Bravest Things Ever Done.

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1 Jesus giving up his life to save all who live, even the ones who don't deserve it.

An action like this could never ever be done by someone else. That’s why this is the best.

2 Little girl that got shot in the head because of School forgets about all the death threats and talks about freedom for her country everywhere
3 A man sacrifices himself to save his comrades by putting a grenade in his helmet.
4 Martin Luther King Jr. stands up to hate for his dream to happen.
5 Neil Armstrong becomes the first human being to walk on another world

In 10,000 years, this will be the only thing from our time that is remembered.
By far, humanity's greatest technological achievement.

6 Abraham Lincoln gives the Gettysburg Address
7 Eminem stands up to all the people who hated him, including his own mother

Now how can this be one of the the bravest thing ever done? Many great people suffered a lot and crossed great hurdles before rising to fame, but you cannot call each and every one of them as the bravest thing done ever. Almost every success story has this thing. Albert Einstein left school because he didn't like the German School education system of then. You cannot call this as one of the bravest things done ever. The same goes for the Walt Disney thing. Eminem had his own personal life. Every other normal person has his own personal life.
There is a limit for celebrity worship. - Kiteretsunu

8 Mel Brooks creates Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs creating movies with offending but funny jokes in a time when people would hate them and send death threats
9 Walt Disney never gave up the dream he wished

It's good that he didn't, or we wouldn't have Disney today! I cannot imagine my life without it! It'd be like a nightmare I can't wake up from! - RockFashionista

10 Harriet Tubman leads slaves to safety on the Underground Railroad

The Contenders

11 12-Year-Old Boy calls Justin Beiber gay in front of Justin Beiber and gets punched in the face

For all the jokers about JB - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

12 Charles Lindbergh flies solo across the Atlantic

Considered as impossible as flying to the moon back in 1927.

13 Simpson and his donkey carrying the wounded to safety during Gallipoli.

An ANZAC legend and a true digger.

14 Kanye West tells Taylor Swift that Beyonce deserved the Grammy and not her

He wasn't wrong - tequila

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