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1 SM*SH - Indonesia

Smash it to appreciate music boyband Indonesia, appreciate his senior boyband
Indonesia's first boyband

always and always,
SM*SH be my motivation..
SM*SH so famous in indonesia
SM*SH is a first boyband Indonesia after longtime Indonesia has no boyband..

SM*SHBLAST always support you SM*SH
WE LOVE YOU :) until when ever

SMASHBLAST Support SMASH until die! The Only one boyband that Fantastic, Charismatic, Charming, Glowing, Specta and Amazing! We heart you!

Sm*sh! You're the best boyband in Indonesia.. And maybe, in the future you're the king boyband in Asia

2 Super Junior - Korea Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

I love super Junior, they always make something new and fresh.

To describe super junior is not that easy... Just by looking at them you Feel their warmth and love for their work and fans. Members are a true example of hardwork and passion. They have been through a lot... All of them. It makes my heart skip a beat when I see all different personalities together on that one big stage as being One... There selflessness, love for fellow members and their brotherhood, I just hope it will still be there when they are old.. And look back on their journey which is so full of experience only these adorkably super amazing boys had!... Try as I may the love for Super junior is not easily explicable... No words are enough... There music makes me move, their dance makes me groove and their personalities make me fall for them each and every time. It doesn't matter what this list or thousands of others have on them, for me super junior is the best... Not only in Asia but in the world... I just can't wait to see them altogether after their military terms ...more

As what they say on their song, they're the LAST MAN STANDING!
These boys never fail to show love and concern to all their fans. They never forget to reciprocate the love they are receiving everywhere. And that's why they are worth loving.

There are the best! I love them forever! They are hardworking, they appreciate the fans, they love their job, they try their best, they always smile, they never let us down. They are the best. And I will never regret loving them and I don't know if I can love them any better

3 Arashi - Japan

Arashi is my first love and best boyband in japan
They are so cool, funny, multitalented :D
They are so awesome for me

100% original, not plastic... Always use their talent not only the appearance, but also their brain... Love you all

arashi all the way, all my breath, all my life, everything about them is just amazing, if you're smart, then arashi must be your choices

Arashi is the kind of group that are genuine friends for life, unlike other groups that only show their "camaraderie" during a show. They are all natural, have a great chemistry, and is a true multi-faceted group. Each member has loads of talents and distinct characteristics that when combined, truly make a UNIQUE group. There is Nino who is a Hollywood actor who can compose music, write songs, a certified gamer and musician who has already won a rare acting award in Japan. Sho is the university-graduate idol, the rapper of the group, who is also a reputable news caster in their country. Ohno is the Leader, the smooth dancer and singer, who is an artist and already had his exhibit of his masterpieces. Jun, on the other hand, is the heartthrob of the group who is into producing concerts and made the moving stage concept of their talent agency, Johnnys. Meanwhile, Aiba is known to have his amazing love for animals, and already went all over the world for a show about them. Put them all ...more

4 Kat - Tun - Japan

they're good... even if they lost one of their member for solo... but they still a lot more to go... ganbatte... KATTUN...! May it always sunny in your times...

KAT-TUN are not just your normal pop-band idols. They are artists. They put forth quality in their performances and work. They are not your usual pop music boyband. They gyrate to rock rhythms and their signature risque-ness. They don't put on the fake mask of "clean-image" idols. They are outright frank and blatant and in that sense, they are dorky, derpy and hilarious that way. They are not exactly the role-model for "member-ai" aka bromance. They practice tough love and troll on one another but when the situation calls for it, they exude such a love force and support you will never question their bond. Aside from all their hotness and pretty face, these boys gots swag of a talent. You have members that nails the vocal range from low to high and on top of that, a dope-with-the-rhyme of a rapper and dope-with-the-sick-beats of a beatboxer. They may not dance in sync, but that's their style - their individualistic character pushes through making each of them stands ...more

kattun is the best boyband in d world, theres no doubt to pick them. I feel so honor to be their fans :)

hope they can be number one for this vote

so hypens lets vote for kattun

I know so many boyband, but this is the first time for me to be so into a boyband. Cause I'm telling you, They're a true challenger. Even after one of the member left, I've been realized that they've been trying so many genre, and they didn't even feel afraid of losing fans for that. I salute them for that.

