyson. Name one fight where he was knocked down and then got up and won. Evander Holyfield, a lionhearted champion showed in two fights with Tyson that Mike had no heart. When Tyson tasted canvas he could not reach deep inside himself to get up and win. He does not belong among the greats such as ali, Marciano, Foreman, and Holyfield. - Terrax

unless you're a true boxing fan and even haters will tell you Tyson is hands down one of the best fighters if not the best fighter in his prime that has ever existed. his style was superior to everyone elses yes even holyfield lewis and ali. no one likes to admit that because of the way he was and because there arent many fans out there just losers that watch highlights and don't understand the sport. anyway he faded of course, its hard to keep up such a dynamic fight style when your greatest adversary catches up with you: time.

Deadly combination of speed and power to knock anyone out

Tyson lost because of himself. He got rid of his good trainers because people said you need to have black trainers instead of these crackers. Well it cost him and even though Tyson is my favorite athlete he deserved what happened to him. If he would have stuck with his original trainers then he should've been fine. Evander Holyfield wouldn't have a chance against Tyson at his good point or prime because holyfield in his prime was terrible. He was too straight forward and got hit too much. Don't believe me watch the Bert Clemmons and Riddick Bowe fight Evander isn't the technician you all think he is he may have beat Tyson but it was when Tyson was washed up there's no explanation besides he just wasn't the same fighter with his new coaches and after prison.

The story of this guy is amazing. How he became a boxer I don't know but he sure is gifted at the sport. He can dodge, weave, just everything. He is one the strongest punchers of all time with a great technique. He was unstoppable until he started to get a little out of shape and he went to jail. The only person I know that might be able to beat him is Muhammad Ali "maybe". Without Tyson in the sport boxing would not have been as entertaining; he made this sport matter he is truly one of the greatest if not the greatest!

Grew up loving this guy as I am 40 years old. Loved the bones of the man as was the consummate badass! For me, 2nd only to Ali but doesn't stand alone in 2nd place as all are 2nd to Ali! Don't believe the negative press, people. Great fighter in his prime and a good man. He beat the best of his era, no soup cans! Those who say otherwise are of mediocre intellect. He wasn't a manufactured fighter, he wasn't some boy band! He the was the grim reaper when at his best. Sheer power and ludicrous speed! Fought monsters twice his size and messed them up completely. Naysayers, behave yourselves!

I am probably bias on this one but even if you disagree with him being the best ever he's one of the best ever. He might not have been an model citizen but you take a kid off the street and let him fight for a living, sometimes your gonna get a guy who gets in trouble. Every combat sport has bad boys and Tyson was boxing's. He did great things at a young age so much power, ability and movement. Wish he fought Holyfield before jail - tacitus23

I've seen a lot of clips from my favourite boxers, whom many regard as the best: Marciano, Ali and Joe Louis. I enjoy watching them very much. But the one guy I really love to watch is Iron Mike Tyson. He's the best I've ever seen. Superbly powerful and accurate puncher like Louis and Marciano, and yet at the speed of Ali. He could really take a punch too, and didn't even stagger after getting hit against anyone until his 36th fight (I think it was, against Frank Bruno). Mike gets my vote!

Just look at your history of boxing. And who the fighters defeated they should be given more credit I think. Everybody argues Tyson is the best but was defeated by all the best fighters and only won fights against people never heard of that's not just an opinion you can look at his fights and see that I love boxing and it takes a brave, strong and skilled person to be great at boxing mike Tyson showed me when he wouldn't fight foreman and then bit holyfields ear off just to stop the fight that he's a good boxer but not professional boxer

A young prime Mike Tyson would have overwhelmed any fighter put in front of him period. Joe Frazier isn't even on this list and what a shame. Beating a in his prime Muhammad Ali and not even mentioned. Which is my point exactly here. Tyson would have beaten Frazier (the guy who beat a prime Ali) hands down. Rocky had hardest punch ever?!... Tyson would have beat him by knockout. We seem to forget how well Tyson moved his head bobbing and weaving right before he unleashed hell. You couldn't hit him and hurt him and by then you were getting your head knocked off. Mayweather?! Laughable! We are talking about fighters here. Hearns, Hagler, leanord, Duran, Chavez and we have Mayweather on here what a joke. At least respect Pac-Man for being on here... I pick Tyson because was the most powerful boxer of all time and the youngest to have unifiedall the belts. As far as that goes who in the hell can tell me anyone who even comes close to accomplishing what Robinson did?! No one... If anyone ...more

The most feared boxer... EVER! He was like a Great White Shark in the boxing ring, relentless, powerful and fast. Mike Tyson wasn't prepared for his fight against Douglas, and jail and well it all went downhill from there. But not Ali, not Sugar Ray, not Joe Louis... None of those guys could have beat Tyson in his prime. Most of Tyson's opponents didn't even last the first round! Tyson is confused, bipolar and generally ef'd up. But never discredit his skill when he was focused and hungry for more.

