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81 Harry Greb

If his current spot makes it look like he was just an above average boxer with a small fan following, read up. Harry Greb is considered possibly the greatest middleweight of all time, maybe even over Sugar Ray Robinson. He once won 45 fights in a row, enough for an entire career, in one year alone. (That's almost 1 fight per week.) He was also the light heavyweight champ, took out enough top contenders to be one of the best heavyweights in the world, and was the ONLY fighter to beat Gene Tunney, who would go on to beat the one and only Jack Dempsey twice.

So yes, Greb's placement here is 100% a popularity thing, not helped by the fact that no footage of his fights is known to exist. (The fact that he beat, sometimes crushed, fighters who showed legendary skill on tape has boxing fans watering at the mouth to see even one recording.) To hardcore boxing aficionados, he is one of four boxers standing in a league apart from everyone, pound for pound, the other three being Sugar Ray ...more

Pound for pound, the "Pittsburgh Windmill" should be under the top 10. Who the hell made up this list?

Harry greb should be in the top 10


82 Shane Cameron

One of NZ's top heavyweight fighters next to David Tua

83 Andre Bishop

Greatest fictional fighter of all time! So full of controversy and was undefeated!

84 Dicky Eklund
85 TeĆ³filo Stevenson

The greatest Olympian boxer, everybody knew he was the greatest, even Ali avoid to fight him

86 Riddick Bowe

If Riddick was not lazy,Bowe can hold the title along time,Bowe can hit hard. A good Champ.

87 James Braddock

Should be higher on list. He is a person who overcame the great depression against all odds.

If Max Baer is higher on the list then How is Braddock so low if he beat him, also Braddock should be right after Joe Louis in my opinion due to the fact that he did knock him down.

Probably one of the best stories I have ever heard from someone who would not give up, you don't see a comback like this from an average boxer, he was one of THE BEST

Cinderella man is one of the best if not the best. he had a lot to overcome

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88 James Toney

Lights out is a freak of nature man his slick defense rolling his shoulders wonder why he had over 70 wins never been Knocked out - mountainhawk

Hard as nails and a true profesional has to be
Ranked in the top 5 boxers of all time at any weight

89 Erik Morales

No not bobby but manny, but erik I love him fighting even when he lost to manny, he is one of a few elite boxer who has been entertaining us well on the ring.

What are you saying, bobby pacquio is much better than eric morales,?

90 Hasim Rahman

He knocked out a prime Lennox Lewis in one of the great upset victories of all time. He fought Evander Holyfield, and was putting up a good fight until Holyfield used his famous headbutt and the ref stopped the fight because of major swelling on Rahman's head. Before the stoppage, despite the swelling, Rahman continued to fight Holyfield bravely.

He put in work a straight brawler I would hat to fight him he got a draw against James Toney enough said - mountainhawk

He was a similar fighter to Buster Douglas, so I always thought maybe Rahman could take on Tyson.

Why is one of the greatest knockout artists so low on the list?

Top contender, and two time champ.

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91 Frank Bruno V 1 Comment
92 Hector "Macho" Camacho
93 Alexander Povetkin

The best, but not American, so he wont be ever recognized as a good one for that reason.

He defeated Deontae wilder and he was the machine who knocked out mike tyson easily

94 Jeff Fenech

Great fighter

95 Michael Spinks

Greatest Light Heavyweight of all-time, who also was the best Heavyweight in the world for a spell.

The greatest light heavyweight of all time,have boxing skill,simply the best.

96 Andrew Hartley

A legend in the boxing world and also p4p fighter he will be in the hall fame 24 pro fights and he still making noise in the boxing world

97 Julian Jackson V 2 Comments
98 George Chuvalo

A Canadian boxer who wasn't flashy or abrasive and therefore not a marketing dream but a fighter who could neutralize the best boxers with his style. Promoters quickly learned to avoid matching their prospects with him. In a street fight George could take out any boxer of his day. Despite a tragic life he has remained emotionally strong, thoughtful and humble. He should always be ranked with the best athletes. A great Canadian!

Canadian heavyweight who fought during the prime of Ali, Frazier etc. No one could hurt him nor willing to give rematch. Remains to this day, cognitively unaffected by boxing. One of the toughest and most under-rated fighters ever!

Truth... no one who ever stepped into a ring with George Chuvalo ever wanted to face him again... in another ring... he was that tough.


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99 Francis Cheka

This is person who dominate east africa in all era now he is

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100 Carlos Monzon

Lack of memory combined with ignorance is not enabling him to be top 20.

He retired as an unbeaten champion

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