And not to say their relationship between members. They might not be the best boyband with the best member-ai. But I love their member-ai the most. It feels so pure and honest. What they do, it's what they show to us, the fans.

Their dedication to fans, their professionalism. At Taiwan concert, one of the member was hurt (he got accident when jump down from the 3.5m stage). He has to go to the hospital immediately, yet the nest day concert, he's been joining the others to do the concert, because he didn't want to make their overseas fans disappointed.

They give their all. This KAT-TUN is KAT-TUN I love the most. They're trying their best to do any group ...more

5 Big Bang - Korea

Talented as musician. All of them. Fashion icon. Brand new music with great concept. Charismatic, and really hard worker.

Big Bang is my most favorite group. Having Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri with good vocals, and T.O.P. And GDragon as the rappers, it made BIG BANG THE BEST! ~

The best Korean Pop Group for me would be Big Bang... No doubt. ^o^m/

Each of them have their own styles. You can distinguish which is which...

The most talented group for me. Just my opinion. ^you^V

Big Bang have the talent to change their style without being bad. They can sing and dance very well. Moreover, they are charismatic and can reach a large public, not only girls

6 Shinee - Korea Shinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.

There's no doubt about it! These boys has proven their talents and skills 3 years ago..

They know how to capture everyone's attention. From amazing dancing skills to power voices. They are all so adorably funny and cute.
We're living in a SHINee world~ Shawol forever

It's been already 3 years and they never let us down. They always know how to SHINe[e] and they really have a good relationship between them. The smiles and the trust they have between them, really makes you want to forgive and make peace with your enemies...

I love SHINee! So, that is why I just hope they can sing live on television to show everyone what great singers they really are. Because I'm 11 years old right know and I haven't ever seen them ever cause I live in America and missed their concert last year in 2011. I just hope that they can sing just one last time at the London Olympics to show their gifted talent and share their AMAZING gifts that they have!

7 TVXQ - Korea

Please go check Wikipedia, and you will know that Hallyu Artist is TVXQ! They bring us to their amazing songs! Work at South Korea and Japan. Well-known in Japan. Their talent is just perfect! Junsu with his PERFECT voice, Jaejoong with his handsome-look, and of course, his EXCELLENT voice. Yoochun who talented to be a singer, composer, and actor. Yunho with his AMAZING dance skill, and also Changmin with his GREAT voice. All of them can sing RnB, Pop, Rock, Acappela (you should hear them)!

Gonna see a PERFECT harmonization ever? Go watch their concert!
It's worth in every penny you spend to watch their concert!

They are energetic and awesome in all of their song... And max Changmin voice make all of their song are the best!

I vote for the FIVE of txvq
They are the best in Asia. I think peoples have known that
No matter what the others said, tvxq consisted with the five of them. Of course

8 Hey! Say! Jump! - Japan

I'm with you!

Keep the spirit! Although less one member, albeit without Ryutaro...
I always support you..!

Hey! Say! JUMP mostly sing songs about being confident in yourself and never giving up. They brought color to my monochrome life and I'm really happy I've met them. Ganbatte JUMP!

Let's keep the spirit JUMP although less one member, without Ryutaro...
I always support you..
We love you Hey! Say! JUMP

They are my inspiration... I love them with all my heart!
They don't GIVE UP! Their songs are full of determinations... I LOVE THEM.. HONTO NI SUKI DESU KONO BAND WA... And my ichiban there is Nakajima Yuto-kun... Even if he's so far away.. Still my heart belongs to him.. I can't explain why... But I get hurt every time he's down.. It feels like he's the other half of my being... Also JUMP... I totally love them... And every time my classmates ask me How much I love Hey! Say! JUMP... I'll just answer... "DON'T ASK ME BECAUSE IF YOU ASK ME.. IT'LL TAKE ME A LIFE TIME TO SAY IT... I CAN'T SAY IT IN WORDS... BECAUSE THEY'RE JUST INDESCRIBABLE... I LOVE JUMP.. I LOVE YUTO-KUN..

9 News - Japan

NEWS continues on highly successful as a six member boy band. All three of their albums and 11 singles have topped the Japanese pop music charts.

They have a lot of abilities.. Not just singing, they are also a good actor and a good emcee.. Their songs always have a deep meaning... Hope they will continue their activities as a group and shine brightly...

