Top 10 Boybands In Asia

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1 SM*SH - Indonesia

SMASH is the best, boyband pioneer in Indonesia! They are never give up although antis not like them. And SMASH always proud for smashblast. And I like it. Love SMASH!

I like to smash, because they always give a good example for her fans. They still smile spirit though many people despise her. Besides, smash is also different from other Indonesian boyband. Anyway... Smash always in my heart forever.

SMASH changed my life. Now I am more motivated because SMASH. SMASH is my idol and they are my inspiration. They also have talent. They know how to dance and have a good voice. They can change us.


Because they very friendly, have very very good dances, they have nice voice, they cool, they honsome.

2 Super Junior - Korea Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

I can still remember my first encounter with Super Junior. I was just browsing the international web when I stumbled upon their music video for "No Other" in Youtube. I didn't know what they were singing or saying (I speak English) but despite that, I continued watching. There was just something about their voices that made my heart melt, albeit when I kept questioning myself of their sincerity and talent as individual singers, not as singers signed under S.M. Entertainment. And that, I do not know. But a successful band doesn't only rely on their talents necessarily. How they conduct themselves, how they behave to others, and their level of perseverance or determination are some factors that are taken into consideration too.

Super junior is the best boy band. EVER. You know why? Because they care too much about their fans, ELFs. They may be not blood related to each other, but they seems to be brothers the way they treat each other. They do appreciate what their fans are doing. They always do their best whenever they have performances and they also do their best so that ELFS will be proud of them. I'm an ELF and I'm proud of them. I really admire their love for each other. Their trust and all. They're the best. That's all I can say. They never let ELFS down. Super junior WAITING FOREVER!
I know that they are not complete right now but I believe that they will be.. Someday!
I love super junior!

In my opinion, Super Junior was one of the group with lot of experiences. They have been through a lot since their debut. One of their biggest challenge is when they involved in a big accident that almost take their younger's lives. After that, one their their member left the group. A year later, a father of one of their member's died and at the same day, one of their member involved in an accident again. Because of that, although they were the biggest group, they were able to stand together until now without being disbanding...

Super Junior is the most hardworking group you'll ever see in a boy band. They shed blood and tears to make it in this industry. They put all their BEST while performing on stage. You can never find a group that appreciate their fans better than Super Junior. Because for Super Junior, there is no Super Junior without ELFs and there's no ELFs without Super Junior. You can also see the full dedication fans gave to them. This love is so pure that no one can break it apart. Though there are some people trying to pull them down, you can never see them give up. Because ELFs fight with them no matter what. I can say that Super Junior deserves the love they received because they always 13elieve. Super Junior FIGHTING~

3 Arashi - Japan

I love Arashi not because they look good, they can sing well, they have great dance moves, or what... I love them because they had made a difference from the usual boybands... In every success and recognition that would come their way, they never fail to thank not just the fans who have been supporting them all these years but also the staffs behind every concert or projects...
Arashi simply don't fake it just to gain more fans or supporters... They have this strong bond of friendship, and had always considered the satisfaction of their fans as their top priority during concerts.. Even though they're not the best dancers, singers, or actors... Most fans have accepted them for who they are despite their flaws.. They manage to bring smiles to someone's "gloomy" day... And most of all despite their popularity, they remain humble... They don't let fame get into their heads. The good thing is that what one member lacks, the other member could fill it in... And no one's an underdog... If ...more

The first thing I loved about Arashi is their bond. They don't just work together; they are colleagues and family and friends and brothers altogether. They are incredibly famous but not once did they ever got ahead of themselves. They don't act cool; they let their fans take a peek of their real selves. They slip and make mistakes and make fun of each other and they generally act like dorks on national television. They make me smile and laugh and they make my whole day the best day whenever I see their smiles and hear their songs. The 5 of them are unique and different, but together, they make up ARASHI; the five-coloured rainbows that we all know today.

