News - Japan


Despite all the scandals they had went through back as a nine-member group, NEWS was able to successfully resurface closer than ever with six remaining members. These six not your stereotypical boy band that only sings catchy love songs about heartbreak. These six sing songs about topics such as love, relationships, friendship, and even just having fun. These six are each extremely talented not only as a group, but individually as well. They work hard to connect with their fans and show their individual colors. Together, their colors create a beautiful marble. This group of six is more than just a boy band. They are a family. Although this group isn't as active as others, each member always gives their 100% and never fails to reassure their fans that they'll always resurface with something new. As someone else previously said, I hope that they continue their group activities and shine brighter than ever. Ganbare, NEWS!

News is one of the most phenomenal bands ever! They consistently catch the hearts of many, including international fans as well! They have done very well in topping the Japanese charts and aside from singing and dancing, the members also have talents in acting, hosting, newscasting, photography, composing, and various sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and etc. Additionally, some members also play the guitar, piano, and harmonica. They show so much value for their fans all the time; always working very hard up to their limits to satisfy the fans. They are truly one of the best bands ever!

NEWS is a group of diverse people. There's a person for almost everyone's taste. Going hand-in-hand with their diverse set of people, are the many types of songs they sing. I personally love their catchy songs, like week, and their inspiring ones, like Fly Again.

They might not always be in sync or on key, but they are perfect in their imperfections. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

A great talented 6 man in one band. Each and everyone of them have a unique qualities. Most of them even went to universities. They just not based on good looks but with a different varieties of talents too. Some can be a T.V. Host, some can be a radio presenter, some good with photography skills and even excels in both entertainment industries and studies too... They are my inspirations awesome band!

For me NEWS is really special, may be their music is not catchy like Arashi or KAT-TUN but the lyrics are so meaningful, they brighten my days. I listen to them everyday and I really want them to have activity as a 6 member group soon because I miss them so much :((

NEWS is one of the best boybands I know to ever exist in Japan. With the different talents of each member in the group, you guys are bound to fall in love the moment you hear them sing. Plus, their member ai is very very very cute. x) they really are the best of friends.

NewS members have their very obvious personality. They are capable of everything and always have their own ability. Only think is the lack of activities, maybe just because Johnny san think separating them gets him even more money =. = anyway, hope to hear from them as soon as possible. #news_forever

whatever people says, NEWS will always be number one for me. each of them has their own shining color. and when they're together, their own shining color became the best shining color ever and make them on the top of music charts. love them

News is an awesome group! They care for each other and they always put the satisfaction of the fans first. Aside from consistently topping the Japanese charts, they have other multiple talents such as acting, hosting, photography, and newscasting. They also excel in various sports such as soccer, basketball, boxing, and baseball. These guys are wonderful! (not to mention beautiful and very entertaining as well! )

NEWS! Their singing talent is fantastic and they dance gracefully. The best group I have ever seen. They are adorable and not to mention they look cool. I wish to see more performance from them.

I really love all NEWS songs because they are very inspiring... all the members are really good singers and super talented... even after a lot of trials encountered by the group, they still remains strong...
i just love them so much especially Ryo...

News is composed of six very talented idols who all have their own quirks and fun personalities. Each of the boys work well with the rest of the group, even outside of their subgroups. This, to me, makes NEWS the best Asian boy band.

ever since I love boyband, it's NEWS! I think NEWS' music is light and always make me happy to sing or just listen it.. And their music has a special style than the other boyband..
Zutto.. NEWS always be 'ichiban' in my heart!

They're so great! They have the best voices of their agency! It's only a pity that they have no activities lately... If ever they have a comeback it would be huge! Anyone can be a fan of them I believe they are on of the best there is.

NEWS will always be number one for me. each of them has their own shining color. and when they're together, their own shining color became the best shining color ever and make them on the top of music charts. love them

Even if they are not doing much these days... all of the songs are very popular. With their great voices and amazing talent, they are my number one!
I hope they do something very soon so the can become even more successful... and touch the hearts of fans all over the world with their world. :D I LOVE NEWS FOREVER!

They are the best group with the best members and the best songs. Their songs really cheer me up, very inspirational. You could really feel their passion towards their fans.

I LOVE NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! They are my inspiration because they are cute and extraordinary.. :D they make my day happy. their song and their voice always match enough with every mood ever! :D NEWS! NEWS!

I love Arashi and Kat-tun but I think the News should have a place in this classic as a tangible sign of the love of the fans to them in order to get them back on the scene as soon as possible.

NEWS will always be my first and favorite band. It doesn't matter how long we have to wait for them, absence only makes the heart grow fonder. And I will always wait for my Kato-kun!

I went to YAMAP solo concert and I very love it! It's just solo concert with only 1 member! I believe if I have a chance to go to NEWS concert, I believe it's so great too!

they're talented. not just singing but actor and mc's..
and one more they're not act being like good artist, but they personality's real..
love NEWS

I really love their style, their songs, and them! I LOVE NEWS! They are my favorite boyband! I hope they'll continue to sing for all their fans!

NEWS is one the best groups ever! Their music made me fall for them before I knew who they were. I've seen them grow up and I'm really proud of being its fan

It doesn't matter the lack of activities,
I love them anyway. They are my no.1 and make my day, and their songs make me happy everytime I'm down.