Best Brands of Protein Powders

As can be found in the Top Ten Types of Protein Powders list ( there are many reasons to supplement your diet with a little extra protein. On top of increasing the positive nutrients in your diet, consuming more protein can leave you feeling more full and therefore help those of you who are calorie counting.

The problem with any supplementation is the staggering amount of products in the market. To help you weed your way through, I have created this list of the best protein powder brands. Used in conjunction with the list mentioned above, you should be able to pick out both the brand as well as the type of protein you want to buy.

These brands are chosen based off of price, variety of types, and available flavors. Find one you like and happy muscle building.

The Top Ten

1 Optimum Nutrition

There's a reason their Whey Protein is labeled the "Gold Standard" of proteins. It's amazingly tasty as well as pretty affordable. Plus, you aren't getting a bunch of fillers. Used by professionals everywhere this one is the top by leaps and bounds.

2 Vega

While it's pricey, this is a complete plant-based protein company. Those of you who are sensitive to dairy or soy should go this route.

3 Cellucor

They have a huge variety of products and can be found at any GNC or online for cheap. Not as tasty as O.N. but still a good choice.


Another common brand in the marketplace. Fewer flavors and types of proteins but a good value.

5 Dymatize

Great tasting and good digestibility.

6 BPI Sports

Tastes great and is pretty inexpensive.

7 MusclePharm

Endorsed by the UFC, you'll be getting good quality protein with this brand.

8 CytoSport

Everybody in the fitness world has heard of Muscle Milk. Well, this is those guys. A little more sugar than I'd like but if that doesn't bother you then give them a chance.

9 Nature's Best

Great Whey products - especially the isolates.

10 Pro Matrix 7

The Contenders

11 Kaizen Naturals

Solid clean protein, cheap and inexpensive - ilovelife23

12 Arnold Schwarzenegger Series

Don't let the name convince you alone. He didn't take this while pumping iron but has since given his name to the brand. Pricey but yummy.

13 Muscleblaze
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