Kanjani Eight - Japan


They're not perfect, but I wouldn't trade them in my life for anything. The amount of times they've made me laugh, feel good, the many times they've made my day, they're too many to count. These guys right here have taught me so much. In their dorky-light ways they've won my heart and support in everything they do. I've never seen a group work so hard! Strive to survive, with hunger to go forward. Nobody ever talks about this, nobody ever mentions this within the agency, but they were once made the underdogs, pushed aside and left on their own, and yet, how they've managed to catch up, Somehow they did it. Of course among the most successful, they're still always counted low, but the fact that they're there, and that they continue to grow, individually and together, personally and artistic-wise, truly makes me happy and cheer them on. They've shut the mouths of the many people that doubt in them and they continue to do it..

Kanjani8 is INFINITY LOVE, INFINITY POWER. They describe what we've called hardwork, friendship, creativity, and entertaining. With they skill in instrument, their created their own song. With their idea of entertaining the fans, their created amusing MC part in every concert in a segment named skit. With their ability to sing, they moved every heart with all of their funny, rocking, sentimental, romantic, and full of spirit song.

They gathered all fans not just fan girls... But ALL, from elder to younger, from girls to guys. And make their fans so proud for being an EIGHTER.

The love I hold for this band is so big. They have made my life so much brighter and open and they've actually made me make plans for my future, when I once was a completely aimless teenager. Subaru's voice gives me chills every time, and his lyrics are so beautiful. And the other guys too Yoko will make your day EVERYDAY with his child-heart and high pitched giggles. Maru will make your heart ache, Yasu will make you melt, Hina will... Tsukkomi you (But h does that out of affection, I swear! ) and Ryo and Ohkura (who has recently made his anan debut) will make you sweat. All the guys are pretty attractive in my opinion though. Subaru being my ultimate bias because his entire existence makes me smile ). Kanjani8 are simply amazing!

They are a boy band that reaches beyond just fangirls, attracting kids and guys too! And that is because they're awesome! They know how to balance image, with humor, dreams and reality and combine different elements to make one blinding personality. They're songs are catchy and bright and they have history together which all in all makes their chemistry amazing. They're inspiring and impressively hard working, having gotten so hard so fast with so little support. As people have already said, Kanjani8 are the best kind of entertainers.

You don't know who Kanjani8?!? Then you should check on them! I promise you won't disappoint! Are there any other bands around who can sing, dance, play instrument, write song, host program, do manzai and silly things but still be so hot and cute at the same time? Kanjani8 can do them all! That's why I love them. That's why they are my number 1. I, however, voted for them here, not because I want you to feel the same way as I do, just simply want to show them off

Kanjani8 is not a typical boyband as in a group which only sing and also do dance, but they also talented in music. They can play music, perform as a band and made their own lyric. Some of members also can compose their own song.

Beside of that, they're funny. Like really really funny! Every each members can easily tease other member. They did skit on their concert which is amazing. They have no NG words. One of the thing that I like most is they really2 be true as themselves.

to put it simple, they're awesome!

They have everything!

Coolness (Ryo), creativity (Yasu), Humour (Yoko), Talent (Subaru), super abilities to host (and tsukkomi) (Hina), what-ness (Maru), and the essential tall guy that eats a lot and sleeps a lot (and whines a lot) and still manages to stay popular, that every band needs (Ohkura)! (And the once had a princess, but she got taken away for real) There is nothing Kanjani8 can't do. For real. I mean, they have Yasu which has carried the nickname nandemo dekiru ko (the kid that can do everything) since he entered the agency.

K8 for the win!

On a personal level, Kanjani8 have done so much for me. Their music, their lyrics, their humour, the advice, it has all affected me greatly. I owe so much to this band, really, they have no idea. Before them, I didn't even like jpop! I will forever follow this band and support them, wishing them the best in whatever they decide to do. Seriously, anyone that hasn't given them a chance, don't miss out! They'll make your life so much sweeter

I think the boys are so cute and they are different from other Johnny groups because they aren't afraid to just be themselves, whether it's making perverted jokes or talking about their member love. I am a fan of Kat-tun, Tokio and News as well but since I became a Kanjani8 fan they have ranked at the top and all their silly antics makes me smile and laugh and go crazy all the time XD. (Also they had to start from being just known in Osaka to now being personalities for 24hr TV and their persistence in trying to make themselves big is really admirable. )

They're funny, even though people sometimes didn't recognize them... but they still do everything with all their best.