If you were to ask why what's so special about them, it's their natural bond that they have. I don't know if it came to be out of almost 15 years being together, but it's something that most people will know them for. The members had said once that they never have fought for as long as they have been together. When one of them was angry, they would eat together no matter what. They are pretty humble people yet they love to do fancy and amazing things that has never been done before. Their concerts have amazing effects and lighting. Sho said once that if they can become an oasis to us because of their crazy antics, then so be it. He wanted them to be our dream and to many of us outside japan, it's our dream to go to their concert one day.

They have gone through the same hardships as any other group out there. They had a time where they didn't sell anything at all, but that didn't stop them. Each members has their own unique personality that contributes to the group and balances ...more

Arashi is not like the other boy bands out there... A person who truly knows what Arashi is will never have any negative comments about them. I'm not saying they're perfect but rarely will you see any deficiency in the group; from their songs to their concerts and even off the camera, you will really see how strong the foundation of Arashi. ( Read all the other comments and you will understand what I mean). Everyone loves them, from older generations to the young ones. This is what makes them different. What is common to the other boy bands is that they usually strikes the teens however they loose their appeal when it comes to the older generations. However, for Arashi, they already conquered the hearts of most of the people whether teen, kid, old, etc.

This is what makes them the best...!

They serve as an inspiration and a good example to lots of people.. Thanks to Arashi... Love you guys...

4 Kat - Tun - Japan

KAT-TUN are not just your normal pop-band idols. They are artists. They put forth quality in their performances and work. They are not your usual pop music boyband. They gyrate to rock rhythms and their signature risque-ness. They don't put on the fake mask of "clean-image" idols. They are outright frank and blatant and in that sense, they are dorky, derpy and hilarious that way. They are not exactly the role-model for "member-ai" aka bromance. They practice tough love and troll on one another but when the situation calls for it, they exude such a love force and support you will never question their bond. Aside from all their hotness and pretty face, these boys gots swag of a talent. You have members that nails the vocal range from low to high and on top of that, a dope-with-the-rhyme of a rapper and dope-with-the-sick-beats of a beatboxer. They may not dance in sync, but that's their style - their individualistic character pushes through making each of them stands out specially ...more

I know so many boyband, but this is the first time for me to be so into a boyband. Cause I'm telling you, They're a true challenger. Even after one of the member left, I've been realized that they've been trying so many genre, and they didn't even feel afraid of losing fans for that. I salute them for that.

And not to say their relationship between members. They might not be the best boyband with the best member-ai. But I love their member-ai the most. It feels so pure and honest. What they do, it's what they show to us, the fans.

Their dedication to fans, their professionalism. At Taiwan concert, one of the member was hurt (he got accident when jump down from the 3.5m stage). He has to go to the hospital immediately, yet the nest day concert, he's been joining the others to do the concert, because he didn't want to make their overseas fans disappointed.

They give their all. This KAT-TUN is KAT-TUN I love the most. They're trying their best to do any group ...more

Hyphens, let's support our boys!
Their singles and albums are always in the #1 rank in Oricon Chart since their debut in 2006. With individual talents in every member, KAT-TUN is the best boy band ever in Japan and, for me, in the world. Their songs always bring my good mood in every day. I always listen to their songs in every morning. No other boy band can give better reaction than KAT-TUN.
Their personalities are good too. They are low profile although you see them like Yankees or bad boys. the fans' name: HYPHENS has a deep meaning too. So, I prefer KAT-TUN as the number 1 boy band in Asia.

Know so many boyband, but this is the first time for me to be so into a boyband. Cause I'm telling you, They're a true challenger. Even after one of the member left, I've been realized that they've been trying so many genre, and they didn't even feel afraid of losing fans for that. I salute them for that.

And not to say their relationship between members. They might not be the best boyband with the best member-ai. But I love their member-ai the most. It feels so pure and honest. What they do, it's what they show to us, the fans.