Tyson of the '80s was a nearly perfectly-skilled unstoppable Juggernaut. The Tyson of the 80's would've beat any fighter from any era at any point in my opinion. During those 4 years he was THE GoaT. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about. It'll be a long time before we see a fighter like prime Tyson again, if ever. He peaked early and burned out fast, but at his best (probably late '85 thru '88) he would've beaten anyone. He never should've fired Rooney, or gotten involved with King or Givens. Those were his downfalls.

Mike is definitely the best heavyweight fighter in his prime. no doubt about it. He might not have lasted as long as the others, that doesn't mean he cannot be in the top position. Just look at best ufc or boxing matches, it usually end in the first 1 to 2 minutes. That is what Mike Tyson does best. He doesn't skip around too much to waste time and energy. Aggression and speed is the name of his game.

I know it has to do with weight class but in his prime, Mike Tyson would smash anyone who you put in front of him. He would make a meal out of Pacman and Annihilate Ali. He has the hardest punch in boxing and was the king of quick knockouts, and not to mention, the dude didn't even lift weights. If you watch the film there is no way any fighter could take one of Mikes hooks to the face.

I see very little mention of Tyson's defensive ability. His legendary power and combinations are rightly lauded, and his ring intelligence is acknowledged. There has never been a man more destructive and terrifying in boxing history. At his peak he wasn't just unbeatable, there was no way to beat him at all. You couldn't lay a glove on him and you were punished for trying. Iron Mike, late 1980s, is the best anyone has ever been.

I gotta agree. And while I admittedly have said many times his defense was not a big part of his game, it's not because I don't respect it, it's that I just feel his relentless, stalking style will leave you open to a good counter-puncher. The problem for anyone who faced him when he was hungry, when he was focused, was that to exchange punches with this man was to instantly lose the fight. You are right many styles were tried to attack Iron Mike, but until he got sloppy, none were successful. His style didn't have to change or evolve, because it was indeed, perfect. Keep chasing your prey, invite exchanges, because you know you will win everyone of these. I am in awe of the young hungry Tyson. He is the most devastating fighter I have ever seen. - Ned964

In any weight class, I believe no one, I mean no one could have match him in power, speed, and have the ability to take what ever was thrown at him in his prime. I agree with the previous posts about his personal problems. If he had his head in the game, I believe he would have been an undefeated Champion.

Amen bro. It's as if haters are so focused on the Tyson who fell apart when he lost his drive, his hunger. I would advise such people to simply watch the tape. Name any fighter that took a Tyson blast to their ribs and continued fighting. The fight was over. Hands down, the most powerful puncher I have ever seen. - Ned964

I don't get it. Why do people think Tyson is so overrated? A lot of people say that Tyson was just a hard hitter, a sloppy fighter, he beat an old Holmes and Spinks, he's just a cheater, he isn't good he shouldn't have been a boxer. What the hell? People must really hate Tyson because to say he isn't a good boxer is just ridiculous. Tyson wasn't just a hard hitter, he had speed he knew how to Bob and weave and counter very well. So tell me how is Tyson not good?

People that say these things are obviously lost on the very essence of boxing, nobody gets rated on style points. In the end it's as simple this, hit the other guy so hard he is unable to continue with his plan. Nobody illustrated this simple truth better than Mike Tyson. - Ned964

He was hardest hitting boxer off all time, he had the speed and the power to knock out any boxer even Mohammed Ali would struggle against Tyson. I don't think mike Tyson had a good chin but he knocked fighters out very early in the fight, most exciting boxer I've seen fight, in my eyes he is the greatest iron mike number 1

Ali is 1, and Tyson is 2. Finally a list in the top tens that makes sense. A good argument could be made that many fighters outside the heavyweight division could be no.2, but in my mind, for heavyweights, it's Ali and Tyson at the top. Tyson clearly was not the most proficient technical boxer, many in the game would classify him as a "catcher", someone who eats a lot of leather. But the beauty of Tyson's fighting style was it's simplicity, a relentless style that scared many of his opponents by reputation. I've never seen a harder puncher, and likely never will. And he would finish opponets with either hand, it didn't matter. To the ribs, and to the coconut, fight over. Look at the terrified expressions in his opponents faces at some point during the fight, and you will see what I'm saying. I'm talking about the Tyson under the tutleledge of Cus D'Amato, for anyone who knows the difference. There are some videos available on YouTube of Tyson's KO's, it is amazing stuff. For any man ...more - Ned964

Iron mike tyson was unbreakable as his name starts with iron he had one of the hardest punches the boxing industry had eversaw he was mental in the head has he bit evander Holyfields ear twice one in prison and in the ring... Their was a chat show with mike tyson and Muhammad Ali at th same time and Muhammad said he was scared of tyson and why shouldn't he be tyson was the real deal and on th show Ali admitted tyson would beat him if they were in the same prime - Gerald2013

I am sorry, but Tyson was not much of boxer, more of a power puncher. He had no defensive game. Course ya don't need a defensive game if can knock your opponent out in seconds of the first round. Definitely one of the best if not the best power punchers! Horrible sportsmanship. Not a true boxer, just a slugger.