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61 Orange Range - Japan

Orange Range has an interesting variety of voices, and a unique style that sets them apart from all other Asian bands. They are eccentric but know exactly what they are doing. I love them

Songs- Viva Rock
Kimagure 23
Fire Burn

They're cool, weird, funny, and most of all they love what they do. They have more vocalists than instrumentalists haha. Just one of the many unique things about these guys, go Orange Range!

Some sweet songs of theirs that were very successful: Asterisk (Bleach), Viva Rock (Naruto), Hana (Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu), O2 (Code Geass), Ikenai Taiyou (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise), and many more!

62 F4 - Taiwan

Love them, they're so talented and gorgeous especially ken chu

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63 Got7 - Korea

I love you GOT7! GOT7 IS THE BEST

NO ONE CAN BE LIKE GOT 7,NEVER EVER,i just love them.They are fantastic plus they are charming cute and their singing makes me fly.Their definitely not like other bands which are always craving for fame.

64 NYC Boys - Japan
65 TFBoys - China

They are so cute!

TFBOYS is a teenage Chinese boy band. The group consists of the leader, Wang Junkai, and members Wang Yuan and Yiyang Qianxi. jackson yi is the best dancer I have ever seen. and they are really really cute boys and full of energy and they work hard and... I love them so much

66 Akanishi Jin - Japan

He is really a talented singer and actor, Jin Akanishi's beautiful voice is. And most important, representing a positive spirit of Japan! His music is the BEST.

67 The Gazette The Gazette The Gazette, originally known as Gazette, is a Japanese visual kei rock band from Kanagawa formed in early 2002. The band is currently signed to Sony Music Records.

Fantastic band. I love they music

68 WaT (Wentz and Teppei) - Japan
69 KRU - Malaysia
70 Nemesis - Bangladesh

This band is filled up with exciting talented musicians. Each and every single member of the band plays their role passionately. Overall they produce very very good music. Don't miss to listen their songs.

Best is Best I think they will carry up



71 Shonan No Kaze - Japan

There powerful and nice songs are great.

72 Exo-M - China

They are hot and amazing!

73 DDATE - Japan

It's a boyband that consist of 5 good-looking boys. 4 of them are the former member of D-Boys. Then they held an audition to search the 5th member. I think that they have a good performance as good as korean boybands. I really fell in love with them after I saw they 4th single's pv "Love Heaven".
#Seto Kouji #Horii Arata #Igarashi Shunji #Araki Hirofumi #Yanagishita Tomo

DDATE should be in the ten top list -3-
Well, their song are the best! I LOVE THEIR SONG like, JOKER. You guys should listen to it :3
My bias is TOMO! Everyday I always look at his blog and so I'm trying to support their band so that their dreams will be come true as a famous Japan band in the world :3

74 ZE:A - Korea

ZE:A is one of the best bands around! Kwanghee is so funny and I think personally, that they should be in the top of the list. The songs are so comforting and relaxing, and they have great voices and dances to go along with it. Plus, ZE:A is so successful that they even have a spinoff band! (ZE:A 5) GO ZE:A!

They are so talented and awesome! I agree with the last comment! They are so AWESOME!

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75 The Bangs - Indonesia
76 F.I.R - Taiwan
77 Exile - Japan
78 One Ok Rock

I do love with " Heartache"

79 FLOteens - Indonesia V 1 Comment
80 5ive - Philippines
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