NEWS is unique in every way.
HSJ is the mini Arashi.. just doubled.
KAT-TUN is jrock although they're getting fluffier.
NEWS tends to do traditional Jpop feel-good songs
but at the same time their songs are not awkward and very diverse.
Sayaendo, Week and Sakura Girl and Koi no ABO are totally unlike each other.
They've got member-ai but calmer
and not as lovey-dovey and crazily sexual group
as compared to others. isn't all rainbows and have some angsty songs too.
They're the only unit to release solo music videos (and unplugged versions of their songs).
They have the highest number of educated members.
Very independent and different from both each other and the Jpop world.

Despite all the scandals they had went through back as a nine-member group, NEWS was able to successfully resurface closer than ever with six remaining members. These six not your stereotypical boy band that only sings catchy love songs about heartbreak. These six sing songs about topics such as love, relationships, friendship, and even just having fun. These six are each extremely talented not only as a group, but individually as well. They work hard to connect with their fans and show their individual colors. Together, their colors create a beautiful marble. This group of six is more than just a boy band. They are a family. Although this group isn't as active as others, each member always gives their 100% and never fails to reassure their fans that they'll always resurface with something new. As someone else previously said, I hope that they continue their group activities and shine brighter than ever. Ganbare, NEWS!

10 2PM - Korea

Every member and ex member of 2PM have their own charisma. If you are in one room with them, you can't concentrate to just one person, trust me! Because I've already try, but I can't take my eyes off all of them! And I love their hard working side and cheerful.. They are really a true entertainer!

They have their originality. They have impressive choreography acrobatics. They may not be the best singers but they have the power to WOW the crowd through powerful dance, charisma, and swag. They will not be in a top Korean group for nothing. Hottest will be always there for them. They are one who attracts the crowd through their stage presence. 2pm fighting!

Amazing, just amazing. Their dancing is mind blowing and there singing is pretty good too. When I watch there performances I just feel alive with so much energy. I also really love there Japanese debut "Take Off". They each have there own personality and vibe, and they are not the stereo typical "Korean Pretty Boys" which I really like.

2PM is really awesome, they're handsome, manly, they're dancing and singing well :') their personality really good too, they're a good actor too, overall they're amazing, they are the real entertainer

The Contenders

11 XLR8 - Philippines

I love xlr8 and they appreciate there fans so much, they not treat them as a fans they treat them as friends,





I love XLR8 because they're not just good in dancing or singing. They are also a person with good personalities and characteristics.. They love their fans and all the people who support them. Maybe that's the reason why they have so many many fans.

Even there are criticism about them, they handle it well without hurting others :) Go XLR8!

I do love xlr8.. They never failed to make their fans happy! I just wish them all the luck!

I love XLR8 because they love their fans. they treat us like also a friend not just a fan.
they perform very well.
Go XLR8!

12 S4 - Indonesia

They're so amazing. They have complete qualification to be the best superstars. Great voices, good looking, smart, great attitude. I'll always love S4.
#WeProudToBeIndonesian :D

S4 is Idol Group From Indonesia
S4 qualified boyband
Indonesia should be proud of our S4, which has a very talented
S4 good at sing, good attitude, good at dance
The one only boyband in Indonesia can makes me me fall in love
The one only boyband made me proud
And the one only boyband in Indonesia were invited MUSICBANKJKT
S4US (S4 fans) proud to have them
Indonesia proud to have them
And MAYBE the World are proud to have them
Who are they? S4.. YES S4
So, what the appropriate S4 Top 10 Boyband in Asia?

They are very talented, very good attitude than other grup in indonesia, they're must be famous idol grup

They're Very Pleasant Men, Talented and Have a great Debut

13 MBLAQ - Korea

I hope MBLAQ will come to number 1. Thank you for every one Thank you for your Vote! Very Thank you

MBLAQ Is so completely incredible! No one can lay a hand on them. They most definitely deserve to be number one. Their music is fantastic, they are all sexy as anything, incredible dancers, and most importantly, just good guys. MBLAQ FIGHTING! ^_^

MBLAQ is the best. I love kpop because of them.

My first love and last love in kpop ever. And Lee Joon is just sex on legs, no joke.

What can you ask for?

A group with great singing skills and emotions
A group that is known for their unique dance steps and intense performances.
The group famous for their own brand of music--something that is so MBLAQ
The group boasts of a great friendship and loyalty to each member
The group known for their great interaction with fans.
The group famous for being the new king of varieties.
The group that is so human you can relate to them--no pretension.