Their dedication to fans, their professionalism. At Taiwan concert, one of the member was hurt (he got accident when jump down from the 3.5m stage). He has to go to the hospital immediately, yet the nest day concert, he's been joining the others to do the concert, because he didn't want to make their overseas fans disappointed.

They give their all. This KAT-TUN is KAT-TUN I love the most. They're trying their best to do any group ...more

5 Big Bang - Korea

I honestly don't get why BIGBANG is not #1... They are not the stereotypical boys you see in KPOP. They have their own style and flavor, they all could be solo artist if put to the test. They ate the only Asian group to nominated for best album, or something like that. And TOP... Need I say more, they have the Two best Rapper in KPOP, the best singer, Daesung Oppa, The best dancer Tanyang Oppa and the cutest maknae Seungri! Plus TOP can win any living creature with one word and a gaze.. Also, they are versatile, they don't only have one sound... They are one of the most diverse groups in the business today. And, they write their own music, plus they can dress them selves, direct their videos... Need I say more. And they are know in almost every country..

I think Big Bang's members are very talented, they are experienced and they have started their work since 2006. I love Big Bang because they have a very good voice, they can dance very well, and each members could still release their very own single and still unite. That's why I really love Big Bang.

They are talented and enjoy much popularity among all ages of people. What sttracts me most is that they are so creative and fashionable that you can't believe they are so young. We can tarck the figure that they pursue their dream and bring so many claasic songs and images. Above all, I hope they can affect the teens!

I'm sorry, but Big Bang has integrity. They're in their prime. I love ALL of their work. They have a song for every occasion and a tone for every mood. They help me weather the storm regardless of how their appearances change.

6 Shinee - Korea Shinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.

SHINee is the best boyband group in the world. They are all talented in singing and dancing. But that's not all, they each have a talent that must not be overlooked. If your curious about what is there talents look for them. And start stanning SHINee so you'll never regret.

First K-pop group I listened to and they have captured my heart.
They are the reason I started listening to K-pop and ditched English music. They're all very talented individually, but when you put them together. BAM. Epicness right there.
They had a very strong response with their debut and their talent has just kept on improving. Plus, they don't have too many people in their group so everyone has the chance to showcase their talent.
SHINee-oppa hwaiting!

I love SHINee! So, that is why I just hope they can sing live on television to show everyone what great singers they really are. Because I'm 11 years old right know and I haven't ever seen them ever cause I live in America and missed their concert last year in 2011. I just hope that they can sing just one last time at the London Olympics to show their gifted talent and share their AMAZING gifts that they have!

They are flawless! When they debuted, they were once so innocent. I'm not saying they're not now. It just different from before. Now that they grew up, they show different types of image that will just make you say 'Wow'. Yeah, I love them so much now, and will forever do. 'forever' seems impossible, right? But, once you love this guys too much, it is also impossible to forget.

7 TVXQ - Korea

Please go check Wikipedia, and you will know that Hallyu Artist is TVXQ! They bring us to their amazing songs! Work at South Korea and Japan. Well-known in Japan. Their talent is just perfect! Junsu with his PERFECT voice, Jaejoong with his handsome-look, and of course, his EXCELLENT voice. Yoochun who talented to be a singer, composer, and actor. Yunho with his AMAZING dance skill, and also Changmin with his GREAT voice. All of them can sing RnB, Pop, Rock, Acappela (you should hear them)!

They are simply THE BEST out of all boybands.. Actually not just in Asia but all over the world! Every member is distinct and unique.. Everyone can SING and DANCE really well! All five members are great actors and models. They are one of the rare groups who composes or writes their own songs.. Not to mention their sexy bodies.. TVXQ! Fighting!

Just listen to them sing live and you'll know why people call them the Gods of k-pop... And why they have the biggest fanclub in the world. They can no longer be called idols... They are artists. All five of them. Even though they're separated they're still the best vocal group out there... Just listen.

