Sugar Ray Robinson


Sugar Ray Robinson...173 wins (ko'd 108)-19 losses-6 draws. Born in 1921, debuted in 1940 at 135lbs, won the 147lb title in 1946, won the 160 lb title in 1950, challenged for the 175lb in 1952 but passed out in the 14th round due to heat exhaustion while leading 10 rounds to 3 on the judges score card. He retired until 1955 & he came back won the 160lb title again. He won the 160 lb title 3-4 more times and retired in 1965. Could knock you out with either hand, was lightning fast & had a good chin. THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

What kind of list is this? One big joke. Robinson was the greatest followed by Ali, and Armstrong. AS for Pac man and Floyd? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Could you imaging what Tommy Hearns or Ray leonard would do to these two? They would not make the final bell against either. This list must have been put together by an 18 yr old kid. Tyson at number 3? He is not even the 3rd best heavy and Roy Jones, lennox lewis and Rocky, come on, get real.

Just the absolute greatest. He was ahead of his time. Had great technique, offensively and defensively. He had so much power, knocked out most of his opponents in his career. Was a complete fighter. Ali is second goat. Sugar Ray was a savage and deserves the crown as GOAT!

Sugar Ray - easily the greatest pound-for-pound fighter who ever lived and one of the best athletes who graced this fine earth. Before his first retirement, the man was 121-3-1-1 in 11 years across 2 weight divisions. Beautifully smooth, destructively powerful, versatile, creative, instinctual. The greatest.

This guy was simply the best. There is nothing to argue about, he fought so many fights with great champions of his time and still managed to be the best. The fact that Ali accepted that Sugar Ray Robinson was the best summarizes it all. For me he is the greatest of all time.

...the fact that Ray Robinson is ranked below Pacquiao and Tyson shows that this site is a popularity contest and shouldn't be taken seriously. It's sad that sites like these shape opinions for people. Do your own research. I'm not saying Robinson is the undisputed GOAT, but he is in the debate. Harry Greb is in the debate. So is Sam Langford. You can make an argument for Ali, but the only reason people are voting for Tyson and Pacquiao is because they are exciting to watch. If you base your opinion of a boxer on his knockouts then you shouldn't be voting on a list for who the greatest is.

Manny isn't even top 20. Not only are there 17 divisions but also multiple sanctioning bodies: WBA WBC WBO IBF IBA, Etc... Multiply those by 17 and EVERYONE is a multi division champ these days. Manny fights previously defeated fighters at catchweights for vacant titles.

Ran his record up to 123 wins with 1l and 1draw. The one loss coming to a man whom by today's standards would be three weight classes above him. The only fighter that had absolutely every tool and every punch from every possible angle or scenario. Ali didn't have the dynamite power Robinson had. Pacquiao has virtually no defensive skills. Mayweather doesn't have the power, aggressiveness or the jab to make robinson respect him. Defense and counter punching will only get u so far in a 15 round fight with a prime welterweight Ray Robinson throwing combos frome every angle.

This list is just horrendous, sugar ray no.4? Below Manny and tyson? Sugar ray has and probably always will be the GOAT I mean ali even said it. He beat lamotta 5 times and beat Armstrong who both Crack this list very often that right there says enough.

Ray Robinson had the best overall skill set of anyone who has boxed professionally so far. One boxer who is almost always ignored by these lists and should not be, however, is Bob Fitzsimmons. He fought in the bare knuckles era and held the heavyweight championship when he was actually what would be classified as a super-middleweight today. He weighed 164 lbs when he won the heavyweight championship of the world!

I have been around boxing for almost 50 years and without a doubt, Robinson is THE greatest fighter ever, hands down. 15 of his 19 losses came after he was 40 years old. He would have destroyed the fighters of today, all of them.

I believed that sugar ray robinson deserves to be number 1 on this list. I am a filipino myself and I am a manny pacquaio fan, but after watching several fights of ray robinson... He is so good...

Too many people are influenced by the talk of boxers like Tyson and Mayweather that they fail to recognize pure talent like Sugar Ray, who is arguably the most successful boxer of all time.

Pound for pound the best he kept moving up the weights because no one at his natural weight could beat him. In his first 130 fights he lost once: and that was to the great Jane lamotta!

Why is Mike Tyson ahead of sugar Ray Robinson, Tyson is just a bully that couldn't hold up against a real boxer which is why he had to resort to biting Evander Holyfield.

Sugar Ray Robinson was a type of boxer who is so magnificent in every miniscule detail that he is an outstanding and limitless legend, hero, boxer, old school truth Hiphoppa, and person. Sugar Ray Robinson

Incredible footwork, he could dance, brawl, box, he was too fast, he could take punches, box fiften rounds, and in his later years all of this against fighters half his age. If you vote for anyone else as number 1, I'm sorry... Go back and watch the videos, because you really don't know what you're talking about.

Sugar ray should be number one, Ali only fought one weight class. Robinson won in 4 or 5 weight classes. And at one point had like 90 fights and no losses.

Without a doubt the best ever is ray robinson. then muhammad or henry armstrong. this list is way off - how can you rank Manny P. over mayweather?

This was one of the greatest pound for pound boxers of all time. He knew how to fight in many styles. Ali, louis, and Duran even said he was one of the greatest of all time.

This list is a joke, retards are allowed to vote. Manny Pacquiao as the #1 boxer of all time? Are you guys out of your mind?

No doubt about it best pound for pound boxer of all time. Muhammad Ali is up there, but Ray was better in his own respective weight class.

the original greatest the man ali is based on had to survive in a time when boxing was both racist and controlled by the maifia

Manny number one? People here have no clue about boxing, robinson is known by boxers to be the best ever.

I am always surprised as to how little is known or shared about Sugar Ray Robinson. He is the Greatest of all time... just ask Ali.