Their have their own power. They bring smiles and energy. They don't play, their show us what does they want. They can sing, dance, act and more. And they are close in the group. They are not just a boys band for girls, they have a good music and skill to be listen by all people.

They're really unique and super talented. They can be anything. They can be a boyband, they can be a band, they can be a group of comedian, they can be MCs, anything. You won't find them boring or alike with the average boybands. They are what they are. Kanjani8 is also down-to-earth and they really appreciate their fans (not that other groups don't appreciate their fans). Most people judge them by their outer look and I think that's why they're underrated. You need to see all their hard works and dedication for their fans, also their talents.

Kansai dialect, dorkness, seriousness, cuteness, musical instruments etc make them one of the best boyband ever! They can touch fans' hearts by singing songs powerfully and showing the meaning of the songs by their way of singing. They get the feeling for each songs. They are also so funny! 100 thumbs up for kanjani8

Kanjani8 used to not be recognized by people. But refuse to give up, they strive to do their best in every performance and variety shows and all their hard work are worthy to make the kanjani8 nowadays. Many people has recognize them..

Kanjani is Kanjani. Like all comment that describe them... They're were bunch of annoying man but talented. Everyone has their own unique style, and they're didn't change with their big names. Still humble, still talented, still creative, and always still amaze with every idea in their mind.

Kanjani 8 is the best... I like all their personalities... Their song are good too... But what I like most about them when they're in a T.V. Show... You can see their personalities... They are very funny and cute.. They can be cool sometime... They work so hard to get this level...

They can do everything. Whenever you watch them, you will always smile. These guys had a hard time pre debut and after debut. They are the main personalities for 24hr tv of nihon television this year and you can see how great they are. I was an arashi fan but I became K* fan soon after. They are funny and talented. How many boybands can play instruments or do comedy! Kanjani8 is absolutely the best!

They are funny and charming in their own unique way and they can always put a smile on your face. They are down to earth and had struggled a lot to be where they are at now and this is what makes me admire and relate to them the most. Thank you Kanjani8 for making me laugh whenever I was down and letting me forget all my troubles. Watching the group grows and bonds over the year has been an inspiration.

To be calling Kanjani a boyband seems just wrong. They are their own, they don't fit to any category! They are so much more. To have witnessed their struggle from the bottom to the top, and then be able to see them live and interact with them is more than I could ever have asked for. They smiled at me and I smiled at them.

Kanjani eight used to be the 'underground' group in Johnny's & Associates or the least popular group in JE. But, now they weren't the underground as the others think of. Kanjani8 makes everything Epic. 3 day straight releases, 3 consecutive month release. 3 straight new year countdown concerts. Their smiles can make your day complete.

They come from really humble roots, but they all worked so hard with little promotion to get to where they are now. They have so many different facets and aren't like other idols and boybands. They can be a little crass and uncultured, but they never fail to make me laugh.

I'd never thought I would be so addicted to a band.
They are just amazing: They act in very good dramas, are so damn handsome and the best they play the instruments themselves!

Kanjani Eight is love

Kanjani8 is not your typical boy band. Because they have so many talents, they can sing, dance, act, host a show, write their own compositions and all of them play different instruments (aside the 3 guitarist). Who can't love them? Eighters love them to the nth level.

They're not just like any typical boy band you've ever met or hear. They don't have to act cool and cute because they're naturally like that. They don't have to show the cool side only because they also show you their bad sides, their weaknesses and they're not ashamed to do so

UNCONVENTIONAL, they just caught me because they are just beyond my imagination. Never thought idols can do variety, drama and pop rock and look cool, I am still awestruck. Weird, good looking and cool... That's part of their charm!