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Muhammad Ali (January 17th 1942 - June 3rd 2016) was an American former professional boxer . He was generally considered among the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport.


Greatest boxer of all time in my opinion is Sugar Ray Robinson. I didn't bother to read any other comments since I've been around boxing all my life and boxed as an amateur for many years before hanging up the gloves. Ali was a gifted boxer and one that we all had our issues with at one time or another. In my youth, I had a hard time warming up to the young Ali because he was all over the place however I was hoping he would pull off an upset with Liston. Needless to say, he shocked the world and continued to shock us throughout his career. As a young champion he was the epitome of boxing although he bent some of the science with his style of boxing yet his speed, reflexes, power, and instinctive boxing wherewithal enabled him to plow through the heavyweight division with ease. There were good fighters then and we all know how he handled them -- without so much as a blink. Coming back from the sanction he had lost that edge over the contenders in the division that made his work look ...more

"I'm so bad I make medicine sick" classic Ali...This one, for me, is easy. Ali was the greatest, and I think the compelling factors were his electric footwork for a man that size, and the hand speed. He changed his fighting style to adapt to the circumstances at hand. He entered professional boxing with the speed of a much lighter fighter, and his impeccable footwork and defense simply outclassed all the heavyweights of the mid sixties. He not only out skilled them, but clearly won many fights before they were even fought, the war of the mind. The competition got much tougher in the seventies, as I believe it to be the golden age of heavyweight boxing. The division was deep with terrific fighters, many of whom would dominate in any other era. Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, George Foreman, were the best of them. Ali lost fights, In some cases it's as simple as the opponent simply having a style that bested Ali. But therein lies the beauty of Ali, he could adjust his style, and fought ...more - Ned964

Manny Paqcuiao is a great boxer no doubt. But Pac fans tend to be a little irrational and don't seem to know much about boxing other than Manny Pacquiao. Ali is clearly the Greatest of all time. Pac fans don't know about boxing, nor do they know about Sugar Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong or Benny Leonard who did what Pacquiao did and better. Ali defeated Hall of Fame legends Sonny Liston, Big George Foreman, Ken Norton, Joe Frasier. Ali had all time classic, iconic battles and is in a class by himself---don't insult him by ranking Pacquiao over him ever. That's just ridiculous. Paqcuiao is great but realistically---please, he is not the greatest of all time---he's lucky if he makes the top 20.

What the hell? Have you SEEN the movie ali? Do you KNOW the impact he put in the boxing world? He was the best, and funny too. That's why I almost had a fatal heart attack when I saw MANNY PACQUIAO first with 41% OF THE ' VOTE! Shut up noobs who voted for manny, you know NOTHING about boxing! Oh, Pacquioa's the best in the world now! Seeming as he is the only boxer I know of, I'll vote for him! Woah, what are you, 9-YEAR-OLD- H8ERS?! Shove off and find a purpose in life, you crying noobs. Yeah, I went there. - Mushroom99

Largely considered the greatest Heavy weight of all time rivaling Joe Louis. In his prime he had one of the greatest chins, hand speed, heart and leg speed for any heavyweight in history. Boxing technique incorporated on the greatest jabs in history. Could use his weight well in close quarters and his jab-right hand combination dominated the sport for decades. Beat 6 Hall of Famers including 3 Great Heavyweight champions at the peak of their careers; Foreman, Liston and Frazier. Even in decline, beat contenders and world champions with heart, strong chin and intelligence. First three time Heavy weight champion following a Olympic Light Heavyweight Gold Medal. Dominated the greatest era in Heavyweight history.

I couldn't agree more. There's no boxer I'd rather watch in my lifetime. It's a shame so many of the younger comments here have never seen this great champion. He reinvented what it meant to be a heavyweight, and was simply the greatest of all time. - Ned964

He had the best competition of all time and beat most of those guys AFTER his 3 1/2 year layoff... Proved he was a true BOXER and not just a dancer in his fights with Foreman, Frazier, Chuvalo, etc... Could beat all-comers of ANY style... He was even faster than Ray Robinson, A MIDDLEWEIGHT!

Never even got to see him fight him in his prime because of our then-perverted and bigoted government... After he beat Bob Foster, Bob's comment was, "Man, it's a crime for a man who is THAT big and strong to be THAT fast! "

This is the Only Man who could beat you before he ever entered the Ring. If you wanted to slug it out he would make sure you had no one to hit and if you wanted to box he would out think you and you would still loose. He said it all when he said I am the Man who handcuffed lightning and threw thunder in Jail. Not to mention he was a Civil rights activist and a humanitarian and those are titles that most of the other boxers will never be able to claim. My favorite story is the one about one of his Daughters. It was said that she was being teased in School when she told the other Kids that her Dad was the Champ. So he made it a point to fly back home and not only walk her to School, but he also sat in class with her for that whole week. He is loved on all 7 Continents and by people of all Races and that is another title that Boxers will never be able to say about themselves. So when you see the Letters or word "Goat" you will know we are talking about the G.O.A.T. Greatest Of All TiMes

Unmatched skills, fastest hands ever, limitless heart, always smarter than his opponent! Truly the greatest, pound-for-pound or any other basis for argument you want to give! As an aside, everyone else's trash talk is just trash talk, Ali's is poetry... What better description of the sport of boxing is there than "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! " Also, Sugar Ray Robinson should be number 2, and Roberto Duran is way too low on this list!

