Shinee - Korea

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I love SHINee! So, that is why I just hope they can sing live on television to show everyone what great singers they really are. Because I'm 11 years old right know and I haven't ever seen them ever cause I live in America and missed their concert last year in 2011. I just hope that they can sing just one last time at the London Olympics to show their gifted talent and share their AMAZING gifts that they have!

I think they are on of the best groups in terms of dancing. Also I love how well they sing, they have good singers and addictive songs&. Also they live performances are awesome, and they are always happy no matter how hard their schedule is

They always SHINee-ing my day with their song, makes my smile brighter everyday just by seeing their happy face on fancam or from their latest picture, makes my life complete even when I feel empty inside me. Uhh... I don't how to say, but I really love them. Nothing's better than SHINee.

They are really awesome! I really love them because they are so cute, funny and have incredible dancing skills furthermore they sing so wow! Jajaja I am their fan since their debut! SHINee World Forever!

They know how to give love to their fans and I will always be their fans until I die..

We're SHAWOL always love SHINee forever!

I dare bet that all of you will fall for SHINee in a split of second because I DID! The 1st KPOP song that I listen to is non other than LUCIFER... And I immediately fall in love for idols the first time ever in my used bored life but now full of shining SHINee

Fighting SHINee! & You're the best group! I love you all!
You're song's are amazing's!

NO DOUBT FOR THEM TO BE 1ST AT ALL by the way it's SHINee not shinee They are only 19-22 year old young boys yet they can dance so well and have so many perfect personalities

They are amazing and currently in the running for world's best artist, album, song, and music video. SHINee always comes back with industry changing style and amazing dances on top of extremely catchy tunes.

I fell in love with SHINee, not only for their music but for their personalities. I wasn't into them as much until I watched Hello Baby. It's a MUST WATCH SHOW. I remembered stayed up at night to finish 3 episode.


haa... shinee is the best!
Speechless! I can't tell anymore cause they are a perfect macth XD *ny english is bad*

They have great songs and all of the members are very talented. Their choreographies are also hard, so they are know for their hard dances. They are definitely one of the best bands EVER

Four years and these boys have never let us down. Shawol for life. From their amazing talents, to their incredible personalities, they are by far the best group in the world

SHINee is AMAZING. I love listening their song. They dancing skills are amazing and difficult. For SHINee, keep fighting and make the best song ever.

SHINee.. Fighting... Bulgaria Love you.. Taemin, Minho, Jonghyun, Key and Onew we love each of you..

SHINee is the best boyband in Asia, so forget Korea.
Jonghyun, with the amazing voice.
Onew, with the Onew Condition.
Key, who's so handsome? Pretty? And also has fantastic dance skills.
Taemin, who always entertains me with his dance skills.
And Minho, who is so tall and also an amazing rapper.

They are amazing and have great singing voices. They rarely win many things which I can't understand since they are fantastic. They deserve this title.

They are very talented and are all very warm hearted (Hello Baby proves this) they all make my day and are very good at what they do and have been since 2008!

They are amazingly talented. The group consists of 5 handsome boys;Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key and Taemin. Please vote for SHINee as they have also helped a lot of people by improving their business. SHINee has helped the people at Mexicana Chicken by advertising their products. SHINEE ROCKS!

They're amazing! No words can describe how amazing they are! I'll Love SHINee forever! SHINee fighting! Shawol will always love you

They are flawless! When they debuted, they were once so innocent. I'm not saying they're not now. It just different from before. Now that they grew up, they show different types of image that will just make you say 'Wow'. Yeah, I love them so much now, and will forever do. 'forever' seems impossible, right? But, once you love this guys too much, it is also impossible to forget.

I love Shinee! Each one of them have a personality and talent that draw people to them. they're also funny, and they're one the best groups with powerful vocal and awesome dancing moves that I know. I never once regret being a Shawol and I will love them 4 life!

Just listen to their music and watch their videos. That's all you've gotta do to magically love em!

They get the attention of everyone and they are so cute and adorable