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21 Jack Dempsey

The name to be remembered, the hard hitting boxer and savage of the ring, I like his style, the way he moved and punished his opponents.

He should be in the top ten. I heard his name all the time when I was a little boy, and he had not played in 45 years!

Very strong man with his special move called dempsey roll

No one had a tougher punch than jack dempsey

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22 Sonny Liston

Sonny Charles Liston's reputation was trashed by the sporting journalists of the day. Everyone talks about Muhammad Ali beating him, but Liston was an old man when he lost and, let's be fair, every great fighter looses in the end (Muhammad Ali included). The quality of the opponents that Liston defeated (annihilated) was far higher than other heavyweight fighters in the top 10.

Undefeated for 7 years most feared boxer of his time Muhammad ali said he was scared to death people said they saw peoples legs shake when they got in the ring George foreman was scared to talk to liston

Most feared boxer of his time, was undefeated for 7 years, destroyed the legendary floyd patterson 2 times! In under 1 round and many others of his time, only the legendary muhamad ali defeated him in his prime and that was in very shady circumstances. Should be at least in the top 10 in my opinion

Impresionante pegador. Para mi el mejor de todos los tiempos. Su primera derrota tenia la mandíbula rota y aún asi perdió por decisión muy controvertida de los jueces. La última derrota era ya muy viejo y perdió contra un sparring que lo conocía muy bien. Y las de Ali, ahí están los vídeos... que cada cual piense lo que quiera.

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23 Roberto Manos de Piedra Duran

Just The Greatest. He was far better than Ray Leonard, who admitted he was the hardest puncher he ever faced and that he was also the hardest boxer to hit cleanly. In fact Leonard said you couldn't hit him with a handful of rice. I don't think Roberto gets the credit he deserves as possibly second only to Sugar Ray Robinson in the all time greats list. And I mean no disrespect to any other boxer. They are all heroes for stepping into the ring. No matter where we place them in lists, all are great in their own unique way. Thank you for allowing me to comment. Harry.

Why is number 1 at no 28? A natural lightweight who won titles in 4 divisions and dominated the best over four decades. He is incomparable! Was at his best in the early 70's when he was angry and hungry - he later fought out of shape and with little passion but still won! I saw him fight in the early 1970's and after winning he went after the opponents corner men! Scary!

I remembered in more than one ocassion,when Duran fought in Panama city,we would be in line cause we arrived a few minutes late
to the ficht ,all of a sudden ,we would se everyone was coming out the other door,we tought it was a fire or something,when we asked ,the reply was Duran knocked him out in less than 1 min.,this man was without a doubt,the greatest latin american fighter of ALL times!!!!

The real goat.

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24 Wladimir Klitschko

All sports get better and better performances by time. Mark Spitz 2:00 200 fly - Michael Phelps 1:52. Carl Lewis 9:84 - Usain Bolt 9:58. Wlad is now. 1) Untouched in ten years. 2) Facing better opponent records than anyone. 3) Facing boxers from every nation on the planet as Ali, Foreman and Tyson didn't.

The greatest boxer of all time, no doubt. So many people hating because he's unbeatable.

Bosslike performer. He simply a boss. He was a beast is a beast and will forever be a beast. Do you really need more? He is nearly unbeaten


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25 Sam Langford

The greatest uncrowned boxe of all time. In 1915 Sam Langford went against the greatest boxer at that time Jack Johnson Johnson won but Langford put a cut the size of a hotdog on Johnsons left cheek

Sam Langford "The Boston Bonecrusher" was an unusual yet incredible combination of James Toney and Mike Tyson. Standing at 5 7 he competed in light heavyweight and heavyweight bouts (despite his short stature) this man took on Joe Johnson and a lot of great fighters of his era. People can argue that he lost against Joe Johnson but it was a decision (they fought for the coloured heavyweight championship) and when Johnson became the official world champ, he never accepted any offers from Langford's camp for the rematch citing that he would make less money from fighting black fighters. Ironically when he did accept an offer from a black boxer, it wasn't Langford. Racism was casual in these days and hence Sam and other talented black boxers never got the recognition that they deserved. He had a reputable record of 180W 29L 39D. He only ever really lost to Harry Wills(a ferocious fighter who was scheduled to fight Dempsey for the title, but as expected the fight never happened; which is ...more

26 Oscar De La Hoya Oscar De La Hoya Oscar De La Hoya is a former professional boxer who competed from 1992 to 2008. He holds dual American and Mexican citizenship.

A great boxer, and he is definitely better than Leonard and Maywheather!

Great boxer, made more money than any other non heavyweight. Lost a lot of his big fights, out of his prime. Yet he never ducked anybody he went after everyone maybe not the best ever, has my vote for most entertaining. Boxing will miss him

Hell yea he got it on everybody loved the Golden Boy he put on a show and that Left hook he had was so sweet especially when he dropped Vargas in the 11 round in 2002 Classic - mountainhawk

One of the most handsome boxers ever! He'll stay golden in my eyes! Oscar was a true boxer. Lacked power, but boxed smart and methodical. Damn he was cute.

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27 Jimmy Wilde

This man had a 104 fight winning streak and finished his career with a record of 132-4-1 and retired as the best flyweight of all time he needs to be in the top 10 at least - donovanthorn

Do your research. No doubt.

