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21 Sexy Zone - Japan

I really love them so much! Even though they just debuted last year.. They already gained so much attention not only in Japan but also internationally! I love the way they sing and dance! And they can also act! They're young and so genki! All of them are so cute!

I found out about them half a year ago and I love them! Their energetic, cute and sexy all in one! My favorite song of thteirs is "New Day" it's so great!

I vote sexy zone, because I love them! Keep Support them minna :D. My favorite song? Real sexy!

Go Sexy Zone ^^
Your are my 1st love Japanese boy band. I like your songs, dance, move... EVERYTHING! If You Wanna Dance is my most favorite song. Thumbs up!

22 B2st - Korea

Each members so care each other, so their fans and teamwork. They have their styles, attitude and freedom. Love their song. Each of the song so wont makes us bored and it release stress and happy

They r PERFECT! Charismatic Leader who can take care his dongsaeng, multi talented rapper, angel voice main vocal, awesome main and lead dancer, and sweet maknae who so care with his hyung! Proud w/ them

Beast was the best... Despite of the idea that they are called A Recycled Group by the Anti's, we B2uty's don't care... They've already proved themselves... Hyunseung's cool and pretty dance moves! Gikwang's Chocolate abs! The perfect raps of Junhyung! The sweet concern of the leader Doojoon for the members.. The coolest and maknae power of Dongwoon! And most of all, my one and only bias, Yang Yoseob's beautiful voice, cute face, his sweetness to the members, and I love everything about him! I love everything about Beast! Beast daebakk!

"they are something very precious that I never knew
"they make their fans will never regret having been a fan of them (B2UTY)
"all the people who knew they would never regret having known them
"they are six boys very precious in this world
"there are no words to describe them
They are B2ST, everything about "B2ST is THE BEST"

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23 Shinhwa - Korea

The most long life group in Korea, and have never changed their members.
In the past 14 years, they experienced a lot. But they still did their best for the group and also for the fans.
Like one of the member--Dongwan said:
Shinhwa for me, it's not choice, but destiny
They are shinhwa, and we're shinhwachangjo

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24 CN Blue - Korea

A unique boy group, CN Blue is a band whose talent exceeds expectations... One has to listen to them to fully appreciate their music... &

They're just too precious to be wasted. And I love them all, I love they song ^^ musics genre, oh my dear Burning, Lovely, Untouchable and Emotional souls you, YOU GUYS AWESOME!

Although am not really a huge fan of rock music, I got to admit that a coupe of CNBlue's music was able to catch my interest.

Kang min hyuk is the best.
He need to do more dramas to become famous.
Although he is famous as drummer.

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25 BE5T Indonesia - Indonesia
26 Boyfriend - Korea

They are my 6 lovely boys, they are best in dancing, and have a good singing quality, and yes, we are they're bestfriends/Girlfriends, , Young MiN!

Boyfriend have a great voices and cool dance moves! And they treat their fans as friends~

The new group.. Please vote.. All cute and amazing members...

They have a good voice! Talented, awesome!

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27 NU'EST - Korea

Why NU'EST is 23? NU'EST Should be number 1. NU'EST number 1. Love NU'EST forever. NU'EST Is the best.

One of the best bands there are!

Nu'est number 1 in my heart

Nu'est is number one
love you forever
you are my angels

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28 B.A.P. - Korea

Hell they should be first! Have you listened to their song 1004?

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29 Super7 - Indonesia
30 2AM - Korea

They're really good singers and to be honest, I think that it's the minimum required for an idol group. Love them!

31 XO-IX - Indonesia

XO-IX is the best Boyband. They have an extraordinary concept. They also have a great voice, great choreography. They can act as good as the senior actor

No lipsing and great dance

They're cool :) great voice

Proud that the quality is really quality, not quantity. Quality is assessed instead of many fans, but their talent

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32 NSG Star - Indonesia
33 ABC-Z - Japan

There acrobat performances are the best in the world!

34 Nu Dimension - Indonesia

X Factor Indonesia finalist... Great soloist becoming a group.. Powerful as soloist and great as a group...

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35 SID - Japan

Has a super unique voice that pulls off all styles of songs!

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36 Down to Mars - Philippines

Down To Mars is an inter-pop music group that aims to bridge differences thru their myriad music influences and their interracial roots but all blended with Filipino blood. They call themselves as Down To Mars because "DOWN" serves as their constant reminder to stay humble and "MARS" associated to something that is alien which is unique and different.

DOWN TO MARS makes and writes their own music. Down To Mars represents dynamism of different races blended together with contemporary- Filipino touch.

Down To Mars humbles themselves from what they are achieving. Everything is in God's plan and together they say that the intergalactic forces of the alien-kind are here to fill the world with LOVE and Entertainment.

This group Down To Mars is one of my inspiration. They make me smile and always encouraging me to go on. Especially Jeongwon Song and Jang Amparna. Love you guys!

Down to Mars rocks our world! We marsians will continue to support and love you amidst all the bashing.

Down to mars is really cute kind and sweet! ! I love down to mars! Tadam more power! We love you

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37 Voyz Avenue - Philippines

Go Voyz Avenue! )

They perform really good. They sing very well singing some of their original compositions as well as dancing. They are really talented because they also do some acting. They are not just talented such as dancing and of course singing but also good-looking... And the most important is that they treat their fans not just only fans but as their friends

Voyz avenue are so really really good performer on the spot to perform and to sing.. They do not use lip sync... ! And the members was so kind. Loveable and humble.. ! The best VOYZ AVENEU

Voyz Avenue is the only male group that caught my attention and made me appreciate P-Pop. They are unique in every way and they do NOT have to try so hard to impress people. Raffy, JZ, Gerald, Ice, and Neo (although I haven't met Neo yet) really keep their feet on the ground and that is what makes them very special.

Voyz Avenue is the BEST! )) they are all kind and humble as well..
All of them are cute and their performance caught everyone's attention.
More power to Voyz Avenue. God bless.

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38 Teen Top - Korea Teen Top - Korea

They are young, cool, sexy and super talented

They are cool, handsome, sexy and talented...

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39 Detour - Philippines

Incomparable! Saw them perform individually, but their power when performing as a group is amazing!

This group is really great. They have a tight blending sound and could dance. They are really the best. - iloveppop


They have the Talent Exceptional

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40 W-inds - Japan
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