There are only a few Icons for the total boxer. A sportsman and spokesmen; along with the transference of social woes into boxing victories for others. A stage for a sport used as a tool to transcend all who only thought of boxing as nothing more than a structured pugilistic display of brute strength. The GOAT must be that and he must carry the world to the platform of boxing and boxing to the world. The ingredients demand Muhammad Ali and his side kick Howard Cossell.

I will vote here every time from here on out. Just reading all the homages to this great man is enough to bring me back to my youth and watching Ali work his magic. There is literally nothing I can add that I haven't added before, or that I haven't read by others here today. The Ali portion of this list grows daily, I hope the homages keep pouring in until we he is so far in front the Top Tens will need to split this into two lists, one for Ali, and one for everyone else. - Ned964

He is the best, it's wrong that his place is 2. His place is number 1 because his reputation, flame, style is around the world. He is the greatest number 1 for all time. I bereave that also that there are many good boxer in the history book but I want to say, he is icon person, most of the country know that American is best for boxing that's way there was found Muhammad Ali. For his iconic fighting style proved about that...

Muhammad is easily the greatest of all time. Manny Pacquiao is an awesome legend, but realistically he shouldn't be on a top ten list. That's not hate, that's just the truth. He doesn't compare to Ali's greatness and one of a kind stand out dominance in the hardest heavyweight division in boxing history. He bested Joe Frasier, Big George Foreman, Sonny Listen, Ken Norton and so on. No Comparison.

Top 3 Heavyweights? I would agree. However, anyone who would rank Ali "THE number 1" all-time pound-for-pound clearly knows very, VERY little about boxing. That's no disrespect to his naturally talented ability, it's just cold hard fact. All too often people get wrapped up in personalities that they become blind to reality. Take away the awesomely hilarious trash talking and winning personality, and you have a naturally gifted boxer, and a worthy world champion; but certainly not 'The World's Greatest'. Definitely somewhere in the top 5 but not number 1, sorry.

To say that Ali wasn't the best there ever was, or will be, makes fools out of men. On top of his exploits in the ring, he also battered the US government (who eventually got their pound of flesh, taking his best years from him and forcing him to fight all of Don Kings young thugs when he should have been retired and kicking back with his family). Says very little now but said enough when most said nothing. My hero...always. As great as he was and is, can you imagine how great he would have been?

How can Manny pacquiao be above Ali, Manny shouldn't even be in the top 10, he is only top because he is the most famous boxer in recent years. Ali is a class above any other boxer, especially when he was in his prime! I'd also like to say why is Mike tyson above the likes of Sugar ray robinson, Joe frazier, Lennox Lewis and George foreman

A fighter with a diamond jaw, has never been knocked out, Very fast and more faster then most welter weights, Very very smart fighter, a lot of stamina, And was faster then manny and mayweather, His punching power was quite brutal as well.

Putting ali in the ring with mayweather would be like putting a killer whale in the same tank as a tiger shark,
Of course ali being the killer whale and mayweather being the tiger shark lol

I Honestly Thought this would be 1st, Muhammad ali was a legend, really fast jabs powerful hooks etc, he even became a good Muslim, people still love him, will smith even might convert because will smith likes him so much, Muhammad ali could beat manny in his prime, admit it...

The three and one half years he did not box is boxings greatest loss. The dominance of those lost years is unimaginable. The butterfly growing to incredible proportions. The bee strengthening to unsurpassable laser efficiency. A boxer of proven one in a million reflexes devastating the heavyweight division.

Boxing wouldn't exist as the sport that it is today without Muhammad Ali's legendary contribution to the sport. I've watched countless Ali fights that have been replayed over the years. I have only seen one of Manny's fights and I had to pay a hefty pay per view fee to see it. Ali is the greatest.

It is honestly a disgrace that Muhammad Ali is not first on this list. Not only did he dominate inside the ring, but he also was great at psyching out his opponents outside of the ring, too. Please vote for Ali and fix this completely wrong list.

Come on, Many over Ali? I love Manny but he is no where near Ali.

Ali had power, strength, speed, the mouth.

He changed a generation, influenced society and culture possibly more than any other sports man in modern history.

Long live the greatest

Muhammad your beast knows how to start a fight and know how to end one to him and mike tyson in a fight Tyson would get his ass kicked so bad he will not get out of bed for days Ali is known for his skill ducking and hard punches I feel so bad that he died this year that was tragic he is better then phenomenal

How is manny pacquiao better than the greatest?! Float like a butterfly sting like a bee your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see! The thing that sucks is that he was banned and in jail when he was in his prime. Can take a punch better than anyone. 82" reach.

Ali is the INNOVATOR inside the ring! The unique quality of Ali was that he used to take time in the boxing ring to make his strategy for each match. On the other hand, many great boxers including Foreman and Tyson failed when their homework did not work.

Greatest of all time. Granite chin, unheard of footwork for a heavyweight, speed that had never been seen out of a man his size, elusive as a heavyweight simply shouldn't be. Fought every great fighter in the greatest generation of heavyweights. He was the greatest of all time.