Cinderpelt: Bravest Medicine Cat in History

Cinderpelt is my favorite medicine cat and my seventh favorite cat in the series.

Cinderpelt is the bravest and best medicine cat in the series. She is helping, kind, loyal, brave, and all the other positive adjectives you could think of. Cinderpelt, to my opinion, is better than all the other medicine cats

As an apprentice, Cinderpelt always dreamed of being a warrior. She trained really hard, under Firestar's training to become the best warrior she could be.

One day, Tigerstar wanted Bluestar to meet him at the Thunderpath. Cinderpelt wanted to see what was going on, so she went to Tigerstar first. Tigerstar was setting a trap for Bluestar, but since Cinderpelt got there first, she took it for her. Cinderpelt got hit by a monster (a car). She broke her leg, saving Bluestar, which changed everything.

Yellowfang told her that her leg would never heal properly, so Cinderpelt obeyed and started training as a medicine cat. She gave up her dream to be a warrior, and decided to live her life a different way, as a medicine cat.

Herbs are really hard to learn. There are so many of them and they all have different uses. Cinderpelt kept trying and never gave up learning, even though it was so confusing.

Cinderpelt did her job well as a medicine cat, even when she wanted to be a warrior. Still a medicine cat apprentice, she saved two ShadowClan apprentices, even though it was against the warrior code. That was brave, since she broke the code and got in trouble for helping a different Clan. Cinderpelt didn't care. She saved the ShadowClan apprentices from dying, using all she knew as a medicine cat. One of the two ShadowClan cats was inspired by Cinderpelt and became a medicine cat himself later on.

The medicine cat, Yellowfang, died in a fire. She was Cinderpelt's mentor and trained her to become a medicine cat. Cinderpelt was unsure what to do, since Yellowfang was there all her life, helping her on her path. But Cinderpelt trusted in herself and was able to be the best medicine cat ThunderClan could ever have.

Cinderpelt was also very important in the Great Journey, since she helped many cats along the way, including cats from other Clans. She fed them herbs to keep them in the right shape and also healed the wounded. She was a great help and encouragement for all the cats.

She found herself an apprentice, Leafpool, and taught her well. Leafpool grew to be a great medicine cat also, using what she learned from Cinderpelt, her inspiration and mentor.

Sadly, she later died saving Sorreltail from a badger. Cinderpelt jumped in front of Sorreltail when the badger was going to kill her, and fought the badger all alone. That's REALLY brave, risking her life for another cat. Sorreltail was giving kits at that very moment the badger had attacked Cinderpelt. When Cinderpelt died, a new kit was born. This kit was named Cinderheart, a new form a Cinderpelt.

Since Cinderpelt never achieved her dream of being a warrior, Cinderheart was her second chance. Cinderheart had worked hard to be a warrior. When she wounded her leg, some cats were afraid that she wasn't going to be able to be a warrior. But Cinderheart had kept pushing herself, and had helped Cinderpelt live her dream. Cinderheart became a warrior.

Cinderpelt was so brave all her life. Since she was an apprentice, she was already very brave. She set off a trap that saved Bluestar. She saved the lives of two ShadowClan apprentices. She tried her best when she was the only medicine cat left. And lastly, she had saved Sorreltail from the badger. She was also an inspiration for Littlecloud and Leafpool. Cinderpelt was an awesome medicine cat and was loyal to her Clan thought the peaceful times and through the rough, hard times. Not only did she care for herself and her Clan, she also cared for the cats outside of her Clan.

ThunderClan was very lucky to have Cinderpelt as their medicine cat. She was definitely the bravest and most thoughtful of them all. Cinderpelt's death was hard for many cats too take through, especially Leafpool. Her spirit still lies in StarClan and in Cinderheart.

May she rest in peace...