They are the best group, not only in Asia but in the entire world. All of them are very talented in more than one area, be it singing, dancing, composing or acting. They are just a well rounded group that can tackle any genre of music. And their harmonization is incomparable

8 Hey! Say! Jump! - Japan

Seriously, Hey! Say! JUMP is a really talented group, they can:
1. Sing/Vocal
2. Dance
3. Play Instrument (Piano, Drum, Guitar, Bass guitar)
4. Act (since 10,12 years old)
5. Writing songs (Dash!, Time, Dreamer, Infinity, Shinku, Smile song, SCORE, Love Scream, Tears and Smile, SCREW, Thank you:From us to you)
6. Composing (Tears and Smile, Ai Scream)
7. Arrangement (Time)

The oldest is 22 years old while the youngest is 18 years old. They even not reach 25 yet.. They also cute, handsome, funny, innocent look... They act a lot in drama also. They start as backup dancer of their senior.. VOTE for JUMP if you a JUMPer!

Hey! Say! JUMP is the best boyband I've ever known. Their friendship and teamwork is incomparable. Also, their songs are really motivating. It tells us different stories in friendship, achieving one's dream and never giving up. Just by listening to their song, even without full understanding of the lyrics, it already give you the feeling of being hyped up. Their songs are very cheerful and encouraging. The message that the song wants to convey to the listeners are reached because of their singing techniques and passion for their work.

I think jump were a team that can make you be happy
They can let you smile because of them, you can feel the pasion.
I love them, because all of them are very hardworking
07-12, they do well of their job
But don't forget one things
That was Hey! Say! Jump was all in ten
Jump to the world and show your best face to the world
I will be support them all the time
Ryutaro, we will wait for you to come back to Jump this team
Jump like a family, you'll feel warm of them
Hey! Say! JUMP'song was so good, they can show their dream and show the good thing of the world. They have their own colour and it made they to be fun

Hey Say JUMP has really changed my life and made me realize that if I really want it, I better go get it. At times, like Ryutaro leaving, I was so sad, but in my life they've made me so happy. I know I'll never meet them, and sadly, their never know my face, I'll just be stuck in the crowd of faces that adore them, but I love them regardless. Every day I can see in full color because they are in my life. I thank God they're here with me because without them, I don't know where I'de be. To me, they are so much more than a band.

9 News - Japan

Despite all the scandals they had went through back as a nine-member group, NEWS was able to successfully resurface closer than ever with six remaining members. These six not your stereotypical boy band that only sings catchy love songs about heartbreak. These six sing songs about topics such as love, relationships, friendship, and even just having fun. These six are each extremely talented not only as a group, but individually as well. They work hard to connect with their fans and show their individual colors. Together, their colors create a beautiful marble. This group of six is more than just a boy band. They are a family. Although this group isn't as active as others, each member always gives their 100% and never fails to reassure their fans that they'll always resurface with something new. As someone else previously said, I hope that they continue their group activities and shine brighter than ever. Ganbare, NEWS!

News is one of the most phenomenal bands ever! They consistently catch the hearts of many, including international fans as well! They have done very well in topping the Japanese charts and aside from singing and dancing, the members also have talents in acting, hosting, newscasting, photography, composing, and various sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and etc. Additionally, some members also play the guitar, piano, and harmonica. They show so much value for their fans all the time; always working very hard up to their limits to satisfy the fans. They are truly one of the best bands ever!

NEWS is a group of diverse people. There's a person for almost everyone's taste. Going hand-in-hand with their diverse set of people, are the many types of songs they sing. I personally love their catchy songs, like week, and their inspiring ones, like Fly Again.

They might not always be in sync or on key, but they are perfect in their imperfections. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

A great talented 6 man in one band. Each and everyone of them have a unique qualities. Most of them even went to universities. They just not based on good looks but with a different varieties of talents too. Some can be a T.V. Host, some can be a radio presenter, some good with photography skills and even excels in both entertainment industries and studies too... They are my inspirations awesome band!

