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101 Carlos Monzon

Lack of memory combined with ignorance is not enabling him to be top 20.

He retired as an unbeaten champion

102 Andre Berto

Didn't create the shoulder roll, but he perfected it.

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103 Hector "Macho" Camacho
104 Alexander Povetkin

The best, but not American, so he wont be ever recognized as a good one for that reason.

He defeated Deontae wilder and he was the machine who knocked out mike tyson easily

105 Jeff Fenech

Great fighter

106 Sandy Saddler V 1 Comment
107 Sergio Martínez

Crazy Skills! He is a different boxer! His moves are so quick.

One of the best fighters of the world, he teached Julio César Chavez Jr. To behave recently!

108 Mike McCallum
109 Julian Jackson V 2 Comments
110 Montell Griffin

If it wasn't for Roy Jones, Montell Griffin would be a LEGEND. People always love to forget his first fight with Jones. Griffin had Jones on his heels for most of that fight, and Roy was IN HIS PRIME. Griffin had a superior jab than Jones. He never gets enough credit.

111 Dewey Bozella

He may have only had 1 professional fight against a nobody named Larry Hopkins, but that was when he was 52. While he was wrongfully in prison, he was the undefeated champion in jailhouse boxing at Sing Sing. He has a very inspiring story that has touched all of our hearts.

112 Craig McEwan

Up and comeing star

113 Reynaldo Bautista

Plain amazing just plain amazing

114 Gegea Andrei
115 Carl Froch

Pleas move him up One of the best UK fighters ever best comeback knockout ever over Bad Intentions - mountainhawk

Absolute warrior thought the best consecutively, will go down as one of the besr British fighters

116 Mate Parlov
117 Sonny-Bill Williams

Maybe best in New Zealand

118 Kaosai Galaxy
119 Miguel Ecko Cotto

I would consider Miguel cotto an undefeated boxer because margarito cheated,Pacquiao was on steroids,against mayweather and trout he wasn't trained very well and fading away and now he's coming back

120 Timothy Bradley

Undefeated Boxer. Beat Pacquiao. Beat Marquez. Mayweather is next

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