SS501 - Korea


SS501 have forever been an inspiration for me, the whole presence of ss501 together on one stage makes me think they're back again. It's kind of sad that we'll have to wait longer now that Kyu Jong has enlisted to the military, but, Tripple S will always be behind SS5O1 and cheer them on. I personally think only REAL Tripple S's will vote for SS5O1 on this site, considering how many other band there are. Tripple S, please do your best to find a company that's willing to take you back. We all miss you!

I am a proud Triple S! SS501 songs are the best, they never fail to put a smile on my face. Even their solo albums are must-haves for any green pea out there. They may be busy with their individual activities, and one member is currently serving in the army, but the Triple S Community will continue to believe in them, because they are five men forever as one.

It's hard to find a group where you like all their members for one reason or another and all their music as well... SS501 is a great band and Triple S is waiting for their return! Their music never gets old even if you listen to it everyday! SS501 forever!

Five forever as one! Never have I seen a group (after the legendary Shinhwa) so modest, so respectful, and loyal to each other and their fans. This is weighed just as heavily as their talent, passion, and work ethics. Triple S for 501!

I'm proud to be SS501's fan. They so kind, talent and handsome. TripleS always love them and believe that they will comeback soon. TripleS love SS501 forever

SS501 as far has I know is one of the most hard working, cheerful, honest to their fans and talented band ever! Please All Triple S help them become the top 10! Please spend a minute and Vote for them!

SS501 the best Kim hyun joong he good leader Heo young saeng good voice Kim kyu jong good friend Park jung min sexy Kim hyung jun lovey 5 member So good I Love you SS501 I support you away

SS501 is the only one for me... Till whenever I always support them. Whatever they say about SS501 I do not care for me they are the best and I am always proud of them... Even they now pursuit of solo careers for me they still remain a member of SS501
I Always Love SS501
I Always Love Kim Hyun Joong
I Always Love Heo Young Saeng
I Always Love Kim Kyu Jong
I Always Love Park Jung Min
I Always Love Kim Hyung Joon

Love ss501 till the world end
Wanna be triple S forever
Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun
Always in my heart

Ss501 forever! They are who dragged me in to kpop world and I do love all the band members and their songs are my favorites. Hope they'll come back as soon as possible.

SS501 should definitely receive more credit. Well, to be honest, I just like Kim Hyun Joong from this group. I think he got the best and most beautiful taste in music.

SS501.. Five forever as one! We TRIPLE S are waiting for your comeback!
We will always walk with you till the end! It may take a while yet Triple S will be patient.. For now, even as solo artist you guys shine, perfecting your each unique talents! So when the five of you comeback.. It will be a blast!

No offense but this is the facts, SS501 is the BEST Boyband ever indeed! Talented, owns a good manner, down to earth, kind, love the fans, respect everyone, their attitude are handsme as their looks, in the other words, SS501 is simply PERFECT!

SS501 is the best. Triple S, fighting! Let's show our support to them. We are the one.
SS501 and Triple S are my happiness. Let's go together until the end

I love this boyband! I'm very proud to be their fan. I love all of them! Even if waiting for them takes forever..

Proud to be triple s! We will be waiting for your come back! Ss501 fighting! The best greatest music band ever!

SS501 together forever. Do you remember it?
SS501 I belive in you.
You never make us disappointed
Kim Hyun Joong - my leader
Heo Young Saeng - my prince
Kim Kyu Jong - warm center
Park Jung Min - Sexy charisma
Kim Hyung Joon - my Baby
Fighting and never give up

Ss501 and triple s forever... We still believe and waiting for your comeback...

They are really amazing & I really love them as my FAVORITE boy band!

SS501 is the best! Forever the best

Perfect five star, we triple s always with you fighting ss501

I'm Love SS501 forever
I'm Always support SS501
I'm Triple S forever and I'm forever love all members of SS501
Fighting oppa!
We forever love you oppa!

Triple S is the BEST fandom I ever know! No matter how people said bad things about them/us, we will always keep strong! Keep supporting the members no matter what they do, solo or even acting. SS501, FIGHTING!

I love SS501, Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Joong, Park Jung Min, and Kim Hyung Jun...
I'm Triple'S
I hope they will comeback soon...

Come back please T. T, I miss you guys so much...
I do believe that SS501 will come back, so please vote for SS501