Top 10 Bravest Moments in Disney Animated Movies


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1 Mulan Becomes a Soldier to Protect Her Father - Mulan

This one is obvious when the Huns invade China the emperor declares that one man from every family must serve in the imperial force and since the Fa family have no sons her father is forced to join but Mulan fearing that because of his health and that he will likely die Mulan takes it upon herself to take his place in the army risking not only her family's honor but faces death if she is discovered to be a woman. - egnomac

2 Mufasa Braves a Stampede to Save Simba - The Lion King

Mufasa jumps into the field of stampeding wildebeests to rescue Simba risking his own life it the process though he saves Simba Mufasa does not make it out alive as he is sent into the sea of stampeding wildebeests by his treacherous brother Scar and dies. - egnomac

3 Pinocchio Comes to Geppetto's Rescue - Pinocchio

After finding out that his father Geppetto went out looking for him only to be swallowed by Monstro the whale, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket go out to sea to find the monstrous whale, they eventually find him and get swallowed up and reunited with Geppetto, after Geppetto tells them that escape is impossible as Montro only opens his mouth when he eats and that nothing goes out Pinocchio suggest they start a fire to make him sneeze which allows them to escape from Montro's mouth but after extinguishing the fire Monstor is furious and chases after them eventually destroying their tiny raft as Pinocchio desperately tries to get Geppetto to safety via a small opening on a wall Monstro charges at them full speed and crashes into the wall though Geppetto and everyone manages to survive Pinocchio unfortunately dies int eh process. - egnomac

4 Bolt Comes to Penny's Rescue - Bolt

When filming for the show goes wrong and a fire breaks out in the studio Penny finds herslef trapped so Bolt with Rhino's help gets in to come and save her however Penny passes out so Bolt uses his bark to alert the others via the air vents and the two are rescued. - egnomac

5 Toaster Throws Himself into the Crusher's Gears to Save the Master - The Brave Little Toaster

After Toaster and his friends end up a the dump after the Master's appliances throw them out they are found by him but gets caught up by the tower crane who drops them onto the conveyor belt and the Master is trapped and unable to get out as he and the others are about to be crushed to death as Toaster bravely throws himself into the crusher's gears disabling him but also leaving Toaster badly damaged. - egnomac

6 Bing Bong Sacrifices Himself to Allow Joy to Escape the Memory Dump - Inside Out

Bing bong didn't die, he knew he would no longer exist and he still went on to save Riley

After both Joy and Bing Bong land in the memory dump in which anything that lands there will be forgotten forever they attemtp to escape using Bing Bong's magic cart but realizing that they won't make it out together Bing Bong jumps off at the last second allowing Joy to get out to help Riley leaving Bing Bong to be forgotten as he slowly disappears from Riley's memory. - egnomac

7 Flick Stands Up to Hopper - A Bugs Life

After their bird plan literally goes up in flames thanks to PT Flea, as the girls are escape the flaming wreckage Dot is snatched up by Hopper who is furious and demands to know who was behind this idea as everyone is too afraid to speak up Flick emerges stating it was his plan as Hopper orders Thumper to mercilessly attack Flick as Flick continues to stand up to Hopper telling him that he did all this because he was planning to squish the Queen then goes off on how the ants always mange to pick food for both the grasshoppers and themselves which makes the grasshoppers to be the weaker species and that the grasshoppers need them a lot more then the ants need them at that point Hopper is ready to squish Flick when Atta comes in to defend him as the other ants revolt against the grasshoppers. - egnomac

8 Belle Takes Her Father's Place - Beauty and the Beast

Belle arrives at the Beats castle and reunites with her father when Beast arrives telling her that her father is his prisoner for trespassing on his castle to save her father Belle makes a deal with Beast to allow her to take his place and she be his new prisoner. - egnomac

9 Gurgi Sacrifices Himself By Jumping Into the Black Cauldron to Stop the Horned King's Dead Army - The Black Cauldron

As annoying as he was Gurgi does end up saving the day as the witches told them the only way to stop the Black Cauldron's magic is for someone to willingly jump into the cauldron and sacrifice themselves which Gurgi willingly does to save his friends and the land. - egnomac

Imagine how much cooler Gurgi would sound in a live action remake if he was instead voiced by Andy Serkis.

10 Pocahontas Saves John Smith - Pocahontas

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11 Marlin Travels the 7 Seas to Find His Son - Finding Nemo
12 Snow White Runs Through the Haunted Forest - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
13 Moana Leaves Her Family to Find Maui
14 Elinor Fights Mordu to Save Merida
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1. Mulan Becomes a Soldier to Protect Her Father - Mulan
2. Pinocchio Comes to Geppetto's Rescue - Pinocchio
3. Mufasa Braves a Stampede to Save Simba - The Lion King
1. Mufasa Braves a Stampede to Save Simba - The Lion King
2. Belle Takes Her Father's Place - Beauty and the Beast
3. Pinocchio Comes to Geppetto's Rescue - Pinocchio


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