Top Ten Brady Bunch Episodes

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1 Every Boy Does It Once
2 Fright Night
3 Father of the Year
4 Amateur Nite
5 Greg's Triangle

What could be better than a Greg Brady episode? A Greg Brady episode with a girl dilemma involved!

6 Juliet is the Sun
7 The Slumber Caper

Worth the watch entirely for Jan's awful attempt at a ghost story and Marcia's LAME friends! Also, Marcia's school principal and Mike initiate a pretty epic insult!

It's the funniest episode of them all, especially karen the way she says things are hilarious

8 The Cincinnati Kids

This episode is the quintessential Brady episode! Everything is included: cheesy one-liners, lame facial expressions, embarrassing plot, over-the-top predicament, convenient resolutions, and so much more! Gotta love the Brady family vacation episodes!

9 A-Camping We Will Go
10 The Fender Benders

Harry Dougin- 'enough said! This episode contains probably the best side characters in any Brady episode, including the previously mentioned antagonist and the civil court judge, of course!

The Contenders
11 Jan, the Only Child

I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters, so I can relate to Jan wanting to be the only child. Eve Plum rocks!

Let's be truthful- we all enjoy making fun of Jan!

12 A Room at the Top
13 Is There a Doctor in the House?
14 Alice's September Song

Mark Mallard- simply the best Brady antagonist to ever menace our favorite T.V. family, particularly Alice!

15 The Private Ear

This is episode is entirely quote-worthy and absolutely ridden with one-liner gems!

16 My Brother's Keeper

The reward in this classic episode is none other than hearing true music to every Brady fan's ears- the bathroom toilet flushing for the first and only time!

17 A Fistful of Reasons
18 Doe Re Mi

I liked the song It's time to change. It was funny when Peter's voice cracked.

Dough re mi (the actual title by the way), and the Grand Canyon episodes are my favorites

19 Marcia Gets Creamed
20 Jan's Aunt Jenny
21 Our Son, the Man

"They're not sunglasses, they're shades! "

22 Hawaii Bound

I think it was really funny when Bobby and Peter found the tabu and thought it was a good luck charm. And I thought it was cool when Bobby and Cindy met Don Ho. And I think David was nice

23 The Subject Was Noses
24 The Drummer Boy
25 Goodbye, Alice, Hello

I think this is the saddest episode, but I also think it has a very important message about life when Carol says, "Sometimes you just push people too far and you can't bring them back! "

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