10 2PM - Korea

Firs time I know them, I just look at one member but then really I can't do that. I love them all, love to see them all.
Every member have their own talent, have their own charisma, and their brotherhood so awesome. Beast in stage but heeyy! Look at them in backstage. Sometime they're dorky, funny, cute, don't care about their image (but in a good way, of course), NO BOREDOM when watching 2PM. They're loveable, not only girl, but everyone. You know my brother really fascinating with their body and obsessed to be like them, and even my little brother love them so much, he know every member's name, he's just 4 years old. Don't Stop Can't Stop 2PM Go! 2PM Mansaee!

They have their originality. They have impressive choreography acrobatics. They may not be the best singers but they have the power to WOW the crowd through powerful dance, charisma, and swag. They will not be in a top Korean group for nothing. Hottest will be always there for them. They are one who attracts the crowd through their stage presence. 2pm fighting!

Amazing, just amazing. Their dancing is mind blowing and there singing is pretty good too. When I watch there performances I just feel alive with so much energy. I also really love there Japanese debut "Take Off". They each have there own personality and vibe, and they are not the stereo typical "Korean Pretty Boys" which I really like.

Every member and ex member of 2PM have their own charisma. If you are in one room with them, you can't concentrate to just one person, trust me! Because I've already try, but I can't take my eyes off all of them! And I love their hard working side and cheerful.. They are really a true entertainer!

The Contenders
11 XLR8 - Philippines

Xlr8 because they have amazing voices, incomparable attitudes, they're so friendly, they don't imitate other personalities, they have very exceptional talents, they treat their fans not just fans but friends, they give all of their bests whenever they perform on stage...
. What else can I ask for?!
. They have all of the characteristics most of the people want...
. I'm voting for xlr8 for they deserve to be in the top ten boy bands in Asia.

They are the best. It doesn't matter whether people say they are posers or what. They've got what it takes to be idolized and to shine. XLR8 is the best. They know how to use their talents, how to share it, and how to make people happy (specifically the girls) by showing it. I love XLR8. Each of them. All of them! I love them!

I love XLR8 because they're not just good in dancing or singing. They are also a person with good personalities and characteristics.. They love their fans and all the people who support them. Maybe that's the reason why they have so many many fans.

Even there are criticism about them, they handle it well without hurting others :) Go XLR8!

I love XLR8 not only because they are good performers but because they are true friends to their fans and they always do their best for their fans. They always wanted their fans to be happy and they always want us to enjoy the shows they're in.

12 S4 - Indonesia

They are different form any other boybands in Indonesia, their quality is upon all of these boybands and their skill is almost PERFECT! Just watch them and you will LOVE them without any doubt... I can't love any other boyband in Indonesia except them! So extremely handsome and their skill is just AMAZING! Without any plastic surgery and lipsync on their performance! LOVE THEM A LOT!

S4 is Idol Group From Indonesia
S4 qualified boyband
Indonesia should be proud of our S4, which has a very talented
S4 good at sing, good attitude, good at dance
The one only boyband in Indonesia can makes me me fall in love
The one only boyband made me proud
And the one only boyband in Indonesia were invited MUSICBANKJKT
S4US (S4 fans) proud to have them
Indonesia proud to have them
And MAYBE the World are proud to have them
Who are they? S4.. YES S4
So, what the appropriate S4 Top 10 Boyband in Asia?

They're very amazing to be Asian star even in the world, talented, charismatic and qualified idol group in Indonesia. They have different character voices, and make them really has charisma. Indonesia should be proud of S4. Love S4 so much

Very talented, each of them have their own charisma and character, hard worker, great discipline.. But also good attitude, polite.. And also good looking... Love them... Proud to be Indonesian...

