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Arashi is the kind of group that are genuine friends for life, unlike other groups that only show their "camaraderie" during a show. They are all natural, have a great chemistry, and is a true multi-faceted group. Each member has loads of talents and distinct characteristics that when combined, truly make a UNIQUE group. There is Nino who is a Hollywood actor who can compose music, write songs, a certified gamer and musician who has already won a rare acting award in Japan. Sho is the university-graduate idol, the rapper of the group, who is also a reputable news caster in their country. Ohno is the Leader, the smooth dancer and singer, who is an artist and already had his exhibit of his masterpieces. Jun, on the other hand, is the heartthrob of the group who is into producing concerts and made the moving stage concept of their talent agency, Johnnys. Meanwhile, Aiba is known to have his amazing love for animals, and already went all over the world for a show about them. Put them all ...more

If you were to ask why what's so special about them, it's their natural bond that they have. I don't know if it came to be out of almost 15 years being together, but it's something that most people will know them for. The members had said once that they never have fought for as long as they have been together. When one of them was angry, they would eat together no matter what. They are pretty humble people yet they love to do fancy and amazing things that has never been done before. Their concerts have amazing effects and lighting. Sho said once that if they can become an oasis to us because of their crazy antics, then so be it. He wanted them to be our dream and to many of us outside japan, it's our dream to go to their concert one day.

They have gone through the same hardships as any other group out there. They had a time where they didn't sell anything at all, but that didn't stop them. Each members has their own unique personality that contributes to the group and balances ...more

When one asks, what do you like about Arashi? Fans would usually respond, "The way they bond, the way they produce inspiring songs, each member's personality, the way they are not afraid to show their true selves in front of national television, etc" The list could be endless.

Personally, I agree with every comment that's been posted. Arashi is literally the first boyband I truly fell in love with and brought out my inner fangirl, and I don't think another band would be able to bring the same effect. I don't want to become too detailed, so I'll keep it short.
I think one of the most key things that make Arashi a success is the balance of their "mysterious" bond. Arashi truly brought a storm throughout the world, bringing happiness through their entertainment and compositions. Their concerts are truly unique and "a world of fantasy", where people can witness the 'real Arashi' just as the members would want their fans too. Arashi truly cares about ...more

They make me have no time to think if I am sad when something bad happened. They never fail to put up a smile to everyone's face. It's hard to hate them once you really know them.

Even though they have medias all over them and even though they have so many fans, they still hold on to their own way of thinking, they stick to what they really are.

Even though the more we know about them, the more we see how un-idol-like they are, the more we love them. Watching them doing their things, laughing together, and being silly sometimes makes me forget that they are actually super idols.

Also, they are not idols who people know only by their songs or performances. They are also a symbol of strength and inspiration. They genuinely care for people who got disasters such as earthquake in Tohoku and they did many things to encourage them to keep standing on their feet.

Parents in Japan also say that they feel secured if their children like Arashi. Because Arashi teaches ...more

Wow... Where to start. I've never been a fan of boy bands, not even in my teens, but when I discovered Arashi I saw that they are so much more than idols. These five men are beyond talented. Like many have mentioned here, they not only can sing and dance, but they go beyond of what an idol is supposed to be. Most idol groups don't last long, maybe 5,6 or 7 years, but Arashi has already been together for 13 years and I'm pretty sure they'll last longer than that (take for example their sempais like V6, SMAP, Tokio, etc. These groups have lasted more than 20 years! )

What I also love about this group is that they are naturally handsome. They don't need to have six pack abs, have crazy (and ugly) hairdos that some idols have and they don't need to wear any type of makeup. They don't need any of that stuff. They also don't need to show a lot of skin to gain our attention. Their personality is enough for us to love them. Besides, Arashi is not just for the women, they have fans of ...more

I love Arashi not because they look good, they can sing well, they have great dance moves, or what... I love them because they had made a difference from the usual boybands... In every success and recognition that would come their way, they never fail to thank not just the fans who have been supporting them all these years but also the staffs behind every concert or projects...
Arashi simply don't fake it just to gain more fans or supporters... They have this strong bond of friendship, and had always considered the satisfaction of their fans as their top priority during concerts.. Even though they're not the best dancers, singers, or actors... Most fans have accepted them for who they are despite their flaws.. They manage to bring smiles to someone's "gloomy" day... And most of all despite their popularity, they remain humble... They don't let fame get into their heads. The good thing is that what one member lacks, the other member could fill it in... And no one's an underdog... If ...more