Best pound for pound boxer

Unbelievable record.

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28 Naseem Hamed

Best boxer out of the UK. He has influenced many boxers around the world

At his peak brought attention to the lighter weights helping boxing as a whole not just the heavyweights were exciting

What a show he gave! A true artist!

Definitely not 30

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29 Arturo Gatti

I'll give Arturo Gatti the hugest heart award! He just wouldn't quit. He had more heart than skill, but I loved to watch him box because of it.

Gatti fought Ward with and broken hand AND a shattered ear drum. Argue that. Gatti was the BEST!

Top Ten, you gotta be freaking kidding me, Mickey Ward lost to Gatti, and Gatti had a broken hand!

Best heart ever

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30 Roberto Duran

Held the lightweight title forever chased Ray leonard (moved up to welterwight) in the first fight he showed it was man against boy. Was forced to take a rematch in one of the shortest time spans (allegedly after Leonard scouts reported he was partying and had balloned to over 200lbs and had about 45 days of training. Demanded money for second fight be deposited before the fight ( no mas fight was result of horrible conditioning. Don King cut him loose after loss to nobody Kirkland Lang later went on to win more titles I consider that a victory over one of the most corrupt promoters in boxing history. How many times has that been done? Laugh out loud His win loss record amazing. A brutal inside fighter and counter puncher.

The greatest infighter of all time. He ruled the lightweight division. His murderous punching power and defensive skills allowed him to move into heavier weight divisions successfully, as he won the welterweight, junior middleweight and middleweight crowns.

Destroyed the lightweight division, first man to defeat Sugar Ray Leonard to win the welterweight world title and later on became the world champion at junior Middleweight and middleweight.

Awesome fighter watched him for years

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31 Wilfredo Gomez

Gómez was fearless the best súper Bamtweight ever in my opinión he's one of the top 50 Récord speaks for itself 17- title defense all by knock-out it's a récord till this day

32 Archie Moore

ZOne of the greatest fighters that ever lived, loved his boxing style, unique, also a great human being

Canny fighter indeed. Well done, Archie!

Simply the best, number one, the tops.

33 Thomas Hearns

WHAT THE HELL? He's record is unbelievable he has 4 titles he knocked out almost everyone he fought he is the freak of boxing the man with the hitman style he should be on the top 20

Devastating power and speed! Broke his hand in the second round versus Hagler. Otherwise, the outcome might have been different. Easily won the second fight against Leonard,. Judges called the second fight a draw. That was pure robbery!

He's my favorite boxer ever! Knocked everybody out!

Huge, huge puncher!

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34 Amir Khan

NOT THE GREATEST. But Olympic champ at 17, world champ at 22. Put 100% of his heart into every fight. Involved in wars like Miadana and classed the classiest like Judah and Paulie. Even after the brutal hook from Garcia that 99 percent would not recover from he got up, fought and ended the fight on this feet. Could have become one of the best had it not been for some weaknesses in his defense.

Amir khan is great fighter very brave and his hands speed is so fast

Amir Khan has all the skill which Manny Pac man has and Amir Khan is a pacman fan too one day Khan will also become great like pacman

Come on he has a weak chin enough said that will get you no where - mountainhawk

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35 John Duddy

He should number one he knocked out mayweather in two hits

36 James J. Jeffries
37 Jake LaMotta

Jake lamotta was never knocked down and beat the best ever fighter that lived ( sugar ray robinson) and should be ranked in the top ten

Jake Lamotta could take a punch like no other, he should be in the top ten at least!

Lamotta is the only fighter on this list besides Tyson I wouldn't want to meet on the street.

RIP he just died. Box in heaven

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38 Juan Manuel Marquez

The guy is a true warrior

Extremely underrated, could dance with the best and still win, also never ko'd never ducked a fight and when he thought of retiring he went and fought manny one last time and won

December 8th 2012. See what he did to Manny Pacquiao. No one has ever done what Marquez did. Also, to this date (December 2012), NOBODY HAS EVER knocked him out; all his losses (except the Mayweather fight, where he had to go up two weight divisions in a couple or months amd wasn't ready) are questionable decisions. Marquez is definitely the most underrated fighter ever!

39 Benny Leonard
40 Ken Norton

Underrated for his knockout losses to 3 of the hardest hitters of all time, 2 of which while past his prime, people forget that Norton, in turn, beat multiple fighters who defeated each of them (save technically for Gerry Cooney, who got Norton in the latter's last fight and doesn't deserve to factor in, for many reasons on top of that). It might still be fair to say he had a stylistic weakness there, but no more than Joe Frazier, who had the same results in his trilogy with Ali but consistently ranks much higher for it.

What also doesn't help is that several of Norton's ranked contender opponents, in what should have been chances to demonstrate his greatness, turned out to be overrated and lucky that they even got to fight him. But contrary to what his more desperate detractors say, his win over Ali was NOT due to Ali having a magic style that made great fighters look bad but a kryptonite-like weakness if you simply held your arms like a crab. Again, to be fair, his style ...more

To me he is one if the greatest stars in boxing eitj his stylistic boxing stance

Broke muhammad alis jaw

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