TVXQ - Korea


I vote for the FIVE of txvq
They are the best in Asia. I think peoples have known that
No matter what the others said, tvxq consisted with the five of them. Of course

They are simply THE BEST out of all boybands.. Actually not just in Asia but all over the world! Every member is distinct and unique.. Everyone can SING and DANCE really well! All five members are great actors and models. They are one of the rare groups who composes or writes their own songs.. Not to mention their sexy bodies.. TVXQ! Fighting! - paulinealedia

They are the best group, not only in Asia but in the entire world. All of them are very talented in more than one area, be it singing, dancing, composing or acting. They are just a well rounded group that can tackle any genre of music. And their harmonization is incomparable

No one, I tell you, No ONE, stands a chance against these talented boys. So I don't know why they're not in First Place, but they really should! Fight to the end, DBSK! I love you! - DBSKandJYJLOVER

love their voice, which is difficult to find into another boyband nowadays. all their tallent is so amazing. hope someday they will united again. AKTF!

Just listen to them sing live and you'll know why people call them the Gods of k-pop... And why they have the biggest fanclub in the world. They can no longer be called idols... They are artists. All five of them. Even though they're separated they're still the best vocal group out there... Just listen.

They are AMAZING. Their performance are PERFECT! Beautiful voices, energetic choreography, good harmonization and good looking members are PERFECT COMBINATION OF TVXQ!

It would be great when you hear their 5 voices at once.. Ahh.. Really miss em 5 so bad.. Don't worry, dear.. We will always keep our faith, right, cassies.. DB5K, FIGHTING!

They have the biggest fanbase in Asia. Can fill up Tokyo DOME which is around 70k people in capacity. Need we say more?

They really are the best group that Asia has to offer. I love them so much! Groups with such amazing harmonization and perfect live performances are hard to find anywhere in the world.

Great chemistry. Energy on the stage. Vocal Harmonization. Are awesome dancers and actors.

They are amazing singers and dancers! No other kpop band can compare with them! Plus off stage they have the sweetest personalities! There isn't anything bad about them!

Powerful performance, great dancing skill, amazing voice, and plus handsome

As five, they're awesome. As two, not so much. But they totally rocked the Kpop world with their harmony. Forever Cassie

TVXQ is the best boyband in Asia. Their voice and dance always awesome in every song. They always do a good job. Make Energy in Stage.

When I say TVXQ, I meant all 5 members & hell yea, they're the best of all.

The only one boy band can sing during dancing!... This is fact!

I love them... Cassiopeia... Always keep the faith

Always keep the faith TVXQ fighting my 5 oppa

When I say TVXQ, I meant a god-like group consisting of 5 members. They're the best, no question & will always continue to shine the same way with people who love them.. That is Cassiopeia & BigEast.

Their songs are the best and their voice are so beautiful and it makes me fall in love with them without hesitation.. Always keep the faith cassies..

Definitely gods of the Rising east! The best, they're voices so godly it's unbelievable. They're dance moved no one can beat. The ballards such as Bolero, Proud, and Love in the Ice. No one can beat. - Haudeare1944

Legendary band :D they are really rhe best ever, from vocal, stage presence, EVERYTHING!

Someone please change this TVXQ to DB5K, the hurtful separation, thanks SME for the heck decisions, the King of Hallyu wave, the stars that always shine, the group that never disappointed on every performances, they have grown so much after the separation, (I HATE THIS SEPARATION, SME), I see DB5K, Yunho, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin more matured regarding the lawsuit issue, anyways cassies, Always Keep The Faith

I Love TVfXQ5 because they sing and dance with their deepest heart. Their relationship looks like a family. They also very kind to their fans. I Love TVfXQ5!