A groups that will be the best in the years to come

14 2NE1 - Korea 2NE1 was a South Korean girl group consisting of Bom, Dara, CL, and formerly Minzy. The group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009.


Queens! Epic group very talented both individually and stronger as 1

There amazing

I love them 2ne1 is awesome
Bobby orozco

15 EXO - Korea Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

They've live the expectation. Tell me what rookie group that their mini album ranked top 10 best selling album of the year. MAMA sold better than TVXQ catch me repacked album. Their fanbase is in the top 3 biggest fanbase in China. They are incredibly famous in Japan even though they haven't debut there. They've received 23 awards without any single comeback. They'll be big for sure.

Always support this bands because they're really awesome

Your music make people shine like the sun, your live performance make us go crazy, we fans will always support you!
EXO FIGHTING, all luck to ya and all luck in the future! Hope you'll be healthy!

I hope EXO can be number 1... Thank you. I love you EXO.. And I'll always support EXO... Fighting EXO! Good Luck!

16 Coboy Junior - Indonesia

Coboy Junior is the best! CJR in the heart

CJR the Best BoyBand

Yeay cjr is the best, always

Coboy junior my energy

17 Kis-My-Ft2 - Japan

I love them! They deserve so much more attention than they have now! They are cute and funny and I love their shows

I love this group so much! :3

Almost 7 years of waiting to debut from being a Johnny's Jr. Group.,

Kisumai is deserving to be here on the list.
They have the talent also the looks.


They're awesome! Kawai! From Kis-My-Ft2 I like Gaya chan a lot. He looks great in Ikeman Desu Ne

18 F.T. Island - Korea

Is there any reason to dislike FT Island?. I think it must be none. There;s a lotta people say that FT Island songs make them bored, but you guys really have to hear all of them song. See how talented they are. And there's no reason to dislike them.

Everything I say for F.T. island won't be enough! These boys... They are so talented, they work so hard and give everything they have to the fans - their music, their personal life... Their inspiration. I adore my treasures cause they... Are being just what they are - perfect in every ways! I love their songs, they make me wanna fight for every thing I want. They keep me calm and I am happy just listening to them.

Very talanted boys! I love them all and I love their music. Their lyrics can make everybody cry or smile when they're sad... They're just the most amazing and adorable creatures on earth! They deserve everybody to know them

I love f. T. Island there music is amazing and from Lee Hong Ki voice to the the sounds of the instruments I feel inspired very time I listen to them. F. T. Island fighting

19 SS501 - Korea

I'm proud to be SS501's fan. Their music has high quality. I believe that SS501 always keep their promises. I love Kyu Jong so much. Please vote for SS501, all Asia TripleS

SS is always in triples' heart
I hope they will come back soon, love and wait for you DS forever!

SS501 is great, and is the only Kpop boyband that I love, the boys are all very beautiful and very talented. Their music and songs are excellent and classic, up until now, I still love their songs a lot. They had worked very hard to upgrade themselves, and I bet more than 80% of their songs are very popular. Their contract ended in June 2010, however, Triple S and fans still love them a lot and are still waiting for their comeback. They are great. Their solos are even better. They will become bigger if and when they come back. Love SS501

SS501 have forever been an inspiration for me, the whole presence of ss501 together on one stage makes me think they're back again. It's kind of sad that we'll have to wait longer now that Kyu Jong has enlisted to the military, but, Tripple S will always be behind SS5O1 and cheer them on. I personally think only REAL Tripple S's will vote for SS5O1 on this site, considering how many other band there are. Tripple S, please do your best to find a company that's willing to take you back. We all miss you!

20 Kanjani Eight - Japan

"They're not an idol band". Being called that, they are happy. And it's true. Even though they're Johnny's talents, they're mainly a band. A band that gives happiness to an infinite number of fans, those being even middle-aged people, or whole families. Just look at the people that go to their concerts. They're the only ones, from all the bands that have fanbases, that have given their fans a name, on their own. Eighters. We're named Eighters from the very members. Comparing to other JE idol groups of their age they're not the handsome or slutty type who will go overboard with fanservice to gather fangirls. They're people above all. They work much harder than anyone, and when it comes down to personal experience, they've truly saved my life. I have loved them since a few years back, and will keep loving them for eternity and support them with every way I can. They're true artists to me, and deserve much more than what they barely get. MUGENDAI POWER!

