Top 10 Bravest Moments in Non-Disney Animated Movies

Some of the bravest moments from non Disney animated movies.

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1 The Iron Giant Sacrifices Himself to Save the Town - The Iron Giant

To save the town form being destroyed by a missile the giant goes off to intercept the missile allowing itself to be blown up sparring the lives of everyone in the process. - egnomac

His last words are even more heartbreaking.

2 Little Foot's Mother Defends Little Foot from the Sharptooth - The Land Before Time

This is the most beautiful list that I had seen on this site. Plus, this is one of the reasons the original Land Before Time is better than its sequels.

After Littlefoot and Cera are chased by the dreaded Sharptooth and Littlefoots mother comes to his aid and fends off the Sharptooth despite the dangers she is able to kncok back the Sharptooth but is heavely wounded from the battle at one point you can literally see Sharptooth ripping off some of her flesh from the shadows as Littlefoot and Cera look on, despite fending off the danger Littlefoots mother dies from her wounds leaving Littlefoot all on his own. - egnomac

3 Nausicaa Stands Up to the Stampeding Ohm's - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

In an attempt to prevent the valley from being destroyed by a pack of raging Ohms Nausicaa along with and an injured baby Ohm stand their ground in order to calm the Ohms down but get trampled by them and just when it seemed that Nausicaa has died the Ohm's finally calm down and use their tentacles to revive her. - egnomac

4 Charlie Saves Anne Marie - All Dogs Go to Heaven

After the scuffle with Carface Charlie attempts to rescue Anne Marie from the boat now on fire but his watch which is the only thing keeping him alive falls to the bottom of the water unable to retrieve it and save the girl he goes to the surface and sends Marie to safety as he goes back to get his watch despite his efforts he is too late and ultimately dies. - egnomac

5 Ash Attempts to Stop Mewtwo and Mew's Fighting - Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back
6 Mrs. Brisby Goes to See the Great Owl - The Secret of Nimh

Mrs. Brisby is willing to do anything to save her family even if it means going to see the Great Owl for guidance and she is fully aware of the dangers that await her including the possibility that the Great Owl may try to eat her her braverly pays off as the Great Owl tells her of the rats of NIMH who reside in the thorn bush near the farmers house to help her move her house to safety. - egnomac

7 Balto Goes Out to Search for the Missing Sled Team - Balto

After the sled team goes missing after retrieving the medicine for the sick kids in the village everyone is already preparing for the worst so Balto goes out to find the team knowing very well that the dogs sled team leader Steele hates him, he finally tracks them down and tries to retrieve the medicine but Steele selfishly refuses to accept Balto's help or take the medicine back and even begins to attack him while the others cheer Steele on until the realize the medicine almost gets damaged in the scuffle and try to convince Steele to call of his attack and let Balto help but Steele still refuses to listen and even throws Balto against a tree hurting him in the process but Balto refuses to give in after more scuffling Steele accidentally falls off the cliff's edge as Balto then aids the rest of the team to return home by following the marked trees he made so they can get back but the journey still proves to be incredibly perilous especially since Steele marks all the trees so Balto ...more - egnomac

8 Fievel Helps to Release the Secret Weapon - An American Tail

In the movies climax Fievel is chased by the cat gang and arrives at the warehouse at the pier where the other mice are planning to release their secret weapon to get rid of the cats and send them packing on a boat to Hong Kong however the cats arrive too early and they accidentally release the weapon too early as they manage to stop the weapon from going off before its time, after Warren T Rat is revealed to be a cat he lights a match in an attempt to burn down the place with the mice all inside then the boat whistle goes off as its now time to release the weapon however it gets stuck and everyone is in a panic to release the weapon before the boat leaves with nobody able to get the weapon unstuck Fievel bravely uses the fire started by Warren T to light the ropes that's preventing the weapon from going off he succeeds but is knocked unconcious as the secret weapon scares off the cat gang and sends them to the boat. - egnomac

9 Diego Turns on His Pack to Save Manny, Sid and the Kid - Ice Age

Diego turns on his pack to try and save his new friends however during the battle he sacrifices himself to prevent Sodo from attacking Manny and the baby and nearly dies as Manny knocks back Soto as icicles fall on him and kill him though it seemed that Diego has perished in the battle but he returns as they say their goodbye's to the kid and rejoins his friends in the process. - egnomac

10 Coraline Returns to Other World to Rescue Her Parents - Coraline

After escaping from Other Mother her parents were taken by her somehow and Coraline must bravely return to the other world to rescue them from her by playing her game in which she must find the missing ghost children's eyes while facing the dangers of other world as well the other versions of the people back home while also trying to outsmart Other Mother and safety return home with her parents. - egnomac

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11 Moses Stands Up to Ramesses - The Prince of Egypt
12 Crysta Use the Enchanted Seed to Trap Hexus - Ferngully: Tha Last Rain Forest
13 Fern Stops Her Father from Killing Wilbur - Charlotte's Web
14 Young A-Ko Fights a Wolf to Save C-Ko - Project A-Ko
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1. The Iron Giant Sacrifices Himself to Save the Town - The Iron Giant
2. Little Foot's Mother Defends Little Foot from the Sharptooth - The Land Before Time
3. Nausicaa Stands Up to the Stampeding Ohm's - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind


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