They are simply the best of the world!
Where you can find 5 gorgeous, smart, multitalented and so so funny boys, where?
I mean, they really CAN sing, they really CAN dance, they really CAN act, they really CAN do MC, they really CAN make wonderful, amazing concerts!
They're so spontaneous, in their tv-shows you can see clearly that they're not constructed or fake, they simply are well coordinated and can be very funny by just being themselves. This is a rarity in the Japanese entertainment world...
But the most beautiful thing of Arashi is that they are good guys and they love each other very much. They have always been together for 12 years, they never had a fight, they are real friends and if they are the best now, it's because of their seriousness about work, their amazing talent and their capacity to work together in order to reach their objectives.
They seriously work a lot! Day and night. You can often see the fatigue in their eyes. However, they always keep ...more

If there is anything that I envy about Arashi, it would be the bond, the friendship that they share among themselves.
They don't care if they look stupid or funny in the national television, all they care for is to make sure that everyone will be happy just by being themselves always.
Despite being a very popular group in Japan, tourism ambassadors, already sold more than 4 million copies in their DVDs alone, holding a sold-out 2-day concerts for every dome (about 4-5 dome per tour) the National Stadium they still remain down-to-earth.
There are millions of reasons to love them, words aren't enough..

The members have really unique personalities.

Ohno: Spaced out leader that rarely talks. But the best comments when he does talk. Also a great artist and the best singer in Arashi.

Sho: Great at speeches, hardworking, air muscles and hilarious sho fails.

Aiba: So energetic... Great with kids and animals. Acts like an idiot and gets called "natural type" by arashi. Laugh out loud

Nino: Mischievous brat that you can't seem to hate. Trolls everyone. He has multiple talents that are self-taught such as magic and playing the guitar.

Matsujun: He is the "Baby" of the group but acts the most mature. He has a DoS personality but can be really caring and sensitive. He is really forward with his emotions.

They all have an almost equal number of fans which I think is amazing since most idol groups have 1 or 2 that are one top and everyone else acts as back up in a way.

But the most important thing is that they seem human. ...more

They're more than just a pop group, "boy band" or whatever you may want to call them. Arashi is a group of friends that I feel show their friendship sincerely. I have never been so into a group so wholeheartedly until I was exposed to Arashi. They're beyond just a jpop group - they're entertainers, they inspire, bring happiness to even people that have never met them. Multi-talented beyond just music - acting, news-casting, being hosts, doing varieties/music shows/documentaries, and etc. I will always be content to just see them grow and develop and change into the kind-heart men they all seem to be. I don't care if they stop being Arashi after five, ten, twenty plus years from now. I'll always support them no matter what - that's what they mean to me!

They are one of the best group at present time because of their personalities and overall talents and hardwork. And they are not only singers and song writers, they are also great actors, dancers, T.V. and radio show hosts (9 weekly & other individual big event hosts), artwork creator (1 member), news host and Olympic reporter (one member), concert producer (ave. 60000 to70000 people 1 concert & 2013 was toured for more than 1,200,000pp in Japan alone). They only appear in Japanese commercials, programs, drama, & movies and sing only Japanese songs. Yet they have fans over 140 countries; they are being deeply loved by fans with all different ethical, racial, and religious background from all five continents. I guess the lyric within their songs giving us hope, courage, and energy; their shows produce happiness, satisfaction, and laughter for our lives; their drama and movies move our hearts, stimulate our sensations, and brainstorm our minds; their live performance on T.V. or concerts ...more

They may not be the best looking guys out there, not the best singers, or dancers, or actors, and they're not perfect, but everything they do, they do in earnest and they have fun along the way, without taking things for granted, without trying to look cool. there's this sense of belonging, of home, of friendship, of love, of warmth they bring, and somehow the day just seems brighter, even if it's for a little while

"Once they get your soul, soul, you will never get it back. "

This quote is true. I saw this once on Tumblr and yes, I can prove how true this is. Once you start loving them, you will learn to love everything about them no matter how good or bad it it. It is their imperfection which makes you love them.

To me, Arashi isn't a boyband. They are more than that. They make me happy when I feel down, they make me cry of laughter, they make me proud, happy, sad, ecstatic, and help to brighten my day. There is just something about them that gets me, they're genuinely good friends and you can see that in how they communicate. They consider their fans the sixt member of the group, they started out small and worked their way up, remaining humble and grateful for every opportunity they got.
They are the funniest dorks yet cool, smart yet so stupid, and this list could go on.

To make this speech short, Arashi will always be my favorite band/group of boys and that will never change. I'm so glad I found them.

Arashi is the best boyband. Not only do they act like brothers, real BROTHERS but they sing with love and care and they put their soul and hearts into every song they sing. The songs they share with us fans have meanings that help us keep going. They are like philosophies, words that speak to our hearts and help us live another day with smiles on our faces. They are not fake, they are not plastic, they do not care about their image, they are not JUST ABS, they sing, they act, they dance and they put their everything to it. The sibling bonds they share are unbreakable and yes, they are not perfect, nor do they try to fool us making us think that they are perfect, although their live performances are always so amazing. They to not LIP SYNC in their live concerts nor do they need to hide their voices. Arashi are 5 real boys, turned to men, their feelings for us are real and they go beyond themselves every time they give the fan service. They have such a humor and they complete each other ...more

Arashi is not just a boy band. They give inspiration, lots and lots of awesome music, a billion laughs, and 1000% entertainment. Their wackiness, their bonds... everything is just wonderful.

They're ORIGINAL, UNIQUE, TALENTED, HANDSOME, SMART as the list goes on. Arashi is the first band that I ever got addicted to. I love them and I'm one proud fan

Arashi is a boyband has come a long way since their debut. A lot of people have tried to dismiss them and put them down over the years, but they manage to march through the obstacles and keep entertaining their fans. Additionally, their closeness as a group and how they seem to be on the same wave-length are admirable qualities of the group.

Their brand of pop has a lot of sides; other than the supposed "happy rainbows" that some people tend to associate them with. There are too many emotions attached to their music.

Finally, Arashi are born comedians. This shines through their numerous variety shows. Managed to make me laugh till tears appears.

Arashi, people might say that your time to step back has come but I'll still give you guys all of my support.

The first thing I loved about Arashi is their bond. They don't just work together; they are colleagues and family and friends and brothers altogether. They are incredibly famous but not once did they ever got ahead of themselves. They don't act cool; they let their fans take a peek of their real selves. They slip and make mistakes and make fun of each other and they generally act like dorks on national television. They make me smile and laugh and they make my whole day the best day whenever I see their smiles and hear their songs. The 5 of them are unique and different, but together, they make up ARASHI; the five-coloured rainbows that we all know today.

Arashi will forever hold a special place in my heart because of their closeness. You can see how strong their friendship is by the way they talk to each other and goof around and how much they care about each other. You can also see in their shows and their concerts that they are their natural selves--no faking (although I'm not saying that the other boy bands have fake personalities); they're them.

The individual personalities of the members are unique and have made an impact on me. Ohno taught me that it's okay to be myself as long as I love what I'm doing. Sho taught me to work hard for what I want. Aiba taught me to always smile and see the positive side. Nino taught me that it's okay to get hurt and make mistakes, as long as I stay strong. And Jun taught me to always care for others.

As for the songs, they always give me a message--whether it's just to tell me to smile, laugh, fall in love, get back up from a failure. Somehow, they always end up saving my ...more

Arashi is not my first love but I can say that this is the first true love that I ever had.. You know it's my first time to last in a fandom more than 4 yrs... And I regret nothing.. What's fun about them is not only their music but also the bond that keeps them together and how natural they can be in front of public

They're one of the funniest entertainers in the industry. They're hardworking and multi-talented. They treasure their members and are proud to be part of this wonderful group. Their songs/music and dedication to what they do serve as an inspiration to many. They love their fans, and we love them back!

They aren't just good looking. Everything about them is marvelous :D
And their songs is NOT just about LOVE. That's why we love them? Don't you think so?

Arashi is very likeable not only for their talent in singing and dancing, but also because they are extremely "real"-- on their shows you can really tell that they don't try to fabricate their personalities or put up an "idol" front. They're genuinely good guys.

Well, if there is something I regret in my lifetime, that would be why I never find Arashi faster! I love them simply because they have saved me. I've ever been in love with K-Pop, but when Arashi took my soul, they ruined my K-Pop fandom and stole my heart.

To be honest, I found many things in Arashi that I didn't see in K-Pop. First, they are 100% original, not such a plastic guy that don't have self-esteem and confidence to show themselves. They neither need to wear any silly earring and necklace nor make weird hairdo to be popular. They don't try to look like a badass or cool guy. They just stand there and be themselves, even if they only do some usual hairdo and wear simple clothes.

Second, they are there for each other. They don't let another member to be stack in their problems. When Aiba's scandal threatened his career in Arashi, the rest of the members backed and supported him. Most of K-Pop group tend to be individual and not last long. Arashi is almost 18 ...more

are a real group, had never met a tight-knit group and that have so warmly. very talented. work together. are not just pretty faces. are not a fabrication of his agency, are not people of plastics
12 years together, showing everything they have worked to become great people
I love his music, I love acting, I love his TV programs and concerts
I sometimes wonder are idols because they seem really all that comedians make me laugh. makes my day
are people who care about others. their music helps heal hearts.
the reason why I became her fans beyond everything I like
is their great friendship. The chemistry in these 5 people is incredible. just being together makes me happy. simple things make me look wonderful things
I am proud to be your fans