They are different than your average boy band. They can be funny, weird and convincing at the same time. They are a boy band with something extra. Most of all they are people first before showing that they are idols...

At first glance, one may feel that Eito is a boy band idol group filled with guys who totally do not look like idols. They don't look cool, nor are they all ikemens. And you may even feel awkward with their Kansai-ness.

However, that is exactly what makes them so lovable and saikou! They perform as a band live, they sing, they dance, they host, they act, they make you laugh. And sometimes, they even do the stupidest things that one can never imagine idols to be doing.

But yet, they are always themselves, doing their best, working the hardest that they can. Giving all that they can to others so that they may be able to do something for everyone. And they just totally let their Kansai-ness roll, not afraid to show their fans and everyone else who they are. In other words, they are totally true to themselves.

And THAT, is what makes Eito, MY number ONE Asian boy band.

They're not perfect, but I wouldn't trade them in my life for anything. The amount of times they've made me laugh, feel good, the many times they've made my day, they're too many to count. These guys right here have taught me so much. In their dorky-light ways they've won my heart and support in everything they do. I've never seen a group work so hard! Strive to survive, with hunger to go forward. Nobody ever talks about this, nobody ever mentions this within the agency, but they were once made the underdogs, pushed aside and left on their own, and yet, how they've managed to catch up, Somehow they did it. Of course among the most successful, they're still always counted low, but the fact that they're there, and that they continue to grow, individually and together, personally and artistic-wise, truly makes me happy and cheer them on. They've shut the mouths of the many people that doubt in them and they continue to do it..

21 Sexy Zone - Japan

I really love them so much! Even though they just debuted last year.. They already gained so much attention not only in Japan but also internationally! I love the way they sing and dance! And they can also act! They're young and so genki! All of them are so cute!

I found out about them half a year ago and I love them! Their energetic, cute and sexy all in one! My favorite song of thteirs is "New Day" it's so great!

I vote sexy zone, because I love them! Keep Support them minna :D. My favorite song? Real sexy!

Go Sexy Zone ^^
Your are my 1st love Japanese boy band. I like your songs, dance, move... EVERYTHING! If You Wanna Dance is my most favorite song. Thumbs up!

22 B2st - Korea

Each members so care each other, so their fans and teamwork. They have their styles, attitude and freedom. Love their song. Each of the song so wont makes us bored and it release stress and happy

They r PERFECT! Charismatic Leader who can take care his dongsaeng, multi talented rapper, angel voice main vocal, awesome main and lead dancer, and sweet maknae who so care with his hyung! Proud w/ them

Beast was the best... Despite of the idea that they are called A Recycled Group by the Anti's, we B2uty's don't care... They've already proved themselves... Hyunseung's cool and pretty dance moves! Gikwang's Chocolate abs! The perfect raps of Junhyung! The sweet concern of the leader Doojoon for the members.. The coolest and maknae power of Dongwoon! And most of all, my one and only bias, Yang Yoseob's beautiful voice, cute face, his sweetness to the members, and I love everything about him! I love everything about Beast! Beast daebakk!

Just great music and great people, since I heard them I loved their music, good music goes all over the world. Yoseob's voice is just amazon and Junhyung is the best rapper ever. Each of the guys have a great voice, talent and they really know how to dance I love them Can't live without their music

23 Shinhwa - Korea

The most long life group in Korea, and have never changed their members.
In the past 14 years, they experienced a lot. But they still did their best for the group and also for the fans.
Like one of the member--Dongwan said:
Shinhwa for me, it's not choice, but destiny
They are shinhwa, and we're shinhwachangjo

They are really awesome..

24 CN Blue - Korea

A unique boy group, CN Blue is a band whose talent exceeds expectations... One has to listen to them to fully appreciate their music... &

They're just too precious to be wasted. And I love them all, I love they song ^^ musics genre, oh my dear Burning, Lovely, Untouchable and Emotional souls you, YOU GUYS AWESOME!

Although am not really a huge fan of rock music, I got to admit that a coupe of CNBlue's music was able to catch my interest.

A they're so cool natural, I like very much they all song! They're multitalented band! FIGHTING!

25 BE5T Indonesia - Indonesia

Be5t do the be5t fo be5t yeei

BE5T go International yeeyy..

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