13 MBLAQ - Korea

Mblaq will always be #1. The group is so talented and they work so hard to make the best quality music. Every comeback concept is different and they are not afraid to try new things. They have truly become artists and not just another typical group. Leader Seungho! What can he not do! He is an incredible dancer and he has the sexiest body waves ever! He also plays multiple instruments but his specialty is the piano. He can also do tumbling, knit, sing, beat box, magic, etc... The list goes on and on. G O. The main vocal of the group has the voice of a god! Also writes and produces a lot of music. Lee Joon is just gorgeous and has proven what a great actor and artist he is. Thunder is so handsome and has worked so hard to improve by producing and writing a lot of their music. Lastly Mir's rap is phenomenal and he puts so much care and effort into everything. They have grown so much as artists in the last five years. I can't wait for the next five! This group of talented, funny, yet ...more

What can you ask for?

A group with great singing skills and emotions
A group that is known for their unique dance steps and intense performances.
The group famous for their own brand of music--something that is so MBLAQ
The group boasts of a great friendship and loyalty to each member
The group known for their great interaction with fans.
The group famous for being the new king of varieties.
The group that is so human you can relate to them--no pretension.

A groups that will be the best in the years to come

These guys has always been so underestimated, but still they have never stopped working harder, trying more and fighting unresting for making everyone see and appreciate what they do.

I feel like they have to work harder than anyone else, because the company behind them is not as big as Cube or SM Entertainment. Guess, money rules the world. (no offense! ) ;)

I hope people will realize how adorable and talented Seungho, G.O. , Joon, Thunder and Mir are. Each of them has his own value and as a group they will never fail to make their fans happy. I wish MBLAQ knew how good they actually are. You can hear the difference. They stand for quality - they sing live no matter what.

Please do never give up and keep your head up!
A+ will be there cheering for you. We love you.

MBLAQ nonstop fighting!

MBLAQ is a band ta makes good music, a kind of music the makes you want to listen more than once, their songs are different to the formula and every time I find them releasing A song totally unexpected. Right now, members are learning to compose and making songs that will identify them.

14 2NE1 - Korea 2NE1 was a South Korean girl group consisting of Bom, Dara, CL, and formerly Minzy. The group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009.

Queens! Epic group very talented both individually and stronger as 1

15 EXO - Korea Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

They've live the expectation. Tell me what rookie group that their mini album ranked top 10 best selling album of the year. MAMA sold better than TVXQ catch me repacked album. Their fanbase is in the top 3 biggest fanbase in China. They are incredibly famous in Japan even though they haven't debut there. They've received 23 awards without any single comeback. They'll be big for sure.

I love this band. To put it simply, it is amazing. Their voices blend so beautifully. I liked their softer songs, like Angel and Baby Don't Cry. Even though Exo has members who quit, they pulled through and still stayed at the top. Keep fighting. Remember, Exo-M + Exo-K + Exo-L = Exo-One.

Exo members are very talented person .. I love exo so much. Exo is the best. . I don't how to expressed my feeling.. Hmm. Exo oppa gave me so much strength and confidence. They even started my new life..They are the most important person to me. I am gonna exo L forever.. Exo oppa hwaiting saranghaeyo.. We exo L are always their for you.. Be strong

Your music make people shine like the sun, your live performance make us go crazy, we fans will always support you!
EXO FIGHTING, all luck to ya and all luck in the future! Hope you'll be healthy!

16 Coboy Junior - Indonesia

Coboy junior always in my heart and comate always support CJR..

Coboy junior is the best!

Coboy junior my energy

They are really great

17 Kis-My-Ft2 - Japan

I love them! They deserve so much more attention than they have now! They are cute and funny and I love their shows

18 F.T. Island - Korea

Well as someone who knows them for more than 10 years before their official debut I first saw them as real cute guys who do music like what their only 2-3 yeras older than me why are they have to be so good. I felt so useless.
But as time went by they start to grow into me as real musicians they are now.
I love them all.
Our sexy leader jonghoon whose a beast on guitar and charming on piano with his never ending love for his ex:)
Our lead singer hongki with his amazing voice who can do all kind of songs from moving ballads to rap.
Our middleman jaejin which is the most badass bass player around and his Angelic voice.
Our crazy seunghyun who joined last to bring fresh air in the band he's the best when it comes to acoustic.
And our lovely minhwan the baby of band who is like a boss when he's on drums.
Whel they are a band of brothers who make some really good music and is trying to save rock music from dying in their home country south Korea which I respect a ...more

Everything I say for F.T. island won't be enough! These boys... They are so talented, they work so hard and give everything they have to the fans - their music, their personal life... Their inspiration. I adore my treasures cause they... Are being just what they are - perfect in every ways! I love their songs, they make me wanna fight for every thing I want. They keep me calm and I am happy just listening to them.

Is there any reason to dislike FT Island?. I think it must be none. There;s a lotta people say that FT Island songs make them bored, but you guys really have to hear all of them song. See how talented they are. And there's no reason to dislike them.

When I think about FT Island, I always remember five cute boys who really know how to rocking the stage. Although they're still young, they can make brilliant music and they're a band who really2 productive in album making kekeke

19 SS501 - Korea

SS501 is great, and is the only Kpop boyband that I love, the boys are all very beautiful and very talented. Their music and songs are excellent and classic, up until now, I still love their songs a lot. They had worked very hard to upgrade themselves, and I bet more than 80% of their songs are very popular. Their contract ended in June 2010, however, Triple S and fans still love them a lot and are still waiting for their comeback. They are great. Their solos are even better. They will become bigger if and when they come back. Love SS501

SS501 have forever been an inspiration for me, the whole presence of ss501 together on one stage makes me think they're back again. It's kind of sad that we'll have to wait longer now that Kyu Jong has enlisted to the military, but, Tripple S will always be behind SS5O1 and cheer them on. I personally think only REAL Tripple S's will vote for SS5O1 on this site, considering how many other band there are. Tripple S, please do your best to find a company that's willing to take you back. We all miss you!

I am a proud Triple S! SS501 songs are the best, they never fail to put a smile on my face. Even their solo albums are must-haves for any green pea out there. They may be busy with their individual activities, and one member is currently serving in the army, but the Triple S Community will continue to believe in them, because they are five men forever as one.

SS501 is the only one for me... Till whenever I always support them. Whatever they say about SS501 I do not care for me they are the best and I am always proud of them... Even they now pursuit of solo careers for me they still remain a member of SS501
I Always Love SS501
I Always Love Kim Hyun Joong
I Always Love Heo Young Saeng
I Always Love Kim Kyu Jong
I Always Love Park Jung Min
I Always Love Kim Hyung Joon

20 Kanjani Eight - Japan

They're not perfect, but I wouldn't trade them in my life for anything. The amount of times they've made me laugh, feel good, the many times they've made my day, they're too many to count. These guys right here have taught me so much. In their dorky-light ways they've won my heart and support in everything they do. I've never seen a group work so hard! Strive to survive, with hunger to go forward. Nobody ever talks about this, nobody ever mentions this within the agency, but they were once made the underdogs, pushed aside and left on their own, and yet, how they've managed to catch up, Somehow they did it. Of course among the most successful, they're still always counted low, but the fact that they're there, and that they continue to grow, individually and together, personally and artistic-wise, truly makes me happy and cheer them on. They've shut the mouths of the many people that doubt in them and they continue to do it..

They are a boy band that reaches beyond just fangirls, attracting kids and guys too! And that is because they're awesome! They know how to balance image, with humor, dreams and reality and combine different elements to make one blinding personality. They're songs are catchy and bright and they have history together which all in all makes their chemistry amazing. They're inspiring and impressively hard working, having gotten so hard so fast with so little support. As people have already said, Kanjani8 are the best kind of entertainers.

They're really unique and super talented. They can be anything. They can be a boyband, they can be a band, they can be a group of comedian, they can be MCs, anything. You won't find them boring or alike with the average boybands. They are what they are. Kanjani8 is also down-to-earth and they really appreciate their fans (not that other groups don't appreciate their fans). Most people judge them by their outer look and I think that's why they're underrated. You need to see all their hard works and dedication for their fans, also their talents.

Kanjani 8 is not a standard boyband. In fact, it goes beyond what common boybands usually do and they it seems never stop exploring their talents.
The biggest impression I've got from Eito is that the members are not positioning themselves as 'untouchable God-like praised idols'. I really love how they constantly show their humanist aspect by showing their imperfection honestly and yet still laugh a lot at it. They are proud with Kansai identity and consistent with it.

The word 'boyband' doesn't fit Kanjani 8. I think 'group of talents' is more suitable, and this group of talents is OUTSTANDING!

21 Sexy Zone - Japan

I really love them so much! Even though they just debuted last year.. They already gained so much attention not only in Japan but also internationally! I love the way they sing and dance! And they can also act! They're young and so genki! All of them are so cute!

I found out about them half a year ago and I love them! Their energetic, cute and sexy all in one! My favorite song of thteirs is "New Day" it's so great!

22 B2st - Korea

Beast was the best... Despite of the idea that they are called A Recycled Group by the Anti's, we B2uty's don't care... They've already proved themselves... Hyunseung's cool and pretty dance moves! Gikwang's Chocolate abs! The perfect raps of Junhyung! The sweet concern of the leader Doojoon for the members.. The coolest and maknae power of Dongwoon! And most of all, my one and only bias, Yang Yoseob's beautiful voice, cute face, his sweetness to the members, and I love everything about him! I love everything about Beast! Beast daebakk!

Beast is the B2ST. They're the first boy group that made me love them so much until now. Even though I'm not a B2UTY from the start, but I promise, I'll be a B2UTY till the end. And yes, they not only taught me a lot of things, they are also my inspiration and their music cheers me up, a lot. They have the best leader, a bamf rapper, a pretty 4D member, aegyo visual maknae, pabo member and last but not least, son nam shin, the group's Male God. And to end off with this, this 6 guys is the most perfect guys in the world.

They are original. They have real talent. They could sing, not mediocre, but a good deal better than other boy band. Not only can they sing, but they could dance well. They have different personality that blends perfectly together. When you watch their reality shows, their personality is just flourishing.

They are really great. They light up my life! Yoon Leader is a really caring and charismatic leader! Yoseob has an AWESOME vocal! JunHyung is so talented that he wrote all the lyrics of rap part by himself! And he is not only our joker, our rapper, but he is a singer! He can sing! & And GiKwang! Cute smile that brightens our day~ HyunSeung who is now known as Sexy JS in Troublemaker! They can sing very well ~! And they worked very hard to achieve their goal, to make b2uty happy BEAST is the B2ST!

23 Shinhwa - Korea

The most long life group in Korea, and have never changed their members.
In the past 14 years, they experienced a lot. But they still did their best for the group and also for the fans.
Like one of the member--Dongwan said:
Shinhwa for me, it's not choice, but destiny
They are shinhwa, and we're shinhwachangjo

They are really awesome..

24 CN Blue - Korea

Although am not really a huge fan of rock music, I got to admit that a coupe of CNBlue's music was able to catch my interest.

A unique boy group, CN Blue is a band whose talent exceeds expectations... One has to listen to them to fully appreciate their music... &

Kang min hyuk is the best.
He need to do more dramas to become famous.
Although he is famous as drummer.

A they're so cool natural, I like very much they all song! They're multitalented band! FIGHTING!

25 BE5T Indonesia - Indonesia
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