Big Bang - Korea


Big Bang have the talent to change their style without being bad. They can sing and dance very well. Moreover, they are charismatic and can reach a large public, not only girls

Quality Music speaks for itself and Big Bang's Music is simply beautiful and mature, plus their music videos are so effective.. They are definitely the pillars of korean pop music... Saranghae

All of them has talents besides they were the best worldwide act 2011. They the best in Asia no doubt about that! The are the vvip of cause!
So VIP Vote for them please!

I think Big Bang's members are very talented, they are experienced and they have started their work since 2006. I love Big Bang because they have a very good voice, they can dance very well, and each members could still release their very own single and still unite. That's why I really love Big Bang.

What? Rank#9? They are my first choice of all time! These boys really have big talents and they could really stay in this entertainment industry for long time! Vote for them!

Big bang is really multi talented as in everything
they got best vocal best rapper best body
they have the funniest guy daesung and seungri, they have multi talented guy GD who can writes his own songs.
seriously is their anything this guy don't have it

Blink Blink like L.E.D. :D
What can I say? This Band made me interested in Korea and I
like their style and music a lot! They should definitely be in the TOP 10!

I love how they make difference with other boy bands, not only by looks, but music, fashion, and all... they are the best band ever!

I'm sorry, but Big Bang has integrity. They're in their prime. I love ALL of their work. They have a song for every occasion and a tone for every mood. They help me weather the storm regardless of how their appearances change.

BIG BANG is the best ever in the world XD, because they are stylist and they are awesome, they had charismatic,

BIGBANG is a boy band that has the extraordinary things every time he performed and showed what he had on each person's individual talent and always makes fans wherever he is amazed at

They were very talented and they are fashion icon. Tried to be the best among the best. Won Big Award and many more awards. They also have a full package and various voice. Big Bang, FIGHTING!

I honestly don't get why BIGBANG is not #1... They are not the stereotypical boys you see in KPOP. They have their own style and flavor, they all could be solo artist if put to the test. They ate the only Asian group to nominated for best album, or something like that. And TOP... Need I say more, they have the Two best Rapper in KPOP, the best singer, Daesung Oppa, The best dancer Tanyang Oppa and the cutest maknae Seungri! Plus TOP can win any living creature with one word and a gaze.. Also, they are versatile, they don't only have one sound... They are one of the most diverse groups in the business today. And, they write their own music, plus they can dress them selves, direct their videos... Need I say more. And they are know in almost every country..

I love the way they do cover of songs. - iloveppop

BIGBANG is a boy band that is very cool, it prioritizes VOCAL BIGBANG not rely on looks just like the other two!

Simply they are the best. With the best rapper duo gd & top and the best vocals duo daesung & tayeang keep better them than the rest of the other bands. If I make of list my favorite kpop songs there will at least 7 songs from bigbang only. - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

Bigbang is one of the best boy band not only in asia but also in other continents.

Big Bang is my favorite group. Each of them have own style, that's make Big Bang much famous, I love Big Bang!

Big Bang Is The Best... Have VI, SOL, T.O. P, D-Lite and the best leader is G-Dragon... I love all... Kings of K-pop BIG BANG!

BIG BANG is the best group for me and they are the reason why I started listening to kpop :D

The best of boyband k-pop, they are BIGBANG. Face, not number one but skill is number one

Big bang is the most unbeatable band for me ever even the one direction appeared

I love BIGBANG! It is totally awesome that look them perform on stage. I love them not only in singing, costumes, handsome but also patience, effort, the difficulties that they experienced while in the process made ​​his dream. I still love them in unity, their brotherhood really dearly. I look forward to seeing their success in the future. Fighting!

Big bang are my life! I love them very much. They are so amazing! Their voices and songs are really the best... My favorite member is GD. He is so cute. I love others too... They are all the best singers for me)))

Going to their concert is like going to